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Image result for calendar icon Installation calendar   Image result for release notes icon Full release notes for Bishorn V2

Bishorn V2.5

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the week 17-21.05.2021  UPCOMING

This is a bug fix release.
The full changelog will be published the day before the release.

Bishorn V2.4

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the week 10-14.05.2021  UPCOMING

This is a bug fix release.
The full changelog will be published the day before the release.

Bishorn V2.3

Feature patch - Released in production the week 03-07.05.2021  UPCOMING

New features

New features will be presented here soon.

Bug fixes

Bug fixes will be described here one day prior to the patch delivery.

Bishorn V2.2

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the week 26-30.04.2021  UPCOMING

This is a bug fix release.
The full changelog will be published the day before the release.

Bishorn V2.1

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the week 19-23.04.2021  UPCOMING

This is a bug fix release.
The full changelog will be published the day before the release.

Bishorn V2.0

Feature patch - Released in production the 15.04.2021  LIVE

New features

Online sales

  • You can now assign tickets purchased via single-use codes using the Friends & Family feature of the ticketshop.
  • Packages can be made available on the lottery without making the content available individually.
  • We are improving the UX of the lottery portal: it becomes possible to display a large number of packages (up to 1000) thanks to new filters that will help your customer find the right package: teams, venue as well as a pagination of the list.

Onsite sales

  • The group visit calendar view on the mobile operator will offer an improved visibility for all visits where remarks or comments have been made, making sure that the operator will see any key information about the group.


  • Refund your customers on credit card even if they have used multiple payments (e.g. if they paid an order using a credit card and customer credit), thanks to the improved refund batch
  • You can now print thermal tickets on Boca printers connected to your network.
  • Swiss customers can now print QR invoices instead of the old ESR/BVR slip
  • Segmentation rules for seat assignment can be overridden at physical configuration or performance/match level (requires a service).


  • TED: new graph panels showing sales and revenue data are available
  • SAM: Custom fonts can be added the new modern HTML editor


  • NOVA: NVF-286, NVF-294, NVF-295, NVF-301
  • Through the Euterpe interface, topics and remarks for events will sent from SecuTix.

Bug fixes

  • [STX-108441] It is possible to change in the seat map the entrance for seats there were already exported

  • [STX-108756] The room state is not updated correctly when changing room

 Additional bug fixes
  • [STX-107748] Seats on seat map are displayed as black instead of being colored with the seat category color
  • [STX-107996] An English message is displayed when using options in French
  • [STX-108406] Tickets purchased from another organization are shown in ticket list
  • [STX-108583] A text error is displayed when a new contact is registering in the Catalan ticket shop
  • [STX-108585] A translation is wrong for activity profile
  • [STX-107362] Recency indicator is not working as expected
  • [STX-107493] In some cases, the shipment status is wrongly displayed in the ticket shop
  • [STX-107668] A wrong bank agreement date is displayed in document "Credit note bank transfer recap"
  • [STX-107781] The region field of the ticket shop should be automatically filled
  • [STX-107819] File status is wrongly displayed as settled after refunding a whole file
  • [STX-107845] Function 'Performance/Timeslot availability filter' is not working with events
  • [STX-107857] The number of total options is incorrect in product follow up report
  • [STX-107920] In the producer space, the date picker shows the wrong selected date
  • [STX-107927] In printed tickets, all the last name characters are changed to uppercase
  • [STX-107937] It is not possible to save a physical configuration after duplicating from an existing physical configuration
  • [STX-107947] Technical error occurs when accessing post seating screen
  • [STX-107951] Vending machines are wrongly out of service after each restart
  • [STX-107995] Reservation of a performance linked to an advantage is possible in Internet by using a direct URL
  • [STX-108044] Ticket shop shipping restriction by country does not work if the client changes his address at the delivery step
  • [STX-108045] A slowness in cash desk management is sometimes observed
  • [STX-108067] An error sporadically happens when synchronizing the lottery catalog
  • [STX-108090] SecuTix automatically (and incorrectly) sets as main ticket some tickets
  • [STX-108149] Color coding map by contact criteria is not visible on printed maps
  • [STX-108266] An error happens in the executions of "Default email campaign response tracking" batch
  • [STX-108356] Duplicated sales channel is not shown in the activity profile
  • [STX-108371] Many errors are present in the Skidata interface executions
  • [STX-108379] An error happens when adding multiple entrance tickets to cart
  • [STX-108405] Updating the a guide takes a long time
  • [STX-108414] Files with and without tickets are missing reference shipment
  • [STX-108416] Contact criteria is not sent to access control API
  • [STX-108548] Contacts can buy tickets with rates that are allowed only for booking
  • [STX-108553] It is not possible to print a map when contact criterion filter is applied

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