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 Weisshorn V1 Release Notes

Weisshorn V1 will bring new and exciting features between December 2021 and April 2022.


Highlights of the Weisshorn V1 Release

Online Sales

Onsite Sales

Box Office improvements (Friends & Family and membership validity information)

Until now, the friends & family feature could only be used on the Ticket Shop. This feature is now also available on the box office. The box office now displays the end of validity of the memberships owned by the selected contact(s). Membership information are also easier to read.



New way to handle direct debit payments for the SEPA area (updated)

A new way of processing direct debit payments for the SEPA area is now available. Direct debit payments have been available for a few years based on the services provided by our Slimpay partner. You can now use a new in-house process to handle direct debit, allowing you to process direct debits on the basis of standardized bank files that you can import/export from SecuTix.

Quota limit per timeslots linked to an advantage

Advantage mecanism is one of the powerful tool provided by SecuTix to manage promotions. In the context of visit passes and timeslot passes, you can link several timeslots to an advantages already but the quota limit is global. Thanks to this new feature you can decide that the quota limit defined must be applied for each timeslots rather that globally.

Swiss QR invoice

The payment with the ESR payment slip is very common in Switzerland and is already provided by SecuTix. However, the ESR is intended to be replaced by the new Swiss QR invoice and won't be valid anymore after the 30th of September 2022. From now on, you can migrate to the Swiss QR invoice and benefit from following advantages:

  • Get more detailed payment information in electronic form, since the QR code contains more information than the coding line of the ESR slip
  • QR codes are easier to scan, thus reducing the error rate
  • QR invoices may be printed on standard blank paper

Open Platform

Keep up-to-date with our open platform APIs on

Full list of improvements per release

Weisshorn V1.5

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the week 31.01-04.02.2022 

This is a bug fix release.
The full changelog will be published the day before the release.

Weisshorn V1.4

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the week 24-28.01.2022 

This is a bug fix release.
The full changelog will be published the day before the release.

Weisshorn V1.3

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the week 17-21.01.2022 

This is a bug fix release.
The full changelog will be published the day before the release.

Weisshorn V1.2

Feature patch - Released in production the 13.01.2022  LIVE

New features

Online sales

  • Configure the contact criteria to be displayed on the guest check-out page
  • The resale platform now displays straightaway the list of seat categories available on the list of performance pages so the users don't need to select a product to see what is available.
  • The mobile box office can now display (if activated) the remaining availability. This will avoid having operators presenting options to purchasers on which there is not enough availability.

Onsite Sales

  • The operator can now open and close Ingenico-driven payment terminals from the box office. This should be done prior to cash desk closure or other reconciliation processes in order to ensure that the payment terminal has sent all the transactions to the Ingenico back-end.


  • Introducing a new type of campaign with the new fundraising and donations module of S-360. The new type of campaign helps you promote your fundraising projects and measures the amount that has been raised.


  • An email containing a reset password link is also sent when creating an internet account from the box office. Read more
  • New direct debit payment method: the payment purpose will display the name of the purchased product, allowing the end customer to know the reason why his bank account has been debited. Read more
  • A new option lets you now decide if you want or not to display the original price of tickets on the resale platform. 
  • Reduce the list of displayed operators (in institution and organization context) by entering a search criterion. Only operators whose first name, last name, or login contains the entered text will be displayed.

Open Platform

  • Improved logging for interface executions making it easier to spot where is the issue (internal or external) and some additional data logged so an issue can be solved faster by the operator.

Weisshorn V1.1

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 05.01.2022 

Bug fixes

  • [STX-117755] Online exchange is not applying conditional rates correctly

  • [STX-117526] It is not possible to apply and to delete a lottery application (unexpected error)

  • [STX-117852] Max ticket per application is counting wrongly caregivers in packages

  • [STX-117913] The logo within widgets looks blurred

Weisshorn V1.0

Feature patch - Released in production the 16.12.2021  

New features

Online sales

  • (Tournament platform) If a customer applied to several lotteries across different portals, he/she will be able to see a summary of his/her application history and results at any time within a dedicated page of the Ticketshop.

Onsite Sales

  • Friends & family feature is now available on the box office. End of membership validity is displayed for membership holders. Read more
  • (Tournament platform) Improvements of the existing "Request list" page: introduction of three new filters (Structure, File/Subfile, and Currency), the introduction of two new columns in the results grid (Related files and Currency).


  • The generation of the SEPA direct debit file doesn't require the end customer's BIC anymore if the customer's bank is located in a predefined set of countries. Read more
  • You can now configure a quota limit that will be applied to all the timeslots linked to an advantage. Read more
  • Following batch functions creating sale or refund orders will create invoices if the sales channel specified in the batch parameters performs systematic invoicing: Import orders, cancel single entries for performances or products, partial refund, transfer of season ticket holders, transform reservation to sale, season ticket and membership renewal. 
  • When executed from the main organization, the refund batch can now target event/competition from other organizations.

Bug fixes

  • [STX-117582] In accounting export and in the resale platform, the seller fees has the wrong operation type

  • [STX-117099] In some particular cases, some events are missing from TED on Producer Portal

  • [STX-117158] An error occurs in the physical configuration seat map when the map has more than 90k seats

  • [STX-117217] The overhead codes are not correctly exported to SAP

  • [STX-117383] RFID Tickets can be put on resale even when the resale of printed thermal tickets is not allowed in point of sales

  • [STX-117396] Packages in the ticket shop are in come cases shown as sold out when one optional line is sold out

  • [STX-117273] It is not possible to validate open products

  • [STX-116804] TIXnGO injection batch stops after injecting a small number of tickets
  • [STX-116185] It is not possible to use the parameter Contact_relayStructureName in the visibility rules
  • [STX-116702] Sometimes a message is blocking the loading of the seat map
  • [STX-116707] IBAN / BIC values are wrongly being deleted when a contact is updated
  • [STX-116773] An error happens in the batch that tracks emails
  • [STX-116846] Request summaries are sometimes display incompletely
  • [STX-116933] The calendar list is not displaying correctly when using the system in Italian
  • [STX-117057] It is not possible to change match and select accessible tickets in the lottery
  • [STX-117173] It is not possible to set the list price as 0 for good purchase order lines
  • [STX-117216] Completed SAM campaigns are not included in the campaign analysis report
  • [STX-117438] Renewal batch for season tickets is showing error of seats not available when tickets are available indeed
  • [STX-117511] It is not possible to edit lottery applications in mobile, as the button does not correctly work

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