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 Allalin V3 Release Notes

Allalin V3 is the SecuTix release bringing exciting features, gradually, between August 2020 and November 2020. Start discovering below the new innovative tools that we prepared to improve your ticketing operations. New and improved features are structured according to the different modules of the solution for your convenience.

In this release cycle, we continue to support you in the transition to a new normal, with features bringing more flexibility to your customers and efficiency to your operators. We also start a multi-release journey towards better tools for onsite visitor welcoming, with our mobile operator interface delivering a touch-native interface to your operators, not only for sales but also for post-sales processes including reprints and exchanges. We keep enriching our Marketplace tools, including a new way of defining multiple fees on top of the ticket catalogue price and improvements to our Ticketing Executive Dashboard (TED) for producers and promoters.

Important note - SAM change to strengthen security

Please take note of the following important feature coming in V3.11 (18.11.2020) that is enhancing SAM security but requires an action on your side:

NEW V3.11 To enhance the security of SAM and prevent malicious actors from using SAM redirection links to point users to fraudulent sites hidden behind a valid-looking URL, we have put in place additional restrictions for customers redirecting customers to a URL other that their SecuTix internet point-of-sale. All external URLs used in redirections must now been whitelisted in the system prior to sending the campaign.

Read more


New and improved features

Online Sales

Your customers will be delighted with even more self-service options in their account, in particular around visits.

Give customer flexibility: online self-exchange of performances, matches and visit passes

More online freedom is coming to your customers: while in the past, all ticket changes had to be handled via the box-office or call centre, we are now moving some of those processes online. We are rolling a series of features allowing customers to perform exchanges online, helping you in reducing operational costs, offer better customer service and derive additional revenues from upgrades and fees. On top of operational efficiency, this also open the door to post-sales online upgrades.

As of this version, the self-exchange feature supports:

  • For events and competitions, ability to change their seats and/or their performance/match and/or the tariff of their seat. The feature supports single tickets and tickets inside championship season tickets and calculated-price season tickets.
  • For visit passes and timeslot passes, ability to change the group details, including participants, and timeslots.

Offer free shipment fees via a promotional code

Define a new type of promotional code granting free shipment to a selected group of end customers

Your customers can enter online their IBAN information

Performing refunds by bank transfer means you need to have the IBAN number of your contacts. Your contacts can now save their IBAN number autonomously on their online account.


  • Depending on which payment method you are authorizing online you may need to have the waiting account activated for your contacts (e.g. payment in 3 times by credit card). Currently, this activation is either manual and done in the back-office of SecuTix, or is done systematically for all contacts of the organization. Thanks to this new feature, the waiting account can be automatically activated only for those contacts using a payment method that requires it.
  • NEW V3.6 In the My Tickets page, you can now force main applicant/purchaser to be the ticket holder for exactly one ticket per match, taking into account the order history (including packages and advantages).

Promoter Features

We continue improving our Marketplace platform with more detailed information in the promoter dashboard as well as improvements to our promoter self-service model.

Extension of TED's Recent Sales

TED, The Executive Dashboard, continues to improve. It is now possible to toggle recent sales columns between several time frames: today, yesterday, this week, this month, etc.

Promoter model self-service improvements (Allalin V3)

NEW V3.6 The promoter/producer model is the ability for a promoter to set-up and sell his own products in SecuTix. Thanks to the improvements, you can set-up a single sales channel on which your partners may only sell their own products.

Other improvements

  • Promoter self-service model: you can now create a single box office sales channel for all the promoters using your ticketing system, each promoter operator is now restricted to see only his own products.

Onsite Sales

The new comer to our onsite sales interface, Mobile Operator, gets its first post-sale features: ticket reprints and exchanges.

Selling ticket on the move with the mobile operator

A new level of customer experience on site with the mobile operator becoming the best assistant your sales agents will ever have. Many new possibilities are coming to life thanks to this new mobile experience such as :

  • Quickly searching for tickets
  • Amending booked and sold tickets (change date, tarif, quantity)
  • Pay by credit card, cash and vouchers
  • Lightweight hardware with payment and ticket printing done on the payment terminal.

Other improvements

  • The mobile operator will now support several additional payment methods including cash payment, voucher and external payment method types
  • NEW V3.9 You can now easily exchange and reprint a ticket on the mobile operator. Your sales agents are gaining more autonomy with more advanced features available on the mobile operator.
  • NEW V3.9 Shipment fee promotional codes can now also be used at the box-office. Read more


Flexible pricing mechanism for fees on top of the ticket price, smoother refund processes and more are enabling more efficient ticketing operations than ever before.

Price components displayed in addition to the catalog price

NEW V3.9 SecuTix already provides internal price components in order to break down the catalog price, for example to compute the amount due to an event producer or to a distributor. A new type of price components, called external price components, allows you to define price components who come in addition to the catalog price. External price components bring several advantages compared to simple charges:

  • Amounts may be defined in a very flexible way. As for internal price components, you can define a global computation rule and override it for a specific cell of your price grid
  • Amounts of internal and external price components are displayed on the same screen, simplifying the setup and providing you with a global overview
  • You can apply as many external price components as you want to a given product

Dynamic price for Visit passes and Timeslot Passes based on availability

NEW V3.6 You are looking for solutions to optimize the revenue of your visits activities or to improve the visitor experience on site by reducing congestion on peak hours. You will now be able to setup dynamic pricing strategies directly within SecuTix thanks to this new feature.

Activate the waiting account function on demand

Depending on which payment method you are autorising you may need to have the waiting account activated for your contacts. Currently, this activation is manual and done in the back-office of SecuTix. Thanks to this new feature, the waiting account can be automatically activated when required by the payment method selected.

