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Welcome to SecuTix Piz Bernina V2 

The second 2017 release of SecuTix 360° focuses on providing your online visitors with more autonomy and freedom. Give your season ticket holders the freedom to resell certain tickets to other parties on the exchange market while you retain control over the applicable tariff so as to safeguard your revenue. Let your online visitors facilitate their (family and friends) community by giving them the option to buy tickets, pay for reservations and even load tickets onto RFID cards on behalf of their community members. For our museum customers, Piz Bernina V2 introduces greater flexibility in terms of managing visits, with bulk changes to visit tariffs and the option to specify visit duration independently of timeslots.

All of us in the SecuTix team hope you enjoy exploring this new release!

Piz Bernina V2: key new features

Boost profits when you resell tickets from a season ticket 

You decide which tariff to apply when a ticket belonging to a season ticket holder is resold, providing you with additional revenue on the difference between the season ticket tariff and the resale tariff. You can now also facilitate volume resales straight from the room plan.

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Let your online visitors make purchases on behalf of their friends and family community members

 Allow your online visitors to host their community with 'parent-child' links. They can use these to purchase tickets or pay for reservations on behalf of their community end even load tickets onto RFID cards belonging to their community members.

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  Visit passes: improved parametrisation and sales Image Added

Visit passes: improved configuration and sales

 Bulk change visit pass prices. Configure visit durations in the visit pass itself rather than just in the timeslot. Change the visit date for one of your groups. Delete slots from the visit calendar. Sell individual guided visits from the touchscreen.

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Other new features and enhancements

Piz Bernina V2 also features a number of other improvements.

title A reminder about the new SecuTix kit and Device Manager

There is an update available for the SecuTix Firefox kit which includes a new way to manage communication between your box office and peripherals – printers, payment terminals and cash drawers. This is the 'Device Manager' installed along with Firefox, which now controls box office peripherals. It replaces the applets, which are now discontinued.

If you haven't installed the new version yet, please see these instructions.


Technical enhancements

We're making ongoing improvements to enhance the performance and stability of SecuTix via migration to the very latest versions of mongoDB, Oracle, ElasticSearch, tomcat and java, etc.

Also, having added product images in Piz Bernina V1, all the other images you were able to upload to the back office are now stored in the cloud with all their associated features.


  • RFID reader integrated at the point when you print cards on the Evolis printer



New features in the pipeline with integrated digital solutions from our partners

title Supported configurations...
  • Windows Vista/7/8/10
  • Firefox 52.1.0 ESR 
  • Java 1.8u112
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