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Allalin V1.17

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 05.05.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-99060] In the ticket shop, the seat map cannot be loaded

Allalin V1.16

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 28.04.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-98961] The SAP request refund batch fails for a missing complementary value

Allalin V1.15

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the week 21.04.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-98496] In the ticket shop, seats attribution for a season ticket does not respect the area previously selected

  • [STX-98754] The SAP interface fails due to wrong format of IBAN

  • [STX-98821] It is not possible to access ticket templates

Allalin V1.14

Feature patch - Released in production the 15.04.2020  

New features

Online Sales

  • In Google Analytics e-Commerce tracking, you can now choose to have reservations included in the turnover amounts. Read more

Promoter Features

  • Promoter web reporting improvements Read more:
    • For product families other than events and visits, a new filter by product type can be activated for the list of product
  • In the back-office, promoter operators can generate reports from the domain "Configuration" to assist them in their catalogue configuration tasks. Read more

Onsite sales

  • Free tickets can be sold and printed on Ticket Vending Machines and with Mobile Operators


  • In the back-office, the queries module in the Institution context now support in addition the documented reporting domains. Read more


  • COVID HELP  In the mass-refund process, refunds following mass-cancellations or resales can now be put systematically to credit note to preserve your cash-flow and offer your customers the ability to use their credit to purchase donations or future products Read more
  • In the season ticket renewal batch, a new parameter allows operator to put all new reservations in the same file even for different products when executing season ticket renewal batch. Read more
  • The setup of payment methods for internet sales contains a new way to specify supported card brands and their logo. Read more
  • Organization timezone is now taken into account in more places: Read more
    • In sales screen inside the sales screen in the box-office
  • Feature deprecation: legacy visit are not supported anymore and new visit products cannot be configured anymore. You can use visit passes instead.
  • Sequential numbers (per timeslot) can be printed on tickets are now available also for visit passes (for tax-regulation purposes in some countries) Read more
  • In the seat map logical and sales configuration, the optimal selection ellipse tool or snake tool are now both available regardless of the size the map. Moreover, the snake tool has been improved to allow choosing which corner of the block to start with. Read more

Open Platform

  • TIXnGO native integration with SecuTix improvements: Read more
    • Automatic deletion on the phone after cancelling or reprinting a ticket from SecuTix
    • Export of ticket price including charges to TIXnGO (now configurable)
  • Datamart improvements: Read more
    • Ticket-Shipment domain now contains resale information
    • New domain on file-shipments (files and all their shipments)
  • Skidata Handshake access control interface: failed ticket checks can now be retrieved from Skidata Handshake
  • NOVA Wrapper: NVF-266, NVF-274, NVF-275

Bug fixes

  • [STX-97499] List of clients filter in the agent portal only shows the clients that are listed in that page

  • [STX-98227] Ticket Editor: some variables are unavailable on mobile ticket template

  • [STX-98499] Free service products do not work correctly with the currency COP

  • [STX-98576] In the Zuora interface, cancelled tickets should not be considered

  • [STX-98299] Cancelled payments are in some cases not shown in the Ingenico interface

  • [STX-97485] External sales interface is failing with a technical error due to configuration mismatch
  • [STX-97660] Discrepancies are present in quota of non-numbered areas between SecuTix and DataAnalytix
  • [STX-97745] A translation in German is wrong in the ticket shop landing page
  • [STX-98055] Some information is not returned correctly by the catalog interfaces in case of missing tariff
  • [STX-98062] In the seat map screen, when the performance title is too long, "1 performances ?" instead of the performance title is shown
  • [STX-98156] In the ticket shop, when entering an address, the canton field is not automatically set
  • [STX-98365] In the overhead configuration screen, the refund reason form is disabled for all languages except English
  • [STX-98409] Missing availability information of blocks in 3D seat maps of some internet sales channels
  • [STX-98444] Incorrect French spelling in the check for duplicates screen
  • [STX-97096] Zuora interface does not count online items correctly
  • [STX-97210] In the producer space, the button to generate reports does not appear when products are selected
  • [STX-97548] It is not possible to search for lottery applications in a package
  • [STX-97638] Resale platform: several files end up in the state "VERIFIED" and "TECH ERROR" blocking the tickets
  • [STX-97663] In the ticket shop, it is not possible to subscribe to the waiting list for different seat categories
  • [STX-97713] Wrong message is displayed to the customer when he tries to cancel a ticket resale already sold
  • [STX-97725] A technical error happens when filtering the tickets research menu
  • [STX-97781] In the ticket shop landing page, timeslot passes configured in a section are not shown
  • [STX-97812] Planned executions of contact import do not start if they are planned when another batch is running
  • [STX-97911] Mexican clients cannot complete purchases because of phone number format issues
  • [STX-97914] The ticket shop message displayed when the overall limit of seats in a season ticket is reached shows a wrong number
  • [STX-97916] The user avatar is not well displayed in the personal account
  • [STX-97919] The product Internal name is displayed in the "ticket put on resale notification" document instead of the external one
  • [STX-97921] Tickets are not set to "controlled" when using automated access control features
  • [STX-98016] A technical error happens when loading an RFID ticket to SwissPass
  • [STX-98058] Duplication of rate grid during the season duplication is too slow
  • [STX-98064] Phone number and fax number are not correctly displayed
  • [STX-98106] A timeout occurs during the generation of the SEPA files
  • [STX-98107] Rate tables are not displayed in drop-down of interface mapping
  • [STX-98112] Available gauge display incorrect values
  • [STX-98154] The resale process does not always update correctly the file status
  • [STX-98274] It is not possible to filter by room in the tribunes/tables screen
  • [STX-98295] An external interface execution fails after being inactive during 60 minutes

