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Modern, intuitive and flexible – that's the new ticket vending machine in a nutshell. It aims to leverage the technical debt of the previous version and integrate the latest features of the online ticket shop. It is specially designed with end users in mind, with the introduction of the shopping cart concept and a more modern overall look and feel. Thanks to state-of-art web technology and centralised configuration screens, setting up a vending machine application has never been so easy.

Please note that the new ticket vending machine introduced in Piz Bernina V1 only replaces the software of the old vending machine. All the hardware remains unchanged.



Added shopping cart concept

In the previous ticket vending machine, in order to allow end users to buy multiple products in one purchase, back-office operators had to pre-configure a set of static packages. This approach was somewhat inflexible and incurred administrative overheads for operators. This workload is significantly reduced with the new ticket vending machine. Like today's e-commerce websites, we've introduced the concept of the shopping cart to the new machine. End users are free to make choices, add/remove arbitrary products into/from their shopping carts and complete the purchase in a single transaction. At the same time, your back-office operators no longer need to configure additional packages. Packages can still serve as shortcuts for selling popular combinations. Additionally, the shopping cart concept builds the foundation for future feature extensions like cross-selling. 



Improved user experience with modernised look and feel

The new ticket vending machine fully integrates the newly designed ticket shop landing page. The landing page serves as a product catalogue page and is shown after selecting the language. It provides an enriched user experience including the following:

  • Display of individual time slots of single-date products (such as events or visit passes) directly on the product catalogue page. Most of the time, end users already know which products they want to purchase when coming to the vending machine. This feature conveniently allows direct access to the ticket price selection page for their desired products with the minimum number of finger taps.
  • Modern user interface based on state-of-the-art web design trends like a dynamic grid layout, tab navigation, touch-friendly buttons, and more and brighter colours with large images.

You can also configure your "tailor-made" product catalogue page through the back-office configuration screen. For more information about the new landing page, please visit this page.



Added support for conditional prices 

It's now possible to sell tickets based on conditional prices on the new ticket vending machine. This feature is especially useful if you only want to allow sales of a free child ticket when the child is accompanied by an adult. 



Added support for individual guided visit pass  

You can also sell individual guided visit passes on the new ticket vending machines. End users are free to choose the themes and languages for their individual guided visit on the ticket selection page. 

Integrated Google Analytics tracking  

Thanks to the move to web technologies, we were able to integrate Google Analytics tracking into the new ticket vending machine. This means you can now easily gain valuable in-depth insights into how end users are interacting with your vending machines. For instructions on how to activate GA tracking, please visit this page.


Hardware support

Please note that the new ticket vending machine introduced in Piz Bernina V1 does not support payment with coins.

Product family support

Please note that product families like "Membership", "Season ticket" and "Group Visit Pass" are not supported by the new ticket vending machine.

Tariff support

Please note that external membership rates and rates that require a file upload are not supported by the new ticket vending machine.

For instructions on how to setup the new vending machine, please visit How to set up the new ticket vending machine - from configuration to deployment.