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Bishorn V2.15

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 28.07.2021  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-112121] It is possible to buy a season ticket with different seats when the the "same seat" option was chosen

  • [STX-112525] Pre-requests are not working as expected

  • [STX-112567] Enhanced e-commerce swap the firing order between "purchase event" and "ecommerce" data layer object

  • [STX-112654] It is not possible to load new matches to a season card

  • [STX-112598] The membership auto-renewal batch fails with an error 

  • [STX-112367] It is not possible to clear pending account balance if file contains commissions

  • [STX-112588] An incorrect event start time is sometimes displayed in the ticket shop

Bishorn V2.14

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 21.07.2021  

New features


  • Some improvements have been added to DAN, SecuTix Data Analytix: Prospects, sub-topics and contact preferred language.

Bug fixes

  • [STX-110755] Barcodes are incorrectly loaded to Swisspass

  • [STX-112336] It is not possible to perform sales via Datasport due to an availability error

  • [STX-112429] In some cases report data is not correctly refreshed

  • [STX-112494] Fortress mass printing is extremely slow

Bishorn V2.13

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 14.07.2021  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-112055] Lottery applications export is not possible due to a timeout issue

  • [STX-112113] The process to inject tickets to TIXnGO is blocked if some tickets don't have a barcode

  • [STX-112048] Exclusive contingent advantage seats are not shown in the ticket shop championship seat map
  • [STX-111851] Performance of the IVR real-time API needs to be improved

Bishorn V2.12

Feature patch - Released in production the 07.07.2021  

New features

Online sales

  • SecuTix now supports gathering of additional ticket holder data, i.e. Title and Country of Residence, for guest tickets on lottery portals.


  • If you sell merchandising and manage your inventory of goods, the excel (.csv) importation process is now improved to support incremental inventory management: your operators will be able to decide if the values are replacing or adding to the existing level of inventory.
  • Credentials used to validate external validation tariffs can be retrieved in the list of tickets reporting domain
  • A new feature providing direct debit payments in the SEPA area, using bank files managed by your accounting department. You can still benefit from our partner SlimPay if you wish to have a solution with lower administrative overhead.
  • The commission contract feature will enable advanced setup of commission calculation by adding the possibility to calculate the commission based on the net price (right now the calculation can only be done on the full price taxes included).
  • Create pre-request orders for customers with specific products based on a custom ratio

Bug fixes

  • [STX-111521] The email to reset password is sent to the wrong contact if this email is used for two contacts

  • [STX-110265] The saving action for a modification of multiple performances is not working as expected
  • [STX-110992] The associated countries configuration of the point of sales is lost after saving contact characteristics
  • [STX-110075] Contact name should be displayed in ticket shop header instead of the email address
  • [STX-110646] Wrong date of birth information is sent to Premium Credit
  • [STX-110804] It should not be possible to export old timeslots that are linking to an advantage
  • [STX-110814] No rates are displayed when upgrading seats in exchange/cancellation window
  • [STX-110979] Events are unavailable in report "List of tickets"
  • [STX-110999] An error occurs when adding some particular performances to a season ticket
  • [STX-111098] New orders immediately appear as expired
  • [STX-111103] An error happens when transferring to paper tickets through the Onsite Collection Screen
  • [STX-111122] Some issues happen when saving the seat map in physical configuration
  • [STX-111125] It is not possible to view group planning when the corresponding button is selected
  • [STX-111131] Seats are sometimes shown as sold out when selecting seats for a season ticket
  • [STX-111156] Lottery layout is incorrectly displayed when the quantity of accessibility tickets is greater than four
  • [STX-111175] It is not possible to edit profile information in the ticket shop
  • [STX-111219] Ticket shop seat map suggests inaccessible rates for the seat category of selected tickets
  • [STX-111236] Pending account sum is not calculated correctly
  • [STX-111246] Partner advantage code with a space is not accepted in the box office
  • [STX-111256] It is not possible to buy a package if this is only sold through partner advantages
  • [STX-111287] Themes are not sorted by alphabet order
  • [STX-111291] End of sales for visit pass does not take into account the start date of the second timeslot
  • [STX-111296] In certain cases it is not possible to load the seat map
  • [STX-111298] some matches are not selectable in the lottery without any reason
  • [STX-111306] Unclear error message when renewing season tickets for some files
  • [STX-111328] Mapping SecuTix/TIXnGO is incorrectly associating "external description" with field "event name"
  • [STX-111333] The order of seat categories and prices are not properly sorted in "select in the seat map" page
  • [STX-111376] Additional seats for season tickets are not shown in the mobile version of the ticket shop
  • [STX-111386] Invalid contacts incorrectly appear when using the contact search field
  • [STX-111387] Parent contact is deleted when a child is deleted
  • [STX-111389] An error happens in lottery when opening application page when the user had a shipment fee in his history
  • [STX-111435] It is not possible to change the performance when selling a season ticket using "without contingent" contingent
  • [STX-111498] Blocked seats are clickable in season tickets screens
  • [STX-111520] It is not possible to create sub-relay
  • [STX-111598] It is not possible to apply for 10 accessible tickets despite the limit of 10 is set per application
  • [STX-111607] An error happens when selling packages through "code for single use" or "partner" advantage with exclusive contingents

