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These pages describe how to import data to SecuTix 360.

  • Data can come from many data sources (Excel files, your previous ticketing system, other database, ...).
  • You can import contacts or sales information (sales, memberships, season tickets, etc.)
  • Detailed information about file formats is provided in these pages.
  • Depending on the data you import, there will be some configuration to do in SecuTix 360
  • It is important that the data to be imported are cleaned before import to assure high quality so that it can be used efficiently by the marketing tools.
  • It is important that the data to be imported comes with reports allowing for validation of the imported data, otherwise we can't guarantee that the import is exhaustive.
  • These reports, which must be representative of the data to import, must be generated at the time the data are extracted, so the comparison between reports and imported data is effective.
  • These reports will also be used during your acceptance phase in a preproduction environment so you can validate the completeness of the imports.


Standard import services: Import from SecuTix formatted data

We import the following item:

  • Contacts
  • Sales as a criterion
  • Sales as single entries and performances
  • Sales - Vouchers
  • Sales - Pass Visit
  • Sales - Season tickets
  • Sales - Memberships
  • Sales - Non dated pass
  • Sales - Services
  • Sales - Open products
  • Barcodes imported in Access control system


During the onboarding phase, we import the data first on preproduction so that you can review it during an acceptance phase.

If you're OK with it and eventually after some corrections, we'll import data on production just before the go-live.

Two (2) imports are included in the service: 1 import in preproduction (rehearsal) and one import in production (go live).


Special import services: Import from non SecuTix formatted data

As opposed to Standard import services, the provided data needs to be mapped, extracted, grouped and filtered correctly to fit SecuTix Standard import files.

Special sercices need a preliminary analysis to propose an action plan and a commercial proposal, based on the complexity of the provided data.

More than one rehearsal and validation pahse may be required, providing the adequate reports for validatioan and your involvement in the acceptance phase are of a key importance.

We accept the following data formats to be imported.

  • CSV not SecuTix formatted
  • Excel
  • Rodrigue database dump
  • SecuTix 1
  • Any Oracle, SQL Server, MySql, Postgresql, Filemaker, Access database