Bulk refund process improved with new filters and selections criterias

In case you customer have purchased several products within the same order, you will be now able to refund all the products belonging to the same order at once. The bulk refund batch of SecuTix that is helping you to process refund in bulk supports now additionnal filters to exclude some orders from the process.

Group Sales (Tournaments) - Block requests in excess of the pre-request

For all customers who are extensively using the Group Sales portal (tournament platorm), after the Box Office operator has created a pre-request, users can either submit the pre-requests without any modifications or edit them to add or remove tickets proposed by the pre-request allocation. We are now introducing the possibility to control the limit of exceeding pre-requested tickets at the Sub-Target Group level so that pre-requested allocation can only be exceeded by STGs who are authorized to do so.

Improve address data quality with the NPAI criteria automatic update

If you are sending postal mails to your customers, you are probably receiving some of those back to you because the customers does not leave at the specified postal address ("NPAI"). Such contact are marked with a NPAI contact criteria. From now, when a contact will update his postal address, the contact criteria will be automatically reset.

Producer/provider information in invoices and other documents

Are you in contact with partners producing a part of the events or exhibitions taking place in your venue? Do your products contain a service provided by some partners (e.g. catering or transportation)? If you are or will be concerned by one of these business cases, you will be interested by this new feature allowing you to display producer/provider information on invoices and other documents. Displaying this information may be necessary to comply with local VAT regulations.

Ticket preview improvements

The ticket preview feature has already been improved in the previous SecuTix releases. We go one step further, still pursuing the same goal: provide a ticket preview with most realistic data, that means data related to the current product and not taken from the variable sets. More precisely, the improvements concern the display of price and seating information.

Block accounts from logging in and purchasing tickets

NEW V3.9 For justified reasons related to security or law enforcement, you may face the situation where you need to block an existing customer account from purchasing new tickets. In the past, you could inactivate the account but this did not prevent the customer from creating a new account with the exact same email address. Now you can use the new account status blocked in order to ban a contact from logging in and purchasing new tickets.

SAM: Security upgrade - whitelisting required for redirections to other sites

NEW V3.11 To enhance the security of SAM and prevent malicious actors from using SAM redirection links to point users to fraudulent sites hidden behind a valid-looking URL, we have put in place additional restrictions for customers redirecting customers to a URL other that their SecuTix internet point-of-sale. All external URLs used in redirections must now been whitelisted in the system prior to sending the campaign.


  • Additional filters in setup screens allow you to find your venue or ticket model you want to work on more easily when you have many venues and templates.
  • Other optimizations of refund operations:
    • When you are operating many bank transfer refunds in row, you need each time to set a due date for the refund. From now, SecuTix will remember the last due date set to reduce the time spent on this task.
    • The bulk refund batch that is helping you to process refund in bulk supports now additional filters to exclude some orders from the process (based on cultural contact, payer contact, order contact and/or file numbers)
    • To reduce the workload around refunds, the box-office will now remember the last reason of refund, saving you precious time when refunding several orders in a row for the same reason.
  • The seat category mapping creation displays now the color of seat categories to help in the configuration process.
  • A new security parameter in the Organization > Operators > Profiles > Privileges allows to toggle the permission to print tickets for non-settled files (with unpaid installments) on the on-site screen.
  • The Siret number will be now part of the duplicate detection algorithm for structure (French specific).
  • SAM Campaigns, targets and email templates can now be archived in bulk.
  • Mirror link in SAM test emails are now working properly.
  • German customers can now also use the numeric keypad to enter prices in the screen allowing to define the default value of price components and in the exchange rate screen.
  • NEW V3.9 The refund batch now supports the refund of purchased vouchers.
  • NEW V3.9 Get a better overview of indicators for your contacts: you can now see in one glance the indicator level and values, for the main indicators shown at the top of the contact list.

  • Two optimizations have been undertaken to the way the seat map is being loaded. While both reduce significantly the amount of data transferred, data transfer is only small portion of the total loading time of a seat map so they will only improve the experienced loading time marginally. Each can be toggled independently from the Advanced menu of the User button:
    • The first is an improvement on the server side caching, which is now includes incremental caching, significantly reducing the amount of data transferred each time the seat map is re-loaded. This only impacts the sales configuration, not the logical or physical configuration, but should highly improve the loading time in contexts where seat maps are loaded frequently such as in the sales module.
    • The second is an optimization of the data compression of the physical, logical and sales configuration data transferred.

Decommissioning of the old seat map editor (applet)

For those of you who have not yet discovered the features of the new seat map editor (full-web), now is the time. Indeed, the old editor, running on an obsolete technology (applet), has been disabled since V3.6. This is the case for both the initial creation (Venue module of the Institution context) and the editing of physical configurations. To use the new editor, simply click on the other menu entry, which already appeared a few release back.

However, one important step worth taking is to update your Secutix kit. Indeed, if you are still using the old editor, it means that you are lagging behind several version of the kit and it is thus strongly recommended to update it, for obvious security reasons but also to benefit from important performance and memory usage improvements of the Firefox browser.

Click here for more details on how to install/update the Secutix kit


Give your management an executive view of your overall sales figure thanks to TED.

TED for your own benefit

NEW V3.9 Originally dedicated to providing insight on sales to partners and producers, TED (The Executive Dashboard) can now be easily configured for your own needs. For example, you can access and easily monitor your sales through a mobile-friendly portal or provide a direct access to sales data to executives of your institution without having to train them on accessing the back-office or having to send them reports regularly.

Open Platform

Integration for two of our strategic partners, TIXnGO and Salesforce, is going to the next level.

Keep up-to-date with our open platform APIs on

A reminder about the new SecuTix kit and Device Manager

Stay up to date: if you haven't installed the latest version of the SecuTix kit, please see How to install the SecuTix kit (Firefox and Device Manager) and upgrade today.

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