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The floor plan becomes even more immersive. You can now use digital images throughout the selection process. Why not go for 3D and offer your users an unprecedented experience by putting them at the heart of your venue, even before the event? Or, use real photos of your venue to reach incredible levels of realism. 

Block-by-block view

The block-by-block view represents a major change that will enhance the buying journey by making life easier for your users. Gone are the days of presenting your venue like a blueprint, which is often abstract and difficult to decipher for people who aren’t familiar with the room. Make way for a realistic rendering of each block. With the block-by-block view, your users are in front of the seats, with a perfect view of where they’re located in relation to the access corridor, stairs and other aspects of the room’s layout. What’s more, with the panoramic “stage view” image, they can be sure that they’re making their choice based on all of the information.

A made-to-measure experience

3D images, photomontages, artistic projections... Access a world of creative possibilities thanks to the flexibility of SecuTix’s plans.

The 3D option allows for fantastic renderings. Ideal for stadia.

Rendu 3D

Use photos to create an unprecedented experience.

Rendu photo

Compare before buying

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, imagine what your users will do with two pictures! The ergonomics of the seating plan are evolving to allow users to compare several areas (or blocks) in a hall or stadium. What could be better than browsing several areas simultaneously, comparing their availability and seeing the related panoramic images immediately? The integration is dynamic: users navigate directly within each panorama and can even view them full-screen. More immersive than ever, the area selection experience means that your users can save precious time.

A range of developments

Remember, the floor plan has undergone numerous developments over the last few months. For a detailed explanation of all of the possibilities, we invite you to re-read the Dufour V3, Dufour V4 and Matterhorn V2 releases notes.

3D Partenaires

If you’d like a 3D floor plan, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ve partnered with PACIFA Decision, with whom we collaborate regularly. We’ve also worked with other companies, including 3D Digital Venue.