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File format

Extended import files can be delivered in one of following formats:

  • Excel 2013 ++ file
    • The formatting of the cells must be adapted to the format described hereunder. For example, phone numbers are given a Text values and the excel cell should therefore be formatted as Text and not as a Number or as General (Loss of leading zeros).
  • CSV file
    • End of line: LF (0x0a) or CR-LF (0x0d 0x0a)
    • Fields are separated with semi-colon ( ; ), tabulator (0x09) or pipe ( | )
    • Fields are optionally enclosed with double-quotes ( " ), except if the separator is a tabulator.
    • File encoding: UTF-8 without BOM or UNICODE

File contents

  • Each column represents one field
  • The first row of each file contains the field codes
  • The values are case sensitive (upper/lower case) and accent sensitive.
  • The values must be formatted as described in the table hereunder.

Field formats

Data typeFormat and valuesExample
TimestampDD.MM.YYYY HH24:MI:SS01.08.1965 11:34:56

The amount must be defined in 100ths of units.

No decimal separator

No thousands separator

12000 means 120.00€
PercentageThe percentage must be given in 100ths of percents1960 means 19.6%

Free text. The optionally indicated number is the maximum length of the text. By default, the maximum length is 2'000 characters.




CodeText, max length 8 charactersPERFO123

Digits only. No decimal separator. No thousands separator.

CodeValueCode=Value couple.SOURCE=MYFILE

String describing uniquely a seat: Area / Block / Row / Number





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