Bishorn V2.11

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 30.06.2021 

Bug fixes

  • [STX-111195] Conditional rates are in some cases not treated correctly by the system

  • [STX-111369] Slowness is observed during sales in box office

  • [STX-111396] Lottery application details disappear when reloading the page

  • [STX-111476] An error message is wrongly displayed when adding a promotion into the ticket shop shopping cart

  • [STX-111378] An unclear message is displayed by the box office when an order is too slow

Bishorn V2.10

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 23.06.2021 

New features


  • DAN is built on top of Qlik Sense and we regularly upgrade our server to provide you with the new features. Read more

Bug fixes

  • [STX-111108] Slowness is observed when selling in box office

  • [STX-111323] In some specific configuration it is not not possible to add product to ticket shop basket

  • [STX-110916] An error happens when distributing tickets

  • [STX-111118] Timeslot pass in some specific configurations can still be sold when availability reaches zero

  • [STX-111415] It is not possible to distribute visit pass tickets on B2B sales channels

Bishorn V2.9

Feature patch - Released in production the 17.06.2021  

New features

Online sales

  • Purchase on behalf using Friends&Family is now available also on the resale platform.
  • The B2B online portal now supports the distribution of visit passes on top all others product families already supported.
  • SecuTix provides a new more secure password reset procedure: the internet user gets a link by email allowing him to reset his password. Read more


  • An exchange invoice can be generated in one click even if the original order was not invoiced: the system will take care of generating the required intermediate invoices automatically. 
  • The salutation field will now be able to support up to 100 characters (was 60 characters till now).
  • The price breakdown feature is now available for fixed price season tickets, including championship season tickets. Read more
  • (Tournament platform) A new batch allows to create pre-requests based on a ratio compared to previous orders. Read more


  • Using TED for internal purposes? Configure to display the internal names of your products instead of the external names. Read more

Bug fixes

  • [STX-111020] An error happens when exchanging season tickets

  • [STX-110460] Process payments with Slimpay takes too long

  • [STX-111036] A rate that requires the upload of an eligibility proof should ask for it during the purchase process

  • [STX-110182] It is not possible to save changes when editing multiple performances at once
  • [STX-110450] It is hard to find the ticket template in mobile injection batch
  • [STX-109784] Delivery cost is calculated wrongly when adding products through external ticket shops
  • [STX-109830] The sub-target group is not taken into account when post-seating unnumbered areas
  • [STX-109876] When a campaign execution is forced to stop, the campaign does not change the state
  • [STX-109913] Group sales process: the online report page is slow
  • [STX-109998] The wrong field is displayed when this is based on the selection of nationality
  • [STX-110059] Gauges are not correctly managed in complex cases of social distancing
  • [STX-110068] It is not possible to refund pending accounts correctly in some special configuration cases
  • [STX-110075] The contact name should be displayed in the ticket shop header instead of email address
  • [STX-110080] It is not possible for an organization to display their tickets if these are sold by another organization
  • [STX-110083] Rate change does not work for hospitality bundles
  • [STX-110120] Performances are still shown on sale despite the configuration of the sales calendar prevents it
  • [STX-110157] Wrong amounts are observed in product revenue report
  • [STX-110197] An incomprehensible message is displayed in case of errors during multiple payments
  • [STX-110212] TED: wrong information is visualized for free tickets bought
  • [STX-110218] Credit balance pictogram is still displayed after clearing credit balance amount
  • [STX-110228] It is not possible to have a different configuration for immediate seat assignment (during sales) and post-sales seating (after sales)
  • [STX-110246] The error message for existing email on newsletter widget is not properly displayed
  • [STX-110288] The number of cancelled tickets is incorrect in cash desk closure report
  • [STX-110305] A wrong reference number is displayed in purchase orders
  • [STX-110461] An error happens when exchanging some individual visit pass in the ticket shop
  • [STX-110478] SSO Updates are not populating telephone numbers for some specific configurations
  • [STX-110494] Contact advantages are visible to some contacts that do not have access to them
  • [STX-110594] It is not possible to create shipment address for guest login contact
  • [STX-110618] Match round internal name is not displayed in the ticket shop
  • [STX-110659] Some matches are on sale in the ticket shop even when their date is in the past
  • [STX-110661] Unnumbered zones are not displayed correctly
  • [STX-110663] Opening a file from other organisations erroneously allows to see some data
  • [STX-110672] It is not possible to reprint tickets due to wrong EXTMANINTERF_ID
  • [STX-110678] Several errors happen with SEPA direct debit - manage instalments batch
  • [STX-110694] It is not possible to use change rate function in cart when using a new activity profile
  • [STX-110705] Files remain in progress when processing payments with deposits
  • [STX-110724] It is not possible to renew season tickets for some files, and an unclear error message is shown
  • [STX-110905] the CSV export interface fails in some cases
  • [STX-110925] It is not possible to buy additional seats and cross selling product at the same time

Bishorn V2.8

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 08.06.2021 

Bug fixes

  • [STX-110874] Customers connected to Datasport cannot get availabilities due to an error when calling the interface

  • [STX-110754] It is not possible to save modifications or new data for a payment method

Bishorn V2.7

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 02.06.2021  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-110437] It is not possible to open the physical seating plan

  • [STX-110522] Ticket price is incorrect when injected in TIXnGO

  • [STX-110658] Instalment reminder document is wrongly sent for old files

  • [STX-109917] The access control dashboard does not show all scanned tickets

  • [STX-110204] Address Lookup does not allow to properly enter addresses into SecuTix

  • [STX-110631] The feedback access control right is not working as expected

Bishorn V2.6

Feature patch - Released in production the 26.05.2021  

New features

Online sales

  • A new catalog page listing together all the digital content available on sale is now available making it easier to highlight and sell any digital content such as streaming or virtual visits.
  • When reselling a ticket on the resale platform, simple charges on the original ticket can now be correctly not refunded to the reseller. In a transition period, the new behavior is not active by default and requires a specific activation via a feature flag - please get in touch with the service team if needed.
  • Internet users can now upload documents directly from the corresponding File Details page through the online portal and be able to view and delete each uploaded document if needed.
  • Lottery portals now supports gathering of additional ticket holder data, i.e. Title and Country of Residence, for guest tickets (stored as questionnaires in the back-office).
  • The data layer used with advanced e-commerce tracking is enhanced with additional data and events, in particular related to season ticket pages and related to order types (sales/reservation).
  • The B2B portal offers the possibility to distribute mobile tickets prior to ticket distribution to TIXnGO
  • (Tournament - Group sales process) More precise control is now possible on actions available to Level 2 STG relays thanks to finer grain permissions on group sales related operations (sub-relay management, pre-request quotas administration, ticket distribution, etc.). You can configure them through Organization > Target group configuration > Configure permissions.


  • The credit balance, pending account and pending account history screens are extensively used in the current context in order to ease your operations you will be now have clickable file and order links.
  • Performance of visit pass details screen has been improved

Open Platform

  • A new security right for virtual operators allows to block feedback calls (setting the ticket status to Controlled) from an access control 2-way interfaces

Bug fixes

  • [STX-109895] Section with events not on sale does not appear in the ticket shop landing page

  • [STX-109896] It is not possible to view some files in the ticket shop due to an error

  • [STX-110084] Some rate tables are not correctly displayed

  • [STX-108259] The cancellation of tickets in Skidata is performed twice each time
  • [STX-109238] A latency is observed when entering IBANs
  • [STX-109469] For inter-institution interfaces, logging should be added indicating the dates used for synchronisations
  • [STX-109494] Long rate descriptions are wrongly displayed
  • [STX-109535] Some translations are wrong in Spanish
  • [STX-108421] An error sporadically occurs when accessing the back office
  • [STX-108438] It should not be possible to overlap seats
  • [STX-108694] Superscripted characters (like Trademark) are repositioned on Arabic labels
  • [STX-109290] It is not possible to clear the pending account balance
  • [STX-109308] It is not possible to refund an installment when it leads to a refund of the whole season ticket
  • [STX-109313] It is not possible to renew season tickets for some files with unclear error message
  • [STX-109356] Contact search doesn't find German "ß"
  • [STX-109498] The internal name of cancellation reason code is not taken into account
  • [STX-109564] The "quick buy" button of the cross-selling section is always displayed in English
  • [STX-109577] The logical configuration is printed on two separate pages
  • [STX-109579] The name of the button "Update the seats" is not clear enough
  • [STX-109580] An error happens when trying to sell some season tickets in the ticket shop
  • [STX-109581] Restricted catalogue export on access control is not working as expected
  • [STX-109731] An error happens when adding performances to season tickets
  • [STX-109747] "Attendance history" of a contact can be seen in all organizations
  • [STX-109921] An error happens when buying some visit pass in ticket shop
  • [STX-110224] The refresh time for datamarts is too long

