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Welcome to SecuTix Piz Bernina V3

The third 2017 version of SecuTix 360° is focused on simplifying processes and offering your online customers more freedom. Give your season ticket holders the freedom to upgrade their seat for a specific match with a single click. Capture more contact data from your customers' communities (family and friends). Piz Bernina V3 also lets you manage visits more flexibly via new features in the sales calendar. In addition, on-map sales now allows you to manage contacts and advantages straight from the seat map.

All of us in the SecuTix team hope you enjoy exploring this new release!

Key features of Piz Bernina V3

Visit pass enhancements

Offer a group ticket for a visit pass at per person ticket rate. You can now configure packages containing flat rate or individual rate tickets. Export your visit pass calendar to iCal. Manage time slots created on the fly exclusively. Configure visit pass sales more accurately.

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  Upgrade management Image Added

Upgrade management from the box office for championship passes

Perhaps a season-ticket holder asks for a better seat at a big match? Or you need to upgrade a child's season ticket to a full price ticket when it's actually an adult who turns up on match day? We kept your needs in mind when designing the upgrade management feature!

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Other new features and enhancements

Piz Bernina V3 features a number of other enhancements..

title A reminder about the new SecuTix kit and Device Manager

There is an update for the SecuTix Firefox kit which includes a new way of managing communication between cash desks and peripherals printers, payment terminals and cash drawers. This is the Device Manager installed along with Firefox, which now controls cash desk peripherals. It replaces the applets, which have been discontinued.

If you haven't installed the new version yet, please follow these instructions.


In accordance with the upcoming implementation of GDPR legislation, SecuTix now applies the recommendation to retain all logs (including all technical, timestamped data, event and self-service interface and batch processing logs) for 12 months.

Technical enhancements

To keep pace with developments in web technology, in particular removing dependence on using Java applets and browser add-ons, we've carried out a major rewrite of the seat map editor, workstation detection and the ticket model editor. This rewrite will be implemented gradually over several releases. The first tangible evidence will be the replacement of the workstation detection add-on by a web extension included in the Piz Bernina V3 Firefox Kit. Then, we will deliver an intermediary step between the ticket editor and a stand-alone application before rolling out the definitive version comprising a new, state-of-the art HTML5-based GUI.

As with every release, we've updated a number of libraries to ensure they offer the ultimate in security performance.

New features in the pipeline with integrated digital solutions from our partners

title Configurations supportées Supported configurations ...
  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Firefox 52.4.1 ESR 
  • Java 1.8u151
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