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 Allalin V2 Release Notes

Allalin V2 is the new SecuTix release bringing exciting features, gradually, between May 2020 and August 2020. Start discovering below the new innovative tools that we prepared to improve your ticketing operations available today or that are UPCOMING in the plan for the next 3 weeks. New and improved features are now structured according to the different modules of the solution for your convenience.

In the current context that is hitting hard our industry, we are there to support you. We have re-adjusted our priorities to deliver dedicated COVID HELP features to cope with cancellation challenges and explore new avenues to secure revenue. Explore also our guides and tutorials for additional best-practices.


New and improved features

Online Sales

Your customers will be delighted with new online journeys and self-service options in their account.

Optimal seat selection with organic social-distancing

NEW V2.12 COVID HELP Optimize your attendance while respecting the social distancing regulation of your region of operation. Our optimal seat selection algorithm will take into account your social distancing rules in order to provide the best possible seats for your customers.

Quick and easy access to your venue

 NEW V2.9 Get access to ticket barcodes straightaway on the screen on your mobile device or in the confirmation email. No need to connect anymore on the online account to print the tickets in order to see the barcode and be able to present it at the entrance. The system will show the barcode right after the purchase has been done making the user experience on site fast and delighful.

Monetize streaming or virtual content with SecuTix

NEW V2.3 COVID HELP Discover how SecuTix can help you to monetize your virtual content and connect with your audience through new ways.

Online open-choice packages with matches

NEW V2.0  You want to offer packaged offers combining several matches or matches with extra services enabling your fans to choose the match they want? You can now sell those new offers online thanks to a clear match selection widget.

Reusable voucher usage information

NEW V2.0 Reusable voucher usage becomes easier: the remaining amount is now displayed to the customer in his account, ensuring transparent information and an incitation for your customers to spend the remaining amount.

Season ticket e-cards

NEW V2.0  With the ever increasing number of smartphone users offering simple dematerialized solutions is crucial. E-tickets shipment mode can now be used for your season ticket cards.

See my password when registering online

NEW V2.0 Some users can struggle with typing the same password twice, especially if the password is a really secure one. The reveal my password feature will help any user going through the process.

Country of residence restriction for internet point of sales

NEW V2.0 In some situations, it is required to offer different products, prices or payment methods that depends on the customer's country of residence. For example, you may want to have a dedicated sales channel for host-country residents only. SecuTix now offers the ability to restrict the access to an internet point of sales based on the country of residence, including the ability to automatically redirect customers to the right portal if required.

Enhanced label customization experience for online portals with bulk export & import

NEW V2.6 You are an extensive user of label customization for online portals? Being able to manage the label customization and translation in bulk autonomously via the back-office becomes a must-have feature when the customization workload increases. Our new label bulk management feature is designed to answer this need with the goal to offer you an enhanced label management experience for customizations, translations and easy duplications from one Point of Sales to another. 

Optimize Google Search Results further by tweaking page titles for events

NEW V2.12 Your ticketshop pages already have meta information and meaningful titles to help in optimizing search results. For customers that want to go beyond, a new flexibility is added: you can tune the content of the title tag and the og:title metadata to make them even more relevant to your particular business.

Other improvements

  • NEW V1.12 When using prepayment, order are correctly completed as sales in cases where the internet users pays the order entirely by voucher or credit account.

Promoter Features

Deeper insights on their products and more autonomy for back-office are coming to your promoters.

Introducing TED: The Executive Dashboard

NEW V2.9  The producer dashboard has seen some important improvements that allows us to broaden its horizon. We are thus proud to introduce TED, The Executive Dashboard, the new member of the Engagement family, joining SAM, SecuTix Audience Management, and DAN, SecuTix Data ANalytix, (a.k.a. SDA or BI), giving you insight and analysis of your customers to better engage with them.

Promoter model self-service improvements (Allalin V2)

NEW V2.9 The promoter/producer model is the ability for a promoter to set-up and sell his own products in SecuTix. The development of this feature has started in Gabelhorn V1 and will continue in Allalin. In Allalin V2, several improvements are delivered concerning the product set-up and the ability for promoters to perform after sales activities at the box-office in a more secure way. 

Producer dashboard step-by-step overlay help

NEW V2.3  The producer dashboard is a rich tool to get insight on sales and having integrated help is crucial to ensure quick adoption of the tool by new producers and promoters.

Additional sales details in the producer dashboard

NEW V2.12 Having accurate figures of the producer share of the revenue of a show is crucial to producers. The producer dashboard has been enhanced by adding potential sales data and a toggle between gross and net prices.

Onsite Sales

Your operator's life is getting easier.

Other improvements

  • NEW V2.12 If you are using systematic invoicing on the box-office, you will be able to decide if you want the invoice to be printed immediately or later. Indeed, the printing moment is now defined by the shipment mode selected for the invoice document (it isn't based anymore on the shipment mode selected for the tickets). Note that you can still choose to print tickets and invoice at the same time by choosing a common shipment mode for both.
  • NEW V2.9 If you are storing external references against orders through our public API or via reseller interfaces, you will now have the possibility to search by external reference in the files list screen.
  • NEW V2.0 At the box-office, operators can see the remaining amount of a reusable voucher by opening the voucher's ticket details screen. Read more


Smoother refund operations, advanced pricing options and more are enabling more efficient ticketing operations than ever before.

Mass-refund of matches in season ticket at the right price

NEW V2.4 COVID HELP You are facing match cancellations and would like to refund part of their season tickets to your loyal fans? During the mass-cancellation batch, you can now refund to your season ticket holders the fraction of their season ticket corresponding to the cancelled match. Your refund operations are therefore significantly simplified and aligned with resale and upgrade processes.

Automatic email notification of refund payments

NEW V2.3 COVID HELP When processing mass-refunds, it is key to communicate clearly with customers on the state of their refunds, to avoid overloading your call centre with basic questions. Up to now, automatic emails could be triggered for some steps inside the refund process (e.g., when a ticket cancellation order is created, or when a refund payment is dispatched to either the credit card or the customer credit account by the batch). However, nothing automatic existed for bank transfer refunds or refunds of the money on the customer credit account. A new batch now enables you to setup such automatic notifications, so that all refund payments, whether they are coming from an order or from the customer credit account, generate an automatic email notification with relevant details, reducing the number of customer inquiries.

Define a max number of characters accepted in the value of your custom variables

NEW V2.3 You are an extensive user of the custom variables in SecuTix to store custom data and you use our API to read the custom variables form another system, then the possibility to define a max number of characters is a must have to avoid issues due to too long values or too much data stored in the custom variables that would not be supported by the caller system.

Price breakdown in invoices and other documents

NEW V2.3 (PART 1) You are using price breakdown? The price breakdown is now taken into account when generating an invoice or other documents, thus providing accurate detailed VAT amounts and, if needed, more detailed product information. If you don't define price breakdowns for your price grids, you can ignore this feature as nothing changes in your case.

Mass-cancellation of passes and services

NEW V2.0 COVID HELP The tools for mass-cancellation expand to more product families: you can now process cancellations for open passes, visit passes, timeslot passes and services efficiently, to relieve your operators from tedious manual work.

Seat map editor improvements

NEW V2.9 A set of key features of the seat map editor have been tweaked in order to improve the user experience.

Setting start / end validity time on custom variables

NEW V2.12 You are using custom variables to store additionnal data linked to your catalag of product and reading those data through the SecuTix public to build a custom visitor journey. Then you will now have the option to define a date and time for start validity date and end validity date of you custom variables values.

External reference from movement available on ticket templates

 NEW V2.12 You are storing external references at movement level through SecuTix Public API, you will now be able to integrate those data on SecuTix ticket templates that will then printed every time such ticket template is used.

Improvements to the printer interface

NEW V2.12 The printer interface (PDF Tickets) already provides a function to export ticket data in a CSV format that can be processed by a printing company. You can now launch that function in a fully automatic way from the external printing screens. Furthermore, the exported file has received some small improvements.

Improvements to the reservation cancellation process

NEW V2.12 The cancellation process of reservations not paid on time has been improved. The batch process and the screen in sales management module have been aligned and enriched. For example, the end customer will get an email informing him about the reservation cancellation, and more filters are available in the batch process.

Price refactoring and breakdown for open passes

NEW V2.12 After the price refactoring and breakdown implemented in the previous releases for single events and visit and time slot passes, it's now time to extend this feature to the open passes. The goal of the refactoring is to store all kinds of prices (no matter the product family, inside a package or not, etc.) to a price grid in a standard way so that all product families can benefit from the new features like the price breakdown.

Order digital signature for German customers (Kassensicherungsverordnung)

NEW V2.12 The law „Kassensicherheitsverordnung“ has come into force in Germany on 01.01.2020. This law will require a digital signature for each order. Ticketing solutions have to comply with the new law as of 01.10.2020. SecuTix provides you all the features necessary to comply with this new law.

Other improvements

  • NEW V2.12 If you are storing external references against orders through our public API or via reseller interfaces, you will now have the possibility to search by external reference in the files list screen.
  • NEW V2.12 Custom variable can now support time setting to manage with a better granularity the start validity date / end validity date
  • NEW V2.12 Ticket templates can now include information about the purchaser contact and his/her structure (in addition to the ticketholder / cultural contact available today)
  • NEW V2.6 Structure information linked to the distributor relay can now be mentioned in the email received by customer when tickets are distributed to them in the distribution portal. To display it, you can simply create a custom email template and add this newly exported information to your custom template.
  • NEW V2.6 The validity verification of transport stops function supports now the new transports stops data structure. 
  • NEW V2.3 Save some setup time with the possibility to copy tariffs from one season to another.
  • NEW V2.3 Inside document templates (file summary, invoices, etc.), matches are now sorted by their match day instead of the default chronological order (service request required).
  • NEW V2.12 Feature deprecation: old visit products are now fully unsupported: screens to create and manage old visits have been completely removed, but you will continue to see the relevant information if opening old orders or looking into reporting. Visit passes are the supported alternative, including guide management inside the contact module.
  • UPCOMING The order digital signature is now available for our German customers (in order to comply with Kassensicherungsverordnung)


Stay updated thanks to scheduled reports.

Relative date criteria to the most important reporting domains

NEW V2.3 You want to follow-up the revenue of your sales in an automated way? You can now define relative date criteria in your reports and send them automatically without having to adapt the date criteria each time.

Relative date criteria are now available for the following domains:

  • Product revenue (based on order date)
  • Product revenue and payment (based on order date)
  • Attendance (based on entrance date)
  • Visit planning (based on visit date)

Open Platform

New integrations with partners and compliance systems enrich your ecosystem.

Other improvements

  • NEW V2.12 Skidata Handshake: multi-entry passes can now be used in both online and offline modes
  • NEW V2.12 TIXnGO interface: your mobile tickets are now sent to the cultural contact in SecuTix - as a result, tickets assigned to friends&family reach directly the expected ticket owner in TIXnGO.
  • NEW V2.12 Sales API integrations: External movement references (key-values) can be set at order time and can then be used on your ticket template (use ${Movement_externalReferences;array_code=yourkey} in the template)

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