  • [STX-98301] It is not possible to create dash/dot lines in the new seat map editor

  • [STX-98304] The "bank country" financial data is not shown in back office

  • [STX-98315] The ticket holder export file has an inconsistent column name for place of birth

  • [STX-98343] During the cash desk validation, a server timeout prevent to displays the daily operation

  • [STX-98368] A field is missing in the SEPA files

  • [STX-98440] Impossible to update timeslot if the duration is different

Allalin V1.13

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 07.04.2020    

Bug fixes

  • [STX-98262] The day of the first collection for a Bottomline payment is not computed correctly

Allalin V1.12

Bug fixing patch 

This patch has been cancelled.

Allalin V1.11-2

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 31.03.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-98366] All payment with KLARNA are failing when the sales channel has charges configured

Allalin V1.11

Feature patch - Released in production the 25.03.2020  

New features

B2B Portal

  • On the distribution portal, printing tickets from products is now possible in addition to distribution

Promoter Features

  • Promoter web reporting improvements Read more:
    • Number of sales takes into account the number of participants for group visits
    • Generate reports for all products matching selected criteria even if they are not displayed yet in the dashboard
    • A new parameter in the back-office allows to choose if the availability data on the dashboard should be limited to authorised contingents only
  • In the back-office, promoter can now configure by themselves visit passes and time-slots for their products


  • Organization timezone is now taken into account in more places:
    • In sales screen inside the box-office
    • In the operational reporting
  • In the venue configuration module, you can now configure new restrictions on seat allocation, per logical seat category, to enforce allocation within the same block or area, applied for both box-office and online sales. Read more
  • In the box-office, it is now possible to print a test tickets that re-uses all the data from an existing ticket to check ticket layouts. Read more

Open Platform

  • Export of ticket price including charges to TIXnGO
  • NOVA Wrapper: NVF-268,263,270,266 improvements delivered 

Bug fixes

  • [STX-97121] The search for mobile tickets in on-site screen is slow

  • [STX-97640] The automatic seat numbering for a group of seats is not correctly generated

  • [STX-97832] In external printing, the search of shipment using country filter never returns any value

  • [STX-97895] Unable to filter by room in the tribunes/tables screen

  • [STX-96432] In the producer space, reports for events in the past are not shown
  • [STX-96820] It is not possible to distribute tickets inside a fixed price season ticket
  • [STX-96935] The access control does not manage correctly the entrance when using white lists
  • [STX-96943] The visit planning report does not match the values in list of sales report
  • [STX-96994] Some questions are not displayed in the back office questionnaires
  • [STX-97018] Refunds via NOVA interface are not possible due to a timeout
  • [STX-97125] Parking batch links same files multiple times
  • [STX-97183] A technical error is raised when viewing shipment list of contact due to wrong data
  • [STX-97193] In the ticket shop, the payment is blocked when using pre-payment and a voucher: the payment button should be active when voucher is removed
  • [STX-97196] The season ticket renewal file is displayed in the ticket shop despite the feature is not activated
  • [STX-97211] The back button does not work or is absent in the ticket vending machines
  • [STX-97212] Over-payments via prepayment are not stored in the credit note of the customers
  • [STX-97295] A technical error is raised when the email of a cultural contact has an invalid domain name
  • [STX-97322] Producer portal menu link redirects to the wrong page
  • [STX-97329] Customers cannot complete the account profile due to a missing required field
  • [STX-97352] Public screen picture is resized and deformed
  • [STX-97366] A menu in file details has two times the same word in Spanish due to a wrong translation
  • [STX-97405] In the ticket shop, some customers cannot see their season tickets in the dedicated account section
  • [STX-97422] The seat map disappears when the physical configuration editor is reloaded
  • [STX-97474] Season tickets and other product lists do not display on mobile view
  • [STX-97478] In goods product selection page, the theme filter is not applied on search result
  • [STX-97498] Differences in cosmetics items are observed between physical and logical configurations
  • [STX-97520] Invoices are not sent to FTP server for Italian authorities
  • [STX-97522] It is not possible to modify tariff of a reserved visit pass due to lack of availability
  • [STX-97530] Refund batch should make strict validation on the "File IDs" parameter
  • [STX-97540] A technical error is raised when operators try to generate new passwords for contacts
  • [STX-97565] In the clusters screen, the order of products is random and it is not possible to select multiple performances
  • [STX-97577] Finish button is wrongly enabled when picking a seat for sale on quick sales context
  • [STX-97579] An error occurs when browsing the list of goods of the ticket shop
  • [STX-97595] A technical error occurs when displaying the screen seat categories of season ticket
  • [STX-97599] A wrong payment method is used for the payment of an installment
  • [STX-97607] In the goods screen, the creation of a stock adjustment raises an error
  • [STX-97634] The error messages need to be improved for the Ticketmaster sales reintegrations
  • [STX-97641] It is not possible to buy a package containing a voucher
  • [STX-97656] A technical error occurs when retrieving the catalog details through API
  • [STX-97671] An export interface execution for a report is failing
  • [STX-97699] The web reporting for producer shows errors for some relays
  • [STX-97712] Advantage description missing on file details screen of ticket shop
  • [STX-97732] Pop-up window with notes disappear sometimes in the seating screen

  • [STX-97733] Block details view is not fully reset when switching between blocks with/without availability

  • [STX-97750] Some audit logs are missing in SecuTix

  • [STX-97769] In the product receipt report, the number of sales is always set to 0

  • [STX-97816] The "product receipt" report shows an empty item value when the start time of the performance is changed

  • [STX-97827] The accounting code for a sales channel is not shown in the accounting export interface

  • [STX-97828] In the ticket shop, the "re-use" beneficiary checkbox is not displayed for all the products

  • [STX-97874] In the ticket shop B2B portal, the search for public contact for distribution should require the contact email

  • [STX-97918] Incorrect amounts are shown in reports due to abandoned operations

Allalin V1.10

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 18.03.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-96843] Tickets in resale are sometimes not correctly synchronized and updated in the ticket shop

  • [STX-97288] Copy contact address to shipment address should take into account the delivery zone of the shipment mode

  • [STX-97460] It is not possible to inject tickets from SecuTix to TIXnGO

Allalin V1.9

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 11.03.2020 

Bug fixes

  • [STX-97549] Bottomline Integration - reference numbers passed to Bottomline are not easily cross-checked with SecuTix 

  • [STX-97124] Total amounts are different between report T108 and invoices exported in SAP

  • [STX-97410] An error sporadically freezes the touch cart when switching between services and visit pass

  • [STX-97462] Delivery contact and address changes during the pre-purchase confirmation process

  • [STX-97621] Lottery Application is missing the disability proof

  • [STX-97674] Customer unable to process returns using TPE

  • [STX-97367] Bottomline direct debit application shows fields in the wrong order

  • [STX-97427] The logo shown in ticket shop for Bottomline is incorrect and needs to be updated

Allalin V1.8-2

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 06.03.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-97674] Customers are unable to process returns using TPEs

Allalin V1.8-1

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 03.03.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-96550] The case for a subscription paid in direct debit and cancelled entirely before the generation of the 1st direct debit file is not handled in the accounting Interface PREL

Allalin V1.8

Feature patch - Released in production the 04.03.2020  

New features

  • SecuTix Screen Help is here! On a large portion of the SecuTix backoffice screens you will now find a question mark that will redirect you to contextual help providing information about each field on the screen. The contextual help content is under development and will continue to be enriched over time. Read more
  • Improvement on B2B distribution (work in progress) Read more:
    • Distribution with inputting only an email address becomes possible
    • Tickets can be distributed at once for different product
    • (Upcoming in following feature patch: same process for tickets immediately printed.)
  • Promoter web reporting improvement Read more:
    • Two new parameters allow to show/hide the related sections of the promoter dashboard (payment method and sales Channels, in performance details screen)
  • Access control API: ticket prices and information on composed products is now exported together with tickets barcodes.

Bug fixes

  • [STX-97128] The execution of option/reservation reminder batch fails due to an error

  • [STX-97384] The TPE integration for Argentina is not working due to a conflicting third party library

  • [STX-97463] Batch for season ticket renewal remains open for 10 hours

  • [STX-97464] Resale platform: credit notes are not created and invoices are not sent to resale buyers

  • [STX-97466] Resale platform: several users can add the same resale ticket in the cart and make the payment

  • [STX-97541] Advantage restricted to one seat category can be sold for all seat categories

  • [STX-96542] Questionnaire questions are displayed in the wrong order
  • [STX-96585] Bad translation of a point of sales field in spanish and english

  • [STX-96693] Topic section is displayed for a ticket shop when the topic is masked

  • [STX-96881] The documentation for ContactInformationPublicService method searchContactByCriteria is incomplete

  • [STX-97097] Translations in french need to be improved in the quick sales screen

  • [STX-97162] Missing translation in french in the point of sales configuration

  • [STX-95495] The change of ticket holder in the ticket shop for one ticket in season tickets is wrongly applied to all tickets

  • [STX-95641] It is possible to add to the shopping cart a single usage advantage without entering the unique code

  • [STX-96024] Emails informing customers that their B2B account creation has been refused are not sent

  • [STX-96345] Product revenue report does not take into account the product name updates

  • [STX-96442] It is not possible to unpick reserved seats from the seat map

  • [STX-96463] The synchronization of controlled tickets to SecuTix is blocked due to an error

  • [STX-96512] An error occurs when validating cash desks when no payment has been done

  • [STX-96579] An alert message is displayed when selecting a visit inside a package

  • [STX-96592] The number of mobile tickets held in the popup of the on-site support screen is inconsistent

  • [STX-96632] In some cases the order summary is empty even if the order contains reservations and option cancellations

  • [STX-96665] "On the fly" group visit time slots appear in the ticket shop

  • [STX-96673] After a contingent update in the box office, the seat can still not be selected

  • [STX-96722] Deposit button wrongly appears in the back office when using credit card payment

  • [STX-96725] Country should be written in the language of the institution and not on the language of the final customer

  • [STX-96737] The lottery accepts invalid emails from Gigya

  • [STX-96747] Calendar widget disappears after refreshing the web page it is included to

  • [STX-96761] The lottery reintegration has been applied on an application that has been already integrated

  • [STX-96770] The amount to pay in invoices is not correct

  • [STX-96805] A timeout warning appears in SAM even when the campaign is correctly sent

  • [STX-96806] The refund of an order is blocked in the box office

  • [STX-96842] An error happens while generating cash-desk reports

  • [STX-96853] Languages are mixed after creating institution in production

  • [STX-96873] It is not possible to add events in some specific season tickets

  • [STX-96875] It is not possible to validate physical configurations

  • [STX-96884] An indicator was set to hidden but it is still visible in the contact screen

  • [STX-96885] The image of goods in the ticket shop have a low quality in some pages

  • [STX-96940] It is not possible to create physical configurations due to technical errors

  • [STX-96967] Missing graphic objects in the seat map for physical configuration

  • [STX-97016] It should not be possible to create "on the fly" time slots that have the same date and time as existing time slots

  • [STX-97023] In the refund batch, a message in the execution logs is confusing

  • [STX-97030] An error is shown when importing the logical configurations of seat map

  • [STX-97061] External sales reintegration: bad split between waiting account / credit note can block the reintegration

  • [STX-97079] For a large file, the confirmation of tickets request times out

  • [STX-97083] Access control chart display is loading forever

  • [STX-97222] The interface "Send copy PDF invoices" raises an error when there is more than 500 invoices

  • [STX-97223] Lottery ranking is broken when the application has family packages

  • [STX-97299] TPE terminal is prompting for receipt ID during return/cancellation

  • [STX-97308] In some cases, and incorrect amount is calculated in waiting accounts

Allalin V1.7

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 26.02.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-96340] The ticket shop catalogue synchronisation takes a long time to be performed

  • [STX-96541] The seats still appear in the physical configuration after deleting them using the legacy physical configuration editor

  • [STX-96626] The time displayed in second box office screen for performances is not taking into account the right timezone

  • [STX-96896] Some lottery applications are missing the required disability proof

  • [STX-97167] The file export for printing tickets creates more than one line per ticket

  • [STX-97294] Prisma TPE integration is not working as expected

Allalin V1.6-1

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 18.02.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-97005] A technical error occurs when searching on ticketing seating screen

Allalin V1.6

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 18.02.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-96446] Booking hospitality products in multiple rooms does not work as expected

  • [STX-96705] An error occurs during the execution of option/reservation reminder batch

  • [STX-96732] Customer cannot login into the ticket shop due to expired contact connection links

  • [STX-96828] Wrong document is sent for a client when no document is configured for that sales channel

  • [STX-96846] It is not possible to create a seat map without numbered seats

  • [STX-96901] A technical error occurs when saving contact information

  • [STX-96937] The screen dedicated to releasing options/reservations does not release all the reservations

  • [STX-96948] It is not possible to edit price components

  • [STX-97053] In some cases, it is not possible to finalise sales in the box office

Allalin V1.5

Feature patch - Released in production the 13.02.2020  

New features

  • On the B2B portal, the PDF ticket distribution is more efficient with the possibility to enter only once the beneficiary information for all the tickets distributed. Read more
  • It is now possible to define the timescale to be used in the visit calendar screen. Read more
  • A new configuration for vouchers is available, allowing them to be reused directly for multiple purchases. Read more
  • Monitor your audience entering your venue through an improved seat map view with additional access control data display.
  • Restrict prepayment if any voucher code / advantage voucher was entered from the ticket shop.
  • From the agent portal (B2B2C), an agent can now modify a contact during the check-out process.

Bug fixes

  • [STX-96469] Turnstiles are out of order for specific configurations

  • [STX-96827] Resale platform refund is not working as expected when having multiple organisations

  • [STX-96844] MOTO payment form in the box office is not working for Saferpay

  • [STX-96895] In case of a refund for a file with multiple credit card payments, the money can be refunded two times

  • [STX-96426] NOVA bug fixes: SBBNOVA-72, SBBNOVA-73, SBBNOVA-75, NVF-121, NVF-134, NVF-233, NVF-243, NVF-257, NVF-255, NVF-259, NVF-260, NVF-262, NVF-263, NVF-264, NVF-265

  • [STX-95960] The date and time are wrong in ticket exchange filter
  • [STX-93522] Position of cosmetic items is different between physical and logical configurations, and changes with zoom level
  • [STX-95092] The payments on vending machines are displayed just with one payment method: credit card
  • [STX-95748] Stimare printers: wrong ticket state for last printed tickets and unable to resume from out-of-paper
  • [STX-95803] Some english contacts receive the mailing of the lottery in Ukranian
  • [STX-95968] Many payments need to be processed manually
  • [STX-96006] Inconsistent calls and logs when retrieving data from Skidata
  • [STX-96031] The mass refund batch includes files that are not paid by chosen payment method
  • [STX-96149] An error occurs when trying to sell in quick sales for some specific configurations
  • [STX-96177] It is not possible to export data from batch execution due to large data sets
  • [STX-96204] When a file is opened, the co-subscriber is not immediately displayed
  • [STX-96208] Section widget breaks in ticket shop landing page
  • [STX-96228] Seat category color is not displayed in the page to change the seat selection of the ticket shop
  • [STX-96262] Membership assiduity indicator has wrong values
  • [STX-96303] The text of overriding labels is set as default value after refreshing the ticket shop the landing page
  • [STX-96318] Online payments with promo codes are not working as expected with instalment quantities
  • [STX-96335] Payment history is wrong in the ticket shop, in case of multiple payments done in the same day
  • [STX-96339] Deletion batch is not picking blockchain tickets with wrong support
  • [STX-96346] Mass refund batch: if no cash desk is open for the current operator, a wrong cash desk is selected
  • [STX-96396] Is it not possible to confirm a file from request list screen
  • [STX-96425] The scene panoramic view URL disappears after editing seats in the physical configuration
  • [STX-96439] Collection remark cannot be selected for copy/paste
  • [STX-96441] During the cash desk validation, a server timeout prevents the display of the daily operation
  • [STX-96488] Export interface is raising errors during query validations
  • [STX-96526] Email templates are showing HTML source code during validation
  • [STX-96614] It should be possible to cancel direct debit payments from "Pending account > Historical" screen
  • [STX-96620] In the ticket shop, the scene view picture is not displayed when modifying the seat selection in Google Chrome and mobile devices
  • [STX-96622] Visit pass with mandatory fields are not sellable in the touch screen
  • [STX-96641] A login error happens when trying to access to the ticket shop from Google Chrome
  • [STX-96719] Links are not displayed in the "Book the Best Seat" page of the ticket shop
  • [STX-96743] Errors are raised when making a refund in some specific cases

Allalin V1.4

Feature patch - Released in production the week 04.02.2020  

New features

  • The Adyen pilot integration is now available in production for testing-only purposes

Allalin V1.3

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 29.01.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-96472] Lottery contact synchronisation interface is blocked when having missing authorisations

  • