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New Gravity Calendar Widgets

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Price breakdown

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SecuTix Data AnalyTix

Get a better understanding of your business with our new Business Intelligence solution. SecuTix Data AnalyTix is the ultimate solution for you, Live Entertainment professionals, to analyze your data. Dashboards & reports will give you full insights on your activities.

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Other new features and enhancements

Whymper V2 also features a number of other improvements.

Technical enhancements

  • We now have an automatic integration with the security vulnerability data source ( and we update continuously the impacted libraries, application servers, web servers, etc. All Whymper V2 required components have been updated to guaranty the security, performance and availability of the solution.
  • Datamart API is migrating to postgreSQL, hosted on AWS to increase performance, security (end to end encryption), availability (resilient to a major disaster) and decrease cost. This means that no dedicated VPN is required anymore.
  • Payment with coins is now finally supported in our New Ticket Vending Machine software. Not only do we constantly deliver innovative digital solutions using Gravity, but we also take care of features that are still in-use in the previous version. With the support of the coin slot machine, the new TVM software is now 100% isofunctional, which means support for the old TVM software will be discontinued as of the end of 2018. You will be contacted soon by the SecuTix support team to help you migrate to the new TVM software. We also offer a brand new TVM hardware with a large and immersive touch screen. For more information, feel free to contact our support team.

New features in the pipeline with integrated digital solutions from our add-on technologies

  • After a direct integration with Paypal, Premium Credit, Slimpay and Sharegroop, and in addition to standard cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners, Maestro,...) and other payment methods like Giropay, Sofort, EPS, PostFinance, Cofinoga, Twint ou Lyfpay, it is now possible to pay online with MasterPass. It is up to you to chose the best payment methods for your business and geo-localization in order to increase your conversion rates.
  • Optimize your revenue thanks to advanced strategies with the real time integration of Smart Pricer.
  • After Classictic, Tripadvisor/Viator, Ryanair or TickX, a new real time integration with billetreduc allows you to add a new sales channel while keeping the simplicity of a centralized inventory in SecuTix.
  • Scotcomms has been added to the list of access control partners like Orange Stadaccess, FortressGB, Skidata Handshake.
  • If you are part of a distribution network with cards like Paris Museum Pass, carte Paris Musée or other cards managed by Otipass, the strong integration with Otipass will allow card holders to directly go through your access control while providing you with clear usage reporting aggregated with the rest of your sales done through SecuTix.

A reminder about the new SecuTix kit and Device Manager

There is an update available for the SecuTix Firefox kit, which includes a new way to manage communication between your box office and peripherals – printers, payment terminals and cash drawers. This is the 'Device Manager' installed with Firefox, which now controls box office peripherals. It replaces the applets, which are now discontinued.

If you haven't installed the latest version, please see How to install the SecuTix kit (Firefox and Device Manager).

  Supported configurations...
  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Firefox 52.9.0 ESR 
  • Java 1.8u171

  • Internet sales channels are supported on all browsers used by more than 1% of the worldwide internet population. Reference can be found here: