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Add a third dimension to your plan

Welcome to SecuTix Matterhorn V3

In the final version of 2016, Matterhorn v3 offers innovations that enrich the online purchasing process and give your audience members, fans or visitors more freedom: Matterhorn v3 means freedom for new customers to buy tickets without creating an account, just by using their email address. Matterhorn v3 also means the flexibility for customers to immerse themselves in the event by giving them the freedom to choose their seat with the help of immersive photos or 3D images.

In addition to enhancing the purchase process, Matterhorn v3 offers integration with partner solutions to give your ticketing platform specialized functions, such as donations, email remarketing and retargeting, without forgetting the optimization to the latest possibilities offered by Google, including search engine optimization and auto-complete for postal addresses.

Lastly, Matterhorn v3 hasn’t forgotten about your operators: New fields for reporting, enhanced qualification criteria for groups/guides, on-the-fly assignment and reassignment of seats to season ticket holders and their guests directly through the floor plan, more detailed display of blocks in your stadium or venue and many other new features that will make your operators more comfortable while helping them save precious time.

What's new in SecuTix Matterhorn V3?

We have chosen to showcase the three following novelties:


Activate the online guest checkout

 The guest checkout simplifies the user identification process considerably during an online purchase- no need to create an account or remember a password, they can just use their email address! The guest checkout heralds a new era that lets your customers get straight down to buying their ticket.

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Add a third dimension to your plan

The floor plan becomes even more immersive. It now includes digital 3D images at every stage. Offer your users an unprecedented experience by putting them at the heart of your venue, even before the event.

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(Re)assign seats to your season ticket holders and their guests

Your season ticket campaigns have never been so simple. Easily seat your season ticket holders and their guests together, whether or not they select the same ticket option. After a sale or booking, reassign seating for season ticket holders or guests directly from the floor plan.

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Other novelties and improvements

Matterhorn V3 brings many more features and improvements:

titleAudience subcategory

In SecuTix, the term “audience subcategory” is replaced by the more natural term of “tariff”.


Technical improvements

We’re also always working to improve the performance and stability of SecuTix.



  • Improvements to the ticket shop architecture for very high levels of availability.

Public interfaces


  • Measure a post’s performance with the new “Key Performance Index (KPI)” page:

titleSupported configurations...
  • Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Firefox 38.8.0ESR 
  • Java 1.8u112
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