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Recent developments in the Google search engine include the arrival of structured metadata.

More specifically, Google now recognizes data relating to events and highlights them through an entry for each event, session or time slot, with a direct link to the ticket shop. It is highly likely that the entire Google ecosystem of connected devices will use this type of information increasingly in the coming years.

SecuTix lets you take advantage of this major change. In Matterhorn V3, your single dated products, such as events, matches, tickets and visits generate markup for search engine optimization n Google for the ticket shop, thus facilitating access to what you are selling directly through Google. Don’t leave the door wide open for your competitors: position your tickets in first place on Google’s results pages today!

Like the SecuTix structure, this event markup offers two different links: The link to your ticketshop (i.e. SecuTix) and the link to the product page on your main site. To find out more about how Google markups work, see the technical information available in one of the  Google guides.

SecuTix Lab

This function is automatically activated for all online points of sale and is designed to mature rapidly.