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On the 25th of May 2018, be ready for the General Data Protection Regulation. SecuTix has developed new features and updated its guidelines on data protection in order to facilitate compliance with this new regulation.

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A new set of Gravity widgets

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Cross-organisation loyalty products

Does your institution manage several organizations? From now on, the organizations of your institution can become partners and offer season tickets and memberships valid in the partner organizations.

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Other new features and enhancements

Whymper V1 also features a number of other improvements.


  • We have successfully renewed our PCI-DSS certification.
  • SecuTix now complies with the Cash Register Security Regulation (RKSV) passed by the Austrian Ministry of Finance. Consequently, SecuTix generates a digital signature after each order and displays it as a QR code on box office tickets or invoices.
  • As regards the GDPR, SecuTix has put in place the internal procedures it must comply with as a Data Controller. Equally, SecuTix 360° now supports all Data Processor requirements. Please refer to this specification in order to implement the necessary processes and configure SecuTix according to your requirements.
  • SecuTix now supports the DKIM standard with a view to improving email deliverability.

Technical enhancements

As part of our ongoing efforts to keep pace with web development, especially the discontinuation of Java applets and browser add-ons, physical workstation detection now no longer uses a Firefox add-on but a web extension. The seat map editor is now available in pure HTML5 (what's more, we’ve added a new feature for editing seat blocks!). The seat map creation applet is still available and both tools may be used in parallel in Whymper V1.

NB: Whymper V2 will feature only the HTML5 version.

The next stage in this major project will be to revise the seat map editor based on your comments and feedback. We will also be rewriting the ticket template editor (in Whymper V2 a preliminary version will work alongside the existing feature).

As with every release, we've updated a number of libraries and application servers to enhance performance and ensure that security is right up to date.

We’ve prepared for migration to the brand new Firefox Quantum search engine, which will be delivered in one of the forthcoming Firefox kits. We’ve significantly improved the performance of certain screens.

New features in the pipeline with integrated digital solutions from our add-on technologies

  • We now support some new payment methods: Lyfpay, Travellers e-Cheques, Twint and Sharegroop.
  • You can also boost international sales thanks to real-time integration of Tripadvisor/Viator, Ryanair and TickX.
  • If you are a tournament producer using different ticketing systems for different venues, you can group all your sales in a single, consolidated tracking tool: PIMS!

Reporting documentation

New BI documentation and operational reports are now available.

A reminder about the new SecuTix kit and Device Manager

There is an update available for the SecuTix Firefox kit, which includes a new way to manage communication between your box office and peripherals – printers, payment terminals and cash drawers. This is the 'Device Manager' installed with Firefox, which now controls box office peripherals. It replaces the applets, which are now discontinued.

If you haven't installed the latest version, please see How to install the SecuTix kit (Firefox and Device Manager).

  Supported configurations...
  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Firefox 52.6.0 ESR 
  • Java 1.8u161