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To complement the expansion of the capacities of our private Clouds, we are offering you a public Cloud - Amazon AWS-  where you can store consumer resources used by internet channels.

The many advantages include:

  • More flexible settings: The possibility of uploading several product images with different formats/ratios allows you to optimise the display according to where the image is being shown and the device on which it is being viewed.
  • Better image resizing thanks to optimised algorithms: Bigger, less bulky images that load faster, particularly on smartphones, for both 2D product images and 360° photos of a seat view.
  • Increased peak sales capacities.The implementation of a Content Delivery Network (Amazon Cloud Front) gives you almost infinite bandwidth, guaranteeing quicker response times for users.
  • High availability (99.99%) and extreme durability (99.999999999%) for these resources.


Resources will be transferred from the SecuTix private Clouds to AWS institution by institution, with the date being communicated in advance.