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 Bishorn V1 Release Notes

Welcome to the 2021 release cycle: Bishorn V1 is first 2021 release cycle bringing new features from November 2020 to April 2021.

For this first release, we continue our journey towards a modern and flexible onsite sale tool with our Mobile Operator, helping in particular Museums and Brand Homes welcome their guests. 

Keep your operators' tools up-to-date

With the start of the Bishorn V1 cycle, a new version of the SecuTix kit for your operators is now available. Please refer to How to install the SecuTix kit (Firefox and Device Manager) for instructions on how to install/upgrade your kit to make sure that you keep up with security and performance fixes.

The previous version (Gabelhorn V1, Q4 2019) will continue to work for now but we highly recommend that you plan upgrading to the new kit version in the coming months.

Deprecated version: Kit versions prior to Gabelhorn V1 (Q4 2019) are deprecated and not supported anymore. If you still use them, upgrade now.


New and improved features

Online Sales

The one-click purchase widget for quick and simple sales of a product is coming.

B2C ticket transfer : Purchase on behalf after sale - from File details

 NEW V1.11 Friends and family feature set is being extended to support transferring tickets after a purchase has been done. Your customers will have the possibility to assign/transfer tickets to their friends and family from their online account. 

Force main applicant to be the ticket holder for exactly one ticket per match

Currently in SecuTix, the existing functionality Force first ticket holder to purchaser within the POS parameters can ensure that the 1st ticket per match within an order is assigned to the main applicant. However the 1st ticket per match might not be the ticket that your online customer wants to assign as the main ticket (typically when your Accessibility and Companion tickets are configured in different seat categories).

Hence starting from Allalin V3, we are offering your online users the flexibility to choose what ticket they would like to use as the main ticket through My Tickets page at the end of a sales process.

Stating from BV1, the same flexibility is added to your online checkout process so that you can gather users ticket holder data immediately when orders are created while still ensuring exactly 1 ticket for each match will be assigned as the main applicant's ticket.

Google Analytics improved data layer for products and checkout

You are a strong user of the Google Analytics enhanced e-commerce tracking and you want to gain a deeper understanding of your visitors behavior especially on the products and promotions impressions, clicks and a more detailed view on the checkout process of your visitors. Our Enhanced E-commerce feature has been further extended and is here to provide you with all those details.

New ways to restrict sales of incompatible products

 NEW V1.11 You have a list of events/competitions configured in your online catalogue and you would like to control what performances/matches are compatible to be sold together and what are not but you don't know how? Worry no more, our new Sales Restriction screen is designed exactly for this purpose!

One-click Purchase Widget: Unlock your frictionless sales journey anywhere

 NEW V1.11 The world of online ticket sales is shifting from a dedicated single channel towards a multi-channel ecosystem. Starting from today, the long-awaited One-click Purchase Widget is finally available to help you further make such transformation!  This shiny new widget not only offers your online customers a much simplified and frictionless shopping journey but also helps you expand your online sales ecosystem to your partner websites effortlessly

Request a bank transfer refund of your credit note online

Improving your refund operations thanks to this new feature that will let your customers ask for refund of their credit note through a bank transfer from their online profile.

Web Accessibility: Define skip links to ease keyboard navigation for visually-impaired users

Visually-impaired people are relying on the keyboard to browse web pages. To facilitate their browsing steps, skip links are introduced and available for our web shop. Through the point of sales setup, you are able to define precisely which skip links are the most relevant for your situation.

Web Accessibility: Information during seat selection gets clearer with better contrast for all visitors

The seat map now uses text and icons to communicate the selected seats, selectable seats and seat categories to improve usability for visually impaired users. Thanks to more contrasting colors, highlights and icon, the overall seat selection experience gains in clarity for all your visitors.


  • The Ticket Shop now uses text and icons ( /) to communicate the availability of the tickets to improve usability for visually impaired users. 
  • On the B2B distribution portal, the ticket holder fields Place of birth and Region of birth are now available like on the B2C portals (when activated via Organizations > Screen Configuration).
  • NEW V1.9 When you are selling streaming or digital content through SecuTix, you set a custom variable where you set the tariff that will provide the access to the digital content. You can now set a list of tariffs that will providing access to the contact by displaying the Watch now button in the ticket list. Read more
  • NEW V1.9 Enhanced security for access to the online account: a new strategy to avoid brute force attack on account password is now automatically applied: after 5 successive failed login attempts for an account, a temporary block of 1 minute will be done, with further escalations every 5 new successive failed login attempts (5 minutes and 30 minutes) - a successful login resets the counter.
  • NEW V1.11 Mobile ticket owner and assignee of TIXnGO tickets are now displayed on the ticket shop (requires activation of the TIXnGO feedback interface)
  • NEW V1.11 When purchasing tickets with Friends & Family for an advantage, contacts not eligible or having used the advantage already are now greyed out if the contact is not eligible or has used already the advantage.

Onsite Sales

The new comer to our onsite sales interfaces, the Mobile Operator, continues to gain features, including to welcome your visit groups thanks to a calendar view of expected groups.

Mobile operator becoming the best sales assistant for your operators

Mobile operator is maturing and continue to focus on providing a new level of customer experience on site. Many new possibilities are coming to life thanks this upgrade :

  • Group visits calendar
  • Improved search and results
  • Print or reprint tickets
  • Refund of money policy supported (removing a limitation of AV3)
  • Payments are now processed under the logged in operator (removing a limitation of AV3)


  • NEW V1.11 A new calendar view of all the groups having booked or purchased a tour added on the mobile operator. Extending the use of the mobile operator to be able for guides to "digitally" welcome the groups coming and providing a great user experience for operators working on the tablet.
  • NEW V1.11 On the mobile operator, the ticket list screen's layout has been fully reviewed for improved usability and includes a new view by product.
  • NEW V1.11 On the mobile operator, it is now possible to control the inactivity timer appears when the order is getting closed to the expiry time via 3 theme values (config.activityTimer.fastMaxSeconds, config.activityTimer.endOrderMaxSeconds, config.activityTimer.alertThreshold - How to change those labels?)
  • NEW V1.11 On the classic box-office, you can modify the amount of an external price component when making a sale


Great improvements are coming to SAM thanks to a new email editor and TED.

Configurable Look & Feel for TED

TED, the executive dashboard, has had a small make-over for a more consistent display and allow configurable coloring.

New SAM email template editor

NEW V1.11 Create emails with great design flexibility and little effort. Manage your media files, re-use saved content, add comments for review and much more...


  • TED provides a global view for all the available product families, including an improvement to display for tour promoters.


Grouping of fees for display and more are enabling more efficient ticketing operations than ever before.

Calendaring what is on sale in a more flexible and easier way

NEW V1.11 Do you want to build a time-dependent pricing scheme (e.g. define early birds or last minute prices very easily)? Do you want to assign a specific sales period to a given performance or do you want to make it very simple (my event is always on sale)? Our new calendaring feature succeeds in simplifying the set-up process while providing you more flexibility.

Configure dummy seats for access control testing

NEW V1.11 Add dummy seats to help validate your access control configuration

Contact criteria color-coded seat map

NEW V1.9 The seat map gets a new set of coloring options based on contact criteria values.

Extension to the new external price components

NEW V1.11 A new type of price components, called external price components, allows you to define price components who come in addition to the catalog price. External price components are available since Allalin V3. The release Bishorn V1 adds some interesting features to the external price components:

  • You may want to define "fine-grained" external price components in your price grids for accounting or revenue sharing reasons but you don't want to provide full detail to your end customers. For example, several price components should be grouped into a single "convenience fee". SecuTix provides you the ability to group external price components while displaying them on documents or Ticket Shop.
  • SecuTix allows you to modify the amount of an external price component during the sales process in the Box Office

Import of match/performance sales or reservations from a CSV

NEW V1.11 You need to bulk create sales or reservations for many contacts? Instead of a lengthy box-office sales process and in addition to tailored automated processes like Cup Schemes and distributor interfaces, you can now use a CSV file to import your sales. For now, the process supports only simple tickets for events and competitions.

Improved resiliency of large SAM campaign executions

The execution architecture of large SAM campaign has been improved to ensure resiliency.

Language definition for ticket template variables

NEW V1.11 The ticket template editor now allows defining which language to print for multilingual variables.

Pattern seat selection for social distancing configuration

In the seatmap configuration tool, improved seat map pattern selection allow selecting seats in an array of different checkered patterns, e.g., for social distancing pre-configuration.

Send a document when printing or collecting tickets

NEW V1.9 Two new action kinds to allow setting up documents to be printed/sent when printing or collecting tickets.

Slimpay Reconciliation Screen

When using the Slimpay, you had to search in both the SecuTix back-office and then the Slimpay back-office to investigate payment failures and ensure proper reconciliation. A custom report exists to match the payments but analyzing problems was difficult.

From now on, a new reconciliation screen allows you to quickly identify and analyze the inconsistent payment status between SecuTix and Slimplay, saving you precious time every month to investigate what went wrong for a given installment.

Sorting by match rank for competitions

 NEW V1.11 Tournament feature set is being extended to support sorting matches by rank on all match selection pages. You can now choose to display matches sorted by their logical order (i.e. match rank) instead of the chronological order (i.e. date and time).

Support multiple entries pass

Providing a global number of entries for an open pass. This allows the contact to access to the space within the calendar of the product until reaching defined entries.

What's new

When configuring product at SecuTix Access Control (TnAC), operator could already define a number of allowed days for the product as well as a number of entries per day. The latter information may be defined at sector level.

Other improvements

  • Several UX improvements on the refund batch, mostly grouping together advanced filtering options and adding an option to include all the products inside a composed product. Please make sure to read the detailed, updated feature release note: Bulk refund process improved with new filters and selections criterias
  • Seats can be paired together in the configuration map in order to allow automatic seating of for example wheelchairs and their companion seats. For now, this feature is only working when using post-sales seating.
  • NEW V1.11 Group external price components while displaying them on documents or Ticket Shop to control the presentation of fees to your customers
  • NEW V1.11 The ticket template editor now allows defining which language should be used to display multilingual variables
  • UPCOMING You can now print thermal tickets on Boca printers connected to your network.


TED learns how to display Tours and multiple product families at once.

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Open Platform

New widgets are coming: payment and one-click-purchase.

Keep up-to-date with our open platform APIs on

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