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Install using the SecuTix kit

New kit and Device Manager

The new SecuTix kit containing Firefox uses a new way to communicate with the peripheral hardware like printers, cash drawers and payment terminals. The new app called Device Manager installed at the same time as Firefox is handling the communication with box office peripherals and replaces the applets that will no longer be used in the future.

The install program deploys a portable version of Firefox ESR and Java. The installed version contains some custom parameters to avoid external problems like an unreachable certificate provider, …

In case you face a problem, please contact our support team.

Here are the steps you need to perform in order to install the new SecuTix kit (no need to remove the old one):

  1. Installer
    Download the installer :
    You can find more information about the current version of our Firefox kit on this page.
  2. Execute
    Please execute the installer with administrator rights
  3. Language
    Select the right language
  4. Installation type
    Select the right installation type:
    • Install for a unique user (will be added inside folder C:\users\<utilisateur>\secutix)
    • Install for all users (will be added inside folder C:\Program Files(x86)\secutix)

  5. Installation path
    If necessary, adjust the default installation path
  6. Shortcuts
    Uncheck the options you don't want in order to not create all shortcuts.
    In case of an install for all users, a program "install icons" is available in the startup menu.

Device Manager activation

Now that the SecuTix kit is installed, you need to activate the Device Manager inside your physical desk. Please follow the instructions contained inside this page: How to setup my workstation to communicate with the peripherals on the new SecuTix kit?

Antivirus and firewall

It's possible that your antivirus/firewall (like Sophos) is blocking the communication between the browser and the Device Manager.

The communication is done from the browser to the Device Manager -->, port 8555 and you can find a second port (between 15700 and 15799) on the first line from the following URL (please replace [INST_CODE] by your institution code): https://[INST_CODE] 

In case you face a problem, please contact our support team.

To remove the kit

Two uninstall options are available inside the control panel, one for Firefox and one for the Device Manager.

During the uninstall, it's recommended to check the option to remove cache. It will avoid some problems if you reinstall an old version of the SecuTix kit or Java.

Additional information

Here you can find more information about the way the SecuTix kit and the Device Manager operate: Comment fonctionne la nouvelle communication avec le matériel sur la nouvelle version de SecuTix?

Here is the guide to install the browser and the Device Manager separatly: Comment installer Firefox ? (installations alternatives) (V3; dès avril chez tous les clients)

Information when an update is needed

When a new version of the SecuTix kit or the Device Manager is available, you will find this kind of display:

You will need to update your SecuTix kit with the above procedure.