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The various forms of bank transfer

SecuTix already featured SEPA transfers compatible with certain banks.



⚠ The old direct debit feature will continue for a while for customers who are currently using it, but will not be available to those wishing to set up payment by instalment in a version of SecuTix 360° later than Matterhorn V3.


Use at the box office or for distance selling

The process is really simple:


If customers buy a new season ticket when the next season comes around, they can pay for it with the same mandate completely transparently. You can also take automatic payments from customers for automatic online sales of seats for upcoming matches.

On the web

You'll soon be able to activate direct debit as a payment method in the ticket shop, with the following options:


If you're interested in this feature and want us to let you know when it becomes available, get in touch!

Back-office tracking

Here are some screenshots of instalment tracking: