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SecuTix has partnered with Common Cents (France) to offer a dynamic solution that lets your customers make donations online or at the ticket office when buying their ticket.

Multi-channel integration of donations

Donations are a way of adding a social dimension to your online sales. They allow your users to make a gesture of solidarity when they make a regular purchase in your establishment’s ticket shop. Through micro-donations, your users can, for example, lend their financial support to an art restoration project or charity work.

Donations are configured through a new product family. Like with gift cards, this family allows for amounts to be set in advance, although users are also free to choose an amount within a certain range.The system allows these donations to be suggested as a matter of course through cross sales, which we encourage you to do. Donation products can also be sold individually, as well as through packages.

Once their online purchase is completed, users receive the normal purchase confirmation email, as well as an email sent by Common Cents. This email invites them to go to the Common Cents platform to receive their tax receipt and undertake a range of functions linked to their donation.

Donations can also be made when purchasing at the ticket office. 

When an order that contains a donation is amended or refunded, Common Cents checks whether a tax receipt was emitted. If so, a refund is not possible.

CommonCents activation

In order to permit online donations, you must sign a contract with Common Cents. We invite you to contact your account manager, who will begin discussions.