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Welcome to SecuTix Piz Bernina V1

This first 2017 release of SecuTix 360° is all about a great user experience. We've completely redesigned the graphic interface of the ticket shop to make it simpler and more contemporary. The same applies to the new ticket vending machines, which introduce the concept of the shopping cart with an appealing look and feel carried over to the dynamic ticket shop window, to highlight your offerings more effectively and entice  web users. We're always looking to expand the functionality of the service, so we're also launching some new integrations based on digital third-party solutions from our partners in technology: cancellation insurance, purchase options, payment by bank transfer – lots of features that allow you to offer your customers innovative services while also giving them complete freedom. Piz Bernina V1 also includes some new expanded reporting domains, bulk import into SAM and a more detailed breakdown of your automated campaigns. And finally, Piz Bernina V1 marks the start of public resource migration to the AWS cloud, focussing on improved availability and storage capacity.

We've chosen to spotlight the following three new features:

A focus on a more contemporary graphics theme


Make the right impression with the dynamic shop window

  Dynamic shop window

New ticket vending machines

       More info



More new features and functional enhancements

Piz Bernina V1 features even more improved functionality.

Reminder regarding the SecuTix kit and the Device Manager

An update is available for the SecuTix Firefox kit including a new way of managing communication between your box office and peripherals like printers, payment terminals and cash drawers. The "Device Manager" application installed alongside Firefox now manages peripheral control. This replaces the applets, which are being discontinued.

If you haven't yet installed the new version, please follow the instructions in How to install the SecuTix kit (Firefox and Device Manager) [Matterhorn V3].

Box office sales

  • Advantages now easier to sell
  • Accelerated service sales (last selection memorised)
  • Membership validity start date choice
  • Indication of the amount received from the purchaser and change given on the box office ticket (at the box office or by touchscreen sale)
  • Seat owner's name indicated when browsing seats
  • B2B account validation step now optional
  • Navigation between season ticket event sessions on the seating plan
  • Authorise contact creation at the box office without a postal address

See all these enhancements in Box office enhancements

Online sales

There are several new online sales features

  • Sliding scale prices: reduce unit price based on quantity
  • Improved product profiles and sales calendar
  • Online quotes
  • Link passes over two seasons
  • More robust payment by instalments
  • Championship season tickets available with seating plan

All these new features are outlined in New online sales features.


SecuTix Audience Management (SAM)

Ticket checks and access control

  • Scanning support for new NFC chips such as those used in credit cards. Feature only available on new Android access control client.
  • Postal address printing on BOCA tickets




  • Improved favourites management
  • Recent files listed in the Dashboard

All these new features are outlined in Favourites management and Dashboard enhancements.

Technical improvements

We're continuously adding enhancements for better performance and stability on SecuTix.


Reminder ragarding the migration of public ressources in the Cloud

As announced in the last release notes, we're migrating all our customers to cloud deployment of "consumer" resources. The migration is entirely transparent from your perspective and has lots of advantages:
  • More flexible parametrisation
  • Better image quality and resizing
  • More capacity for peak sales
  • High availability (99.99%) and superb durability (99.999999999%)


  • Connect your cheque reader in "autonomous" mode without an EPT.


New features thanks to integrated digital solutions from our partners

  • Enhanced customer experience:
    • Cancellation insurance . This solution from JMM Lloyds, a world leader in insurance services, comes pre-packaged with SecuTix and is very easy to set up. The charges are appealing to both end customers and institutions, encouraging customers to purchase tickets early with confidence.
    • Purchase options: Along with cancellation insurance, which is activated after payment, you can offer your customers the chance to place an option. These are valid for several days in ticket shop carts and give customers more time to decide (and give their friends the heads-up.) This is a very popular feature in the transport world. Thanks to our partner Optionizr you can offer your customers options features for the ticketing environment (dynamic option price calculation, automatic expiry reminders, etc).
    • Payment by bank transfer: Alongside New Ogone payment facilities, you can now offer customers SEPA (for the eurozone) or BACS (Great Britain and Ireland) bank transfer payment plans via Slimpay. This feature is available thanks to deeper integration with Slimpay direct debit.
    • New distributor: Classictic, a distributor specialising in classical music and ballet, is now integrated with SecuTix in real time.
    • SMS ticket purchase: Our integration with IDMobile is a revolutionary, ultra-simple sales channel. Give your customers the option to purchase their ticket by SMS, invoiced direct to their mobile billing account. Are you running a museum with long queues at the box office? Imagine the potential of a sign that says "Beat the queues and buy your ticket by sending "Codetbc" to 456"! This feature is currently only available in Switzerland and France.
  • Data processor: Following in the footsteps of KulturPlanner, SportsAlliance and Two Circles are now connected to SecuTix. This provides you with a consolidated view of all your institutional data (including non-ticketing data) giving you a basis for more informed analysis and decision making (marketing, pricing, etc.)
  • Access control: SecuTix is improving its native interfaces and moving towards third-party access software, namely Fortress GB, the market leader in the UK stadiums and sports sector.
  • Reduced price control: Along with Tr3sc or Carnet Jove (cf price control integration documentation), it's now possible to offer reduced prices to members of the "Vanguard Club" or put in place SecuTix inter-institutional price control.
  • CRM: A quasi-realtime bidirectional connector is now available for MS Dynamics CRM
  • Payment by distance selling at the box office with our service provider Ogone: deeper integration with our payment service provider Ogone
  • Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Firefox 38.8.0 ESR  
  • Java 1.8u112
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