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New features available

with Allalin V1.

New features and improvements

Freshly out

Distribution in B2B portals

Your B2B customers and relays can now distribute all tickets at once within their organisation and the digital ticket distribution becomes easier than ever with the possibility to distribute the tickets based on the email address only.

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SecuTix Screen Help

On a large portion of the SecuTix backoffice screens you will now find a question mark that will redirect you to contextual help providing information about each field on the screen. The contextual help content is under development and will continue to be enriched over time.

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Access control API

Ticket prices and information on composed products is now exported together with tickets barcodes.

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Producer portal

Producers can manage the real time sales and availability of their visit passes and time-slot products on Producer Space by using Dashboard.

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Visit calendar

Improve the sales agents user experience by defining the timescale to be used on the visit calendar.

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Partner: TIXnGO - Tighter integration

Our integration with the secured mobile ticketing solution TIXnGO is improving. We start by adding charges into the ticket prices when injecting tickets. Other improvements are forthcoming in this release, including automatic ticket deletion and display of mobile ticket history and status inside SecuTix.

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Seat allocation configuration

Define whether the system should allocate seats by prioritizing being seated together over providing the absolute best seats by restricting seat allocation within the same block or area. The feature also allows to manage sales of private blocks, like skyboxes.

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Access control monitoring

See in real time, directly from the seat map, your audience entering the venue. Data is synchronized automatically to update the color of the seats on the map, a minute by minute graph and summary table.

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Test ticket printing

Print a test ticket from an existing ticket to validate that your templates are configured properly.

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Optimal selection configuration

Two small improvements on our optimal selection tools which should make seat map configuration even easier, especially for medium size venues.

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Online payment configuration

Autonomously configure the logos, bank codes (promocodes) and installments of your online bank card payment methods

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February 2020

Season ticket holder management

Improve your data quality with the improved season ticket holder management creating only beneficiaries instead of a contact sheet when your customers are only providing a last name/first name. 

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New scrollable terms and conditions

You can now activate a more integrated way of user interaction for them to accept your terms and conditions with a scrollable popup. With this new feature, online users can read, scroll to the bottom of the popup and accept the terms and conditions without having to switch to another Browser Tab to read the content

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Visit timeslots

Copy all the existing timeslots from one visit space to another. This new feature accelerates a lot your setup when all your visit spaces have a similar timeslot configuration. 

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A new parameter is introduced to Voucher, which allowing to keep the remaining amount in the Voucher for next use (instead of sending to Credit note or debtor profit).

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Newsletter for guest check-out 

A guest registering to a newsletter during the checkout process will systematically receive this newsletter, because he's considered to have given his explicit consent for communication from the organisation. 

Touch sales

New questions (gender and year of birth) is asked together with Contact Origin at Box Office or Touch Cart.

Price mapping for external interfaces

Recently SecuTix has introduced a new pricing model where each product comes with a rate table. A new price mapping feature is introduced in order to simplify the external interfaces configuration.

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JSON validation for comfort variables

If you are extensively using SecuTix public API with comfort variables and storing data in JSON format, this feature ensures that your JSON syntax will always be right.

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Finer control of cookies

A finer-grained control of GDPR cookie settings is now available in SecuTix for our ticketshop, via our service team: cookie consent can be collected per category and used in order to block the setting of different categories of cookies used by SecuTix via an upcoming custom service. An optional integration with OneTrust, a market leader in Privacy & Compliance, is available. 

Upcoming features

Promoters can setup their catalog themeselves on SecuTix Backoffice for visit passes 
Producer portal further improvements

A new widget

Use the query tool in Institution to access reporting domains

TIXnGO: automatic deletion and feedback interface to SecuTix

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