Bishorn V2.5

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 19.05.2021  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-109762] It is not possible to open SAM email editor for some templates

  • [STX-109916] Priority seating file is not respected

  • [STX-109957] The ticket state is not synchronized between database and datamart

  • [STX-109958] Removing only one bundle in the product profile removes several other related bundles

  • [STX-110022] Contingent colors are not appearing in the seat map

Bishorn V2.4

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 12.05.2021 

Bug fixes

  • [STX-109694] Planned quota availability is not updated on request quota management screen

  • [STX-109745] Executions of contact webhooks result in errors

  • [STX-109760] It is not possible to import seat maps in physical configuration
  • [STX-109845] It is not possible to purchase some particular advantages in the ticket shop due to an error
  • [STX-109610] In the access control, when we change the date or the event of a ticket inside a season ticket, the changes are not correctly reflected

  • [STX-109751] It is not possible to create a new account in the ticket shop if contact address contains single quotes

Bishorn V2.3

Feature patch - Released in production the 06.05.2021  

New features

Online sales

  • Ticket holder information can be cleared upon putting on resale to ensure that any ticket taken back follow ticket holder rules (activated via a point of sales parameter).
  • Conditional tariffs can now be configured with a specific ratio with respect to the selected quantity for the parent tariff, e.g., 2 for 1. Read more
  • Public remarks can be made visible in the file detail page of the ticket shop using a new point of sales parameter.


  • Questions with a length up to 1'000 characters may now be displayed on box office and ticket shop. To do so, simply add a public description to the question. This public description will be displayed on the box office and ticket shop instead of the question's name.
  • Previous refunds of single tickets inside a championship season ticket are now correctly taken into account during the refund or exchange of the entire season ticket. Read more
  • Options orders ("quotes") now allow to create options for the product family Open Products from the back-office.
  • Egypt is added to the list of countries supporting IBAN.
  • The marketplace barcode is upgraded to support up to 1'000 seasons. The change is backward compatible and will apply to new tickets without requiring any action on your side.
  • The lottery domains are now accessible via the Queries screen from the Institution context like for other domains. Learn more about accessing domains from queries

Bug fixes

  • [STX-109490] Seat category columns are shifted on screen option request / option setup 

  • [STX-108259] Cancelation of tickets in Skidata interface is performed twice each time
  • [STX-108388] Validated seats still have invalidation reasons
  • [STX-108584] Row name in seat block creator window does not update
  • [STX-108822] A dash "-" should not be allowed to be used in the access control module when creating gates
  • [STX-109044] Missing some Italian translations
  • [STX-109124] Some translation issues are observed in the point of sales configuration screen
  • [STX-109176] In TED Dashboards amounts are not limited to two decimals after comma
  • [STX-107800] Ticket printing status is displayed twice when allowing to select beneficiaries trough selector in ticket shop account
  • [STX-108354] The request creation button becomes incorrectly visible in the ticket shop when an order is in progress
  • [STX-108435] Batch of options and booking release is not working as expected
  • [STX-108559] In certain cases it is not possible to import orders due to a technical error
  • [STX-108579] Easy bulk import of sales and reservations is not always fully importing correctly
  • [STX-108616] It is not possible to reset password on some lottery SSO configurations
  • [STX-108658] It is not possible to copy events within the same season
  • [STX-108662] It is not possible to delete a not valid physical configuration if the blocks are linking to polygons
  • [STX-108722] Seat map shade should not take into account the dummy seats
  • [STX-108723] Execution date time is missing the timezone information
  • [STX-108754] A new ticket is generated when reprinting from personal account in the ticket shop
  • [STX-108820] Mobile operator does not show an error when the wrong password is set
  • [STX-108905] An error happens when selecting seats for a championship season ticket
  • [STX-109085] Dummy seats are not hidden in the public screen for large venues
  • [STX-109125] In the optimal seat selection snake algorithm, temperature color is not applying correctly
  • [STX-109127] External URL added to SAM whitelist redirection is not working as expected
  • [STX-109175] Chart in TED Dashboard is not showing the distinct products when no tour exists
  • [STX-109207] Conditional tariff is not working for lottery application
  • [STX-109391] An error happens when opening calendar from the sales module

