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In a nod to its origins, the SecuTix team chooses each year a Swiss mountain peak to embody the four major versions of SecuTix 360º planned for the year. After Dufour in 2015, the upcoming versions of SecuTix 360° in 2016 will be presented to you under the code name "Matterhorn". Matterhorn V1 is the first of the SecuTix 360º versions released in 2016. For this first release of the year, we have put special emphasis on simplicity of use and on user autonomy in daily operations.

What's new in Matterhorn V1?


Matterhorn V1 highlights new and functional developments. Online sales, marketing, reporting, technical issues - all the new developments are organised by professional or technical topic for easy browsing based on your interests.


New access control app on Android

Do you know how to install an app on a smartphone? Then you will know how to use the new access control application on Android! With one-click installation and update, scan configuration, and modern and high-performing hardware, this new app is designed to allow you to welcome your audience at any time in the best conditions.

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New customizable public display

Give your audience an unique experience at your ticket windows! By replacing the old generation displays or simply enhancing the experience of your visitors from the start, the new public screen allows you to display rich content on elegant hardware that will imbue your institution with a sense of modernity.

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Credit card refund

A session cancelled due to a strike, a sick artist or a production incident? Maintain control of unforeseen situations and minimise the negative impact of such an event by quickly and simply refunding all affected customers directly to their credit card. 

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Technical details

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