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Feature description

Fans want to be at every match their team is playing, whether championship or cup matches, if their team has qualified. To obtain seats at championship matches, fans simply had to buy a season ticket. But getting hold of tickets for cup matches is a much more random affair because of the nature of the tournament (more often than not round-by-round qualification).

Automatic online seat sales for upcoming matches allows your fans to obtain a seat for all the matches, including cup matches. Season ticket holders register for the tournament they're interested in, e.g. the Europa League, when they buy their season ticket or before the tournament starts. As soon as the line-up is known and the match goes on sale, registered season ticket holders will have priority access to tickets.

If season ticket holders want to book or pay for the next match in a tournament automatically, they can specify this in their client account. To do this they need to tick the tournaments they want (schemes) and provide a valid credit card number for their account. A batch then runs creating a booking or order (with payment) for the match concerned. The seat will be reserved if at all possible.

This feature is reserved for season ticket holders who've registered a credit card. This is a prerequisite so that the payment can be taken as soon as a ticket is available.

To prevent abuse of the system, fans can't re-register for automatic sales if they've cancelled their registration for a particular tournament. This prevents people signing up only for the matches they're most interested in.

How to register for a tournament

1/ The fan buys a season ticket and wants to make sure he can attend the cup matches as soon as they are publicised.

2/ The season ticket holder selects the tournaments for which he automatically wants a ticket.

3/ If no credit card is registered to his customer account he will need to do this first.

4/ Configuring and putting on sale a cup match in SecuTix. 

5/ A SecuTix operator runs the renewals batch, selecting the next match. The batch will automatically handle the sales or bookings for those season ticket holders who've registered, based on the execution parameters set, including what to do if a payment is refused.

6/ The season ticket holder simply collects his ticket via his user account.

How to activate this new feature

Create tournaments (schemes) in the list of contact criteria, then activate them for the correct sales channel.

Make sure you activate alias management for the point of sale required.

If you want to create new criteria, feel free to ask SecuTix Customer Service for help.

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