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This new feature, which covers every address on the planet, is being offered thanks to our partnership with Loqate. It gives a range of benefits for both ticket office operators and ticket shop users.

At the box office

Your operators save precious time! They just need to enter the start of the address and the whole thing, spelt correctly, will be suggested.

  • For example, if you enter “4 allee rene cassin, 457”, the system will automatically suggest "4, Allée René Cassin, 45750, Saint Pryvé Saint Mesmin".
  • If you spell the address incorrectly, for example "10 rue des airables, 451", the system will suggest "10, Rue des Érables, 45160 Olivet".
  • For an address in the Netherlands or Great Britain, first enter the postcode. The possible complete addresses will appear immediately, and, if necessary, you can narrow down the selection by adding more detail. For example, for an address in Great Britain, start with “ST8 7LF”, and if you’re looking for Lower Folds Farm, add the start of its name: “ST8 7LF low”. The tool will then suggest "Lower Folds Farm, Top Road, Stoke-on-Trent ST8 7LF, United Kingdom".

Furthermore, the risk of error when entering addresses is reduced considerably because the suggestions come from the different countries’ postal records. You’ll therefore get very low rates of addressees who are “not known at this address”.

When an address is not found, the operator can, of course, enter it manually. This can happen with very new addresses, like in France, for example, where the postal records are only updated on the second day of every month.


The options offered at the ticket office are also offered to online users to make the job of entering their address quicker and to reduce the risk of error.

To activate this function, contact our customer service team who will issue a quote as soon as possible.

SecuTix also offers the possibility of cleaning up databases of imported addresses, whether during onboarding or when a contact file is imported. Don’t hesitate to request a quote for this service!