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The various forms of bank transfer

SecuTix already featured SEPA transfers compatible with certain banks.

As a reminder, this method of payment had the following characteristics:

  • Each due date is linked to a set of tickets.
  • The due date must be before the date of the corresponding sessions. For example, tickets for the performance on 15 July must be paid for before 15 July.
  • A ticket can only be printed after is it paid for (a recently added features allows you to remove this condition).
  • The amounts due on different dates are not necessarily the same, as they depend on ticket price.

Thanks to our payment service provider Slimpay, SecuTix now offers a new bank transfer payment method compatible with

  • SEPA for payments in euros, compatible with all banks that support SEPA


  • BACS for payments in pounds sterling.

This new payment method, called "payment by instalment and direct debit" or "payment by pending account and direct debit" (to distinguish it from the existing method of payment), has the following characteristics:

  • It's based on payment through a pending (suspense) account with a due date and therefore comes with all the features of this payment method, e.g. selection of the amount, due dates, due date tracking screens, etc.
  • The due dates are not directly linked to the tickets. They can therefore have the same amount and the tickets can be printed before payment.
  • You'll soon be able to use direct debit (including registration) for web/mobile channels as well as traditional box office/distance selling (see below).


⚠ The old direct debit feature will continue for a while for customers who are currently using it, but will not be available to those wishing to set up payment by instalment in a version of SecuTix 360° later than Matterhorn V3.


Use at the box office or for distance selling

The process is really simple:

  • Customers complete a form including their first and last name, IBAN, BIC (etc.) and sign it.
  • This form is given a unique number called a Unique Mandate Reference - UMR (we recommend: n°contact_date).
  • You archive the document in a secure location.
  • The box office operator selects payment by instalments and direct debit for the order concerned, enters this UMR, and selects the number of monthly instalments.


Next, the payment due dates are sent to Slimpay who handle the funds transfer. The instalment result is automatically imported into SecuTix, with alerts for missed payments. Customers can view the payment plan on their online account along with the status of each payment. They can even make payments in advance by credit card.

If customers buy a new season ticket when the next season comes around, they can pay for it with the same mandate completely transparently. You can also take automatic payments from customers for automatic online sales of seats for upcoming matches.

On the web

You'll soon be able to activate direct debit as a payment method in the ticket shop, with the following options:

  • Automatic mandate creation
  • Electronic customer signature of the mandate on the internet
  • Creation of the corresponding payment plan

And all without operator intervention. Payment tracking will be exactly the same as that used for instalment plans created at the box office.

If you're interested in this feature and want us to let you know when it becomes available, get in touch!

Back-office tracking

Here are some screenshots of instalment tracking:

  • The UMR is filed, and sent with every payment:
  • Payment requested and in process:
  • Payment accepted:

You'll need to go through two initial set up stages: a contract with Slimpay to validate how you manage and archive paper mandates, and the creation of an external SecuTix-Slimpay interface.

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