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Allalin V3.12

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 25.11.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-105235] IBAN/BIC are not saved when entered from the ticket shop
  • [STX-104901] Nova wrapper: multiple cross-selling is not correctly supported
  • [STX-105126] An error happens when purchasing tickets without having a credit balance, when credit note is set as compulsory in the ticket shop
  • [STX-105140] Ticket shop SAM API: redirection to sub-domains that belong to the point of sales domain should be allowed by default
  • [STX-105079] The system takes between 2-8 minutes to load the ticket page for the agent portal for accounts that own almost 1000 tickets

Allalin V3.11

Feature patch - Released in production the 17.11.2020  

New features


  • Enhanced security for SAM: domains must now be whitelisted in the back-office prior to using them in SAM tracked URLs. Please note that this feature enhancing SAM security but requires an action on your side if you are using SAM URL with redirectTo. Read more

Bug fixes

  • [STX-104863] It is not possible to see the list of transport offers in the ticket shop if the travel card type ID value is too big

Allalin V3.10

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 11.11.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-104714] When SSO with Gygia is enabled, an error page is displayed instead of the login page
  • [STX-104717] A technical error happens when displaying the tickets on file details for large files (more than 1000 operations)
  • [STX-104751] Anderson and Zaks: payment without alias is not working as expected
  • [STX-104723] Authorized contacts cannot login in restricted ticket shops
  • [STX-104416] Missing translations for online exchange feature
  • [STX-104588] The SSO cancellation callback is not correctly handled with Azure SSO
  • [STX-104750] Anonymization batch is updating millions of rows at each run, causing a performance issue

Allalin V3.9

Feature patch - Released in production the 05.11.2020  

New features

Onsite sales

  • You can now easily exchange a ticket on the mobile operator. Your sales agents are gaining more autonomy with more advanced features available on the mobile operator.
  • Shipment fee promotional codes can now also be used at the box-office. Read more


  • A new type of price components, called external price components, allows you to define price components whose amount comes in addition to the catalog price and is presented separately to customers, giving your further flexibility in implementing multiple type of fees per ticket. Read more
  • The refund batch now supports the refund of purchased vouchers.
  • A new blocked account status allows to stop customers from logging in the internet portal and purchase new tickets to handle situations where you have legitimate reasons to proceed. Read more
  • Get a better overview of indicators for your contacts: you can now see in one glance the indicator level and values, for the main indicators shown at the top of the contact list.


  • Access TED, the Executive Dashboard, with a super-user to display the entire catalogue of products. Read more

Bug fixes

  • [STX-104443] Questionnaire does not not appear for B2B ticket shop when the product is no longer on sale

 Additional bug fixes
  • [STX-103975] The system is displaying all the advantage rates in some cases
  • [STX-104041] A discrepancy can be observed in the quota of non-numbered areas between SecuTix and DataAnalytix
  • [STX-104251] The rate value is not reset when using the function "Save and New"
  • [STX-102416] An error happens when generating cultural history reports
  • [STX-103358] It is not possible to export allotments via "synchronize allocations" function
  • [STX-103527] Memberships are not correctly recognized by the Skidata access control
  • [STX-103605] Goods items are not sorted by dimension's rank on touch cart
  • [STX-103630] Season tickets are displayed twice in account subscriptions list page of the ticket shop
  • [STX-103681] Some invalid child currency rates tables are present in the system
  • [STX-103691] Chronological sorting from the global limits screen is not respected
  • [STX-103715] Sector creation is very slow
  • [STX-103730] The account creation email document is not displayed correctly
  • [STX-103754] The content of season tickets with mandatory performances is sorted incorrectly
  • [STX-103767] A sporadic error happens when performing an exchange or a refund
  • [STX-103828] Some discrepancies are present in the data contained in "Cash desk closure" report
  • [STX-103860] It is possible to put ticket on resale from box office even when the operator does not have the corresponding rights
  • [STX-103887] The on-site support screen does not display large orders correctly
  • [STX-103888] It should not be possible to manually select seats when dealing with large orders
  • [STX-103891] The product list widget is not displaying product family / custom tabs correctly
  • [STX-103940] Unauthorized contacts can login the Internet agency sale channels
  • [STX-103953] It is not possible to export the point of sales customization texts
  • [STX-103978] Shipment contact cannot see and print e-tickets in the ticket shop
  • [STX-104038] It is not possible to send email campaigns due to technical errors when fetching emails for contact
  • [STX-104043] It is not possible to resell a match inside a season ticket because its price is not correctly computed
  • [STX-104049] Indicators are not working properly for some specific cases
  • [STX-104111] Items are sorted by item name instead of values when being purchased via cross-selling
  • [STX-104149] An error happens when changing rates for large orders
  • [STX-104172] Large order opening in back office is too slow after having generated the tickets
  • [STX-104216] When selecting a block on a seat plan in mobile ticket shop, the selection reverts to the block selected previously
  • [STX-104218] An error without text is wrongly displayed in mass printing screen
  • [STX-104238] A wrong error message is displayed for visits and timeslot passes
  • [STX-104250] Some negative values are displayed in access control
  • [STX-104255] In some cases, tickets remain blocked in resale
  • [STX-104264] An error occurs when adding reserved tickets in the basket
  • [STX-104277] In the ticket shop, it is not possible to force the usage of credit note balance when proceeding to payment
  • [STX-104294] Reconciliation function of NF525 interface raises systematically an error
  • [STX-104313] The word "TEST" is wrongly removed from SAM test message subject
  • [STX-104325] Cancellation reservation orders are frequently blocked when using social distancing
  • [STX-104360] Season ticket option: it is not possible to cancel any option as soon as an abandon action has been performed on the file
  • [STX-104372] It is not possible to process multi payments due to an error
  • [STX-104379] An error occurs when the shopping cart contains non-membership and membership products
  • [STX-104428] In the ticket shop, the stage view is not displayed when the uploaded image file name has space and special characters
  • [STX-104429] Some information is missing when exporting report and stock data into excel file
  • [STX-104476] Comfort variable value end date is missing when duplicating products

Allalin V3.8

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 28.10.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-104329] StageName and stageDescription are not shown in the catalog if the artist has no logo

  • [STX-104052] An error is raised when performing multi-payments
  • [STX-103570] Packages should not be visible in the resale platform
  • [STX-103945] Ticket template pdf-a4-secutix2 does not display the new PurchaseContact fields

Allalin V3.7

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 21.10.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-103757] A technical error happens when loading an RFID ticket to SwissPass

  • [STX-103751] An error occurs when sorting goods in alphabetical order

Allalin V3.6

Feature patch - Released in production the 15.10.2020  

New features

Online sales

  • You can offer a new type of promotions: the internet user can get free shipment fees, either by entering a single-usage code or a partner code, or automatically based on a contact indicator (e.g. members) Read more
  • On their internet account, your customers can change autonomously the participants and the date and time for their visit and timeslot passes when their plans change. Read more
  • In the My Tickets page, you can now force main applicant/purchaser to be the ticket holder for exactly one ticket per match, taking into account the order history (including packages and advantages).

Promoter features

  • Promoter self-service model: you can now create a single box office sales channel for all the promoters using your ticketing system, each promoter operator is now restricted to see only his own products. Read more

Onsite sales

  • The mobile operator will now support several additional payment methods including cash payment, voucher and external payment method types.


  • Setup a dynamic pricing strategy (congestion model) to optimize the revenue generated by your institution and reduce the congestion highly demanded timeslots. Read more
  • A new document flag allows you to display the name and VAT number of the producer or provider of the products (or price components if you are using price breakdown) mentioned in the document. Read more
  • The Siret number will be now part of the duplicate detection algorithm for structure (French specific).
  • If you are sending postal mails to your customers, you are probably receiving some of those back to you because the customers does not leave at the specified postal address (NPAI in France). You can mark such contacts with a specific contact criteria to identify them. Thanks to this new feature, when a contact will update his postal address, the contact criteria will be automatically reset. Read more
  • SAM Campaigns, targets and email templates can now be archived in bulk.
  • Mirror link in SAM test emails are now working properly.
  • Feature deprecation: the old, applet-based seat map editor is now fully deactivated.
  • German customers can now also use the numeric keypad to enter prices in the screen allowing to define the default value of price components and in the exchange rate screen.

Bug fixes

  • [STX-103255] SecuTix fails to capture successful transactions from Ingenico NPS
  • [STX-103845] A technical error happens when trying to edit visit pass

 Additional bug fixes
  • [STX-103576] An hardcoded image is visible in exported PDF group tickets
  • [STX-103758] Missing translation on the seat map filters
  • [STX-101402] The EFSTA interface activation blocks the sales
  • [STX-101663] An error happens when cancelling a ticket via Skidata interface
  • [STX-102585] Dispatch refunded payment: a technical error happens when a cash desk is closed via accounting closure 
  • [STX-102838] It should not be possible to add a private product on a hospitality room with frozen seats
  • [STX-102868] A message is wrongly displayed after selecting seats which do not respect the social distancing
  • [STX-102982] In the seat map editor, the mouse cursor cannot change back to arrow after pressing ctrl
  • [STX-102983] Transfer of season ticket holders batch does not behave properly for reservations
  • [STX-103003] The detection of BOCA printer "Legacy" configurations needs to be improved
  • [STX-103007] Order confirmation email templates have different information depending on the language
  • [STX-103010] Subscriptions menu in ticket shop erroneously shows canceled season tickets
  • [STX-103031] Slow seat selection happens when modifying logical configuration
  • [STX-103033] Physical configuration: the display of the seat map after saving needs to be improved
  • [STX-103045] New seat map editor: rows are wrongly displayed in seat block creator
  • [STX-103129] New seat map editor: seat details tooltip is not hidden when hovering another seat or starting dragging
  • [STX-103148] Global limits are in some cases not working properly
  • [STX-103153] When changing shipment mode in not printed tickets, ticket support does not change accordingly
  • [STX-103167] When flipping a seat map, the numbers are mirrored
  • [STX-103199] It is not possible to deactivate PESEL for Poland in ticket shop distribution page
  • [STX-103256] Onsite support screen does not load for certain contacts
  • [STX-103380] Contact criterions are not displayed correctly in the ticket shop when using the Equilibrium theme
  • [STX-103424] It is not possible to open the waiting account history
  • [STX-103434] Seat map editor: the popup asking to compute vicinity data is always shown even when this has already been computed before
  • [STX-103455] Wrong numbers are displayed in the web reporting dashboard (TED)
  • [STX-103496] A wrong error message is displayed when creating a new activity
  • [STX-103504] In the ticket shop, the paid amount is incorrect when forcing the use of the credit note
  • [STX-103520] Contingents that are deactivated are still displayed in the contingent dropdown list
  • [STX-103524] Barcodes in some cases do not correctly show in the order confirmation
  • [STX-103528] Container identifier is not exported correctly via inter-institution interface for reprinted tickets
  • [STX-103529] Questionnaire questions are displayed wrongly in the immediate print screen of ticket distribution portal
  • [STX-103530] Anti fraud form is not containing the fields "document type" and "ID" from contact profile
  • [STX-103548] Pop-ups are not working properly on iPads
  • [STX-103589] Mobile logos are wrongly displayed in the ticket shop
  • [STX-103591] In the ticket shop, the stage view is not displayed due to the fact that the uploaded picture file name contains white spaces
  • [STX-103592] Structure member management is not visible in ticket shop B2B channels
  • [STX-103594] It is not possible to buy a service with membership rates
  • [STX-103603] Some hospitality bundles do not show the availability and the room filter in the box office
  • [STX-103608] The web page is broken when trying to print a ticket before filling the relative questionnaire
  • [STX-103609] Dropdown that allows to choose the date for questions is wrongly displayed in the ticket distribution screens
  • [STX-103689] It is not possible to send a SAM campaign when the target volume is zero
  • [STX-103727] An error happens when reintegrating FNAC files

Allalin V3.5

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 07.10.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-102871] Preferred language is not synchronized through the SSO towards the SecuTix ticket shops

  • [STX-103577] Comfort variable values are exported without the end date

Allalin V3.4

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 30.09.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-103308] Questionnaires do not appear in the B2B sales channels when distributing tickets

Allalin V3.3

Feature patch - Released in production the 23.09.2020  

New features

Online sales

  • Depending on which payment method you are authorizing online you may need to have the waiting account activated for your contacts (e.g. payment in 3 times by credit card). Currently, this activation is either manual and done in the back-office of SecuTix, or is done systematically for all contacts of the organization. Thanks to this new feature, the waiting account can be automatically activated only for those contacts using a payment method that requires it.


  • A new security parameter in the Organization > Operators > Profiles > Privileges allows to toggle the permission to print tickets for non-settled files (with unpaid installments) on the on-site screen.
  • The bulk refund batch that is helping you to process refund in bulk supports now additional filters to exclude some orders from the process (based on cultural contact, payer contact, order contact and/or file numbers)
  • To reduce the workload around refunds, the box-office will now remember the last reason of refund, saving you precious time when refunding several orders in a row for the same reason.
  • The seat category mapping creation displays now the color of seat categories to help in the configuration process.

Bug fixes

  • [STX-102816] An infinite redirection between lottery and ticket shop occurs when using SSO hub.

 Additional bug fixes
  • [STX-102453] Seat icon after manual rotation does not display in the correct position
  • [STX-102754] Seat information is displayed outside the seat information frame
  • [STX-101678] The executions of batches computing daily indicators are failing
  • [STX-101765] Status of controlled tickets is not correctly synchronized to the corresponding files
  • [STX-101799] Re-printing mobile tickets does not work as expected
  • [STX-101952] Device manager cannot access files that have special character in the path
  • [STX-102046] Some online payments with aliases are not accepted
  • [STX-102311] It is possible to print tickets even when the operator does not have the corresponding rights
  • [STX-102349] An error happens when paying installments in some specific configurations
  • [STX-102378] In the seat map editor, the rotation value in the popup is not reset when the rotation has been undone
  • [STX-102447] The copy/paste is not working exactly as it's was on the old seat maps
  • [STX-102578] The price does not change when the category is changed in seat map
  • [STX-102643] An error happens in resale platform when trying to purchase and social distancing features are enabled
  • [STX-102656] Long execution email notification is sometimes sent with unreadable subject or content
  • [STX-102658] Price level of a member rate is empty when copying the product from another season
  • [STX-102667] Wrong space is defined in visit group when the first sale is done through a package
  • [STX-102683] No questionnaire should be requested to be filled when cancelling a reservation
  • [STX-102693] Seat category mapping table: the seat category list is not properly displayed in the screen
  • [STX-102921] The on-site support screen is sometimes too slow
  • [STX-102731] Visit pass quota value does not correspond to the same value in SAP
  • [STX-102733] In some cases, it is not possible to generate invoices for order due to an error
  • [STX-102745] A user with more than a contact with the same mail cannot subscribe to the newsletter
  • [STX-102770] It is not possible to generate reports due to an error
  • [STX-102807] The birth date printed on a ticket is one day before the value entered by operator
  • [STX-102814] Target product is not correctly displayed in the conditional cross selling
  • [STX-102848] When cosmetics are rotated, resizing steps work incorrectly
  • [STX-102870] In the ticket shop, the option "other proposal" does not seem to work anymore

Allalin V3.2

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 16.09.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-102854] Invoice date and payment value date are incorrect in the csv export for credit notes

  • [STX-102866] The external printer export does not include the structure logo

  • [STX-102893] It is not possible to create an accompanying letter for a file

  • [STX-102717] The availability calendar widget in some cases does not show all the available days

Allalin V3.1

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 09.09.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-102588] An availability error happens for adjacent contingents with social distancing enabled

  • [STX-102612] Social distancing seating stops even if seats are still free

  • [STX-102759] There are unsupported payment methods in the new integration with Anderson & Zaks payment provider
  • [STX-102761] When changes are done on the seat map, all seats are blocked / invalidated / missing category
  • [STX-101433] It is not possible to display the template manager in some specific environment configurations

Allalin V3.0

Feature patch - Released in production the 03.09.2020  

New features

Online sales

  • LIMITED PREVIEW Offer the new level of flexibility that your customers demand in the new normal: upgrade of tariffs, change of seats and of date/time are now possible from the online customer account for tickets sold for events and championships (including within calculated-price or championship season tickets)
  • Your online users can now input their IBAN information online, in their account.

Promoter features

  • Tell TED (The Executive Dashboard) the sales period to use to display your recent revenue


  • Additional filters in setup screens allow you to find your venue or ticket model you want to work on more easily when you have many venues and templates.
  • Ticket preview contains accurate price and seating information
  • Optimizations of refund operations:
    • When you are operating many bank transfer refunds in row, you need each time to set a due date for the refund. From now, SecuTix will remember the last due date set to reduce the time spent on this task.
    • In case you customer have purchased several products within the same order, you will be now able to tefund all the products belonging to the same order at once.

Bug fixes

  • [STX-102054] Lottery application page is loading indefinitely when there is saved data cached in the browser
  • [STX-102247] In some cases, a slow catalog update is observed for the ticket shops
  • [STX-102509] Blockchain delete batch: duplicate refund tickets causes errors and block the execution

 Additional bug fixes
  • [STX-101339] In custom SSO implementations, when a username is already used, an error page is displayed but the user is wrongly kept logged-in
  • [STX-101535] Interface mapping does not take into account the season

  • [STX-101867] The color code field of a seat category does not support characters in lower case

  • [STX-101967] In the creation of a SAM target, the inactive contact criteria are shown

  • [STX-102002] It is not possible to delete reservations with two different fees

  • [STX-102003] Operators are able to print even when they explicitly have no right to do so

  • [STX-102037] In the ticket shop, the language selector is displayed differently between the landing page and the other pages

  • [STX-102190] In the back office goods module, some screens do not have titles

  • [STX-101461] In the contact screen, buttons for actions that are not allowed for the current operator are not grayed out

  • [STX-101469] An additional space in  the stored post code is present for addresses created from the ticket shop

  • [STX-101521] In box office screens, users see buttons for which no action are possible due to right restrictions

  • [STX-101550] The hub feature for lottery does not work as expected

  • [STX-101553] It is not possible to send emails with attachments using the cancel single performance/match batch

  • [STX-101602] During the cash desk validation, a timeout occurs in the cancellation ticket screen

  • [STX-101625] Seat map icon should be hidden when the operator has no rights to use seat maps during sales

  • [STX-101637] Seat map printing: image quality need to be improved

  • [STX-101670] TeamAxess: a wrong error message is logged when mapping is not a number

  • [STX-101672] Indicators are in some cases not working properly

  • [STX-101689] In the list of sales reports, the unit prices of season tickets are incorrect

  • [STX-101709] Customized header and footer are in some cases not loaded correctly in the ticket shop

  • [STX-101732] SAP accounting interface: Is is not possible to export invoices to csv

  • [STX-101742] With season ticket renewal, it is not possible to resume the order from the ticket shop once the expiration date is reached

  • [STX-101743] The wrong distance between rows for new row is observed in the seat map editor

  • [STX-101778] Ticket punching menu is not shown in internet agency sales channels

  • [STX-101787] Delivery address is required when reprinting tickets with e-ticket shipment mode

  • [STX-101827] It should not be possible to delete a sub-relay linked to an order

  • [STX-101833] In the module sale, privileges exceptions for file links are not taken into account 

  • [STX-101869] Email generation fails for direct options when using multi-currency features

  • [STX-101888] Credit card payment method is needed when creating new point of sale

  • [STX-101929] Text is not properly translated into French for the point of sales

  • [STX-101940] Sales end parameter in product profile is not correctly taken into account

  • [STX-101949] The contingent is missing, when we duplicate a timeslot to another

  • [STX-101965] An issue happens when modifying the contact addresses: the contact address fields are not synchronized correctly between tabs

  • [STX-101989] The birth date printed on a ticket is one day before value entered by operator

  • [STX-101990] A report button is clickable by an operator who does not have the right, and the usage freeze the screen

  • [STX-101992] In the web reporting, products are sorted alphabetically instead of chronologically

  • [STX-101998] It is not possible to download tickets from the order confirmation page if the product is not available in catalog

  • [STX-102042] Timeslots do not appear if current language set is Italian in the list view of the box office calendar screeb

  • [STX-102045] In the ticket shop, the visit theme displayed corresponds to the theme of the first visit instead of the theme of the selected visit

  • [STX-102102] Payment type "direct debit without installments" is not translated

  • [STX-102113] The SSO session is not shared between multiple ticket shop portals in some specific setups

  • [STX-102130] A pop-up is displayed when editing a relay instead of loading the dedicated edit page

  • [STX-102139] Public contacts are wrongly able to access the sub-grouping screen

  • [STX-102144] It is not possible to modify existing comfort variables if their start date is in the past

  • [STX-102205] Some values for document template are not set up correctly

  • [STX-102254] When changing shipment mode for not printed tickets, ticket support does not change accordingly

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