Bishorn V2.2

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 28.04.2021  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-109261] Some files are blocked with status "in progress" when none of the containing orders are in progress

  • [STX-109305] Wrong categories are shown when creating a new logical configuration

Bishorn V2.1

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 21.04.2021  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-109078] An error happens when opening the calendar from the sales module

  • [STX-109081] Due to some missing access rights for the audience management module, operators are unable to access SAM

  • [STX-109088] An error happens when logging in with a specific SSO configuration using SecuTix as IDP

Bishorn V2.0

Feature patch - Released in production the 15.04.2021  

New features

Online sales

  • You can now assign tickets purchased via single-use codes using the Friends & Family feature of the ticket shop.
  • Packages can be made available on the lottery without making the content available individually.
  • We are improving the UX of the lottery portal: it becomes possible to display a large number of packages (up to 1000) thanks to new filters that will help your customer find the right package: teams, venue as well as a pagination of the list.

Onsite sales

  • The group visit calendar view on the mobile operator will offer an improved visibility for all visits where remarks or comments have been made, making sure that the operator will see any key information about the group.


  • Refund your customers on credit card even if they have used multiple payments (e.g. if they paid an order using a credit card and customer credit), thanks to the improved refund batch
  • You can now print thermal tickets on Boca printers connected to your network. Read more
  • Swiss customers can now print QR invoices instead of the old ESR/BVR slip
  • Segmentation rules for seat assignment can be overridden at physical configuration or performance/match level (requires a service).


  • TED: new graph panels showing sales and revenue data are available Read more
  • SAM: Custom fonts can be added the new modern HTML editor


  • NOVA: NVF-286, NVF-294, NVF-295, NVF-301
  • Through the Euterpe interface, topics and remarks for events will sent from SecuTix.

Bug fixes

  • [STX-108441] It is possible to change in the seat map the entrance for seats there were already exported

  • [STX-108756] The room state is not updated correctly when changing room

  • [STX-107748] Seats on seat map are displayed as black instead of being colored with the seat category color
  • [STX-107996] An English message is displayed when using options in French
  • [STX-108406] Tickets purchased from another organization are shown in ticket list
  • [STX-108583] A text error is displayed when a new contact is registering in the Catalan ticket shop
  • [STX-108585] A translation is wrong for activity profile
  • [STX-107362] Recency indicator is not working as expected
  • [STX-107493] In some cases, the shipment status is wrongly displayed in the ticket shop
  • [STX-107668] A wrong bank agreement date is displayed in document "Credit note bank transfer recap"
  • [STX-107781] The region field of the ticket shop should be automatically filled
  • [STX-107819] File status is wrongly displayed as settled after refunding a whole file
  • [STX-107845] Function 'Performance/Timeslot availability filter' is not working with events
  • [STX-107857] The number of total options is incorrect in product follow up report
  • [STX-107920] In the producer space, the date picker shows the wrong selected date
  • [STX-107927] In printed tickets, all the last name characters are changed to uppercase
  • [STX-107937] It is not possible to save a physical configuration after duplicating from an existing physical configuration
  • [STX-107947] Technical error occurs when accessing post seating screen
  • [STX-107951] Vending machines are wrongly out of service after each restart
  • [STX-107995] Reservation of a performance linked to an advantage is possible in Internet by using a direct URL
  • [STX-108044] Ticket shop shipping restriction by country does not work if the client changes his address at the delivery step
  • [STX-108045] A slowness in cash desk management is sometimes observed
  • [STX-108067] An error sporadically happens when synchronizing the lottery catalog
  • [STX-108090] SecuTix automatically (and incorrectly) sets as main ticket some tickets
  • [STX-108149] Color coding map by contact criteria is not visible on printed maps
  • [STX-108266] An error happens in the executions of "Default email campaign response tracking" batch
  • [STX-108356] Duplicated sales channel is not shown in the activity profile
  • [STX-108371] Many errors are present in the Skidata interface executions
  • [STX-108379] An error happens when adding multiple entrance tickets to cart
  • [STX-108405] Updating the a guide takes a long time
  • [STX-108414] Files with and without tickets are missing reference shipment
  • [STX-108416] Contact criteria is not sent to access control API
  • [STX-108548] Contacts can buy tickets with rates that are allowed only for booking
  • [STX-108553] It is not possible to print a map when contact criterion filter is applied

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