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The guest checkout simplifies the user identification process considerably during an online purchase- no need to create an account or remember a password, they can just use their email address. This function heralds a new era that lets your customers get straight down to buying their ticket.

An end to cumbersome identification

The identification step is a restrictive requirement when buying something online. Users must remember whether they’ve already got an account, what email address they used, and, what’s more, the password they created for it. Creating a new account takes time, and shortcuts via social network logins create doubts regarding the transmission of personal data to those networks. 

With the guest checkout, SecuTix offers a new, more streamlined way of making online purchases. Now, users just need an email address to buy a ticket. The interaction is more rewarding. Additionally, it’s quicker and more fluid.

Direct access to tickets

When purchasing via the guest checkout, users receive an email containing an encrypted link.  With just one click, they can download their tickets and view their order summary. And, because the identification step isn’t needed, users can even send the link to someone without an account for them to print the tickets.

Transparent integration

In terms of backend, the use of an email address creates a partial contact file that gives access to most of SecuTix’s rich functionality. The data remains uniform and coherent at all times. Thus, if an existing user uses the email address linked to their account to make a purchase via the guest checkout, they will see that order the next time they login to their account. Similarly, if they use a guest email to recover a forgotten password, they will make a full account and be encouraged to complete the missing information, such as their name and address. The integration is transparent.


The guest checkout is activated through a point of sale’s internet settings. The point of sale must be B2C or C2C and be set to the “connection before checkout” mode.