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SecuTix and Rewards4Group (France and United Kingdom) have partnered to provide a fully integrated ticketing and loyalty programm.

Rewards4Group exists in several solutions depending on the sport: Rewards4Rugby, Rewards4Cricket, Rewards4Golf... Each solution allows to accumulate points either when buying stuff online and/or from several thousands of brick and mortar affiliated stores. The actions that reward points and their validity date have to be agreed with Rewards4Group. Then, the contact can choose the "spend" their points on a number of of online shops affiliated with Reards4Group, SecuTix being obviously one.

It is also possible to define with Rewards4Group the list of online or physical stores where the contacts can collect or spend points. For example, it is possible to setup a loyalty program centered around your club that autorises to collect points only on shopsinside the Stadium and restrict redeeming points when the cart contains (or not) some product families.

As usual, SecuTix developed a full omnichannel and highly flexible integration:

From the backoffice, it is possible to see the number of points and their corresponding balance in real currency.

The wording can be customized in the parametrization of SecuTix Hence, it is possible to call them "points" or "rewards4Rugby points" or "stars"...

When adding a contact in the shopping cart, a small icon shows that some points are available and a tooltip shows the number of points and related balance. Then it is possible to pay with those points.


Every new contact registered will be shared with Rewards4Group which will send him/her a welcome email asking if s/he is interrested to join the loyalty programm. 

Fine grain rules can be defined with Rewards4Group, eg, only season ticket holders can accumulate points or...



When a contact connects, the points (if some) appear as well as their balance.
Finally, during a sales, the contact can chosse to pay (part of) his order thanks to the points.

refunding points: if a client asks for a ticket refund which has been partially paid py points, it is possible to refund part of the ticket in points and the rest with your favorite payment method.

Nevertheless, to achieve this, you need an intermediate step when the whole ticket is refunded on contact's credit note, then part of the credit note is refunded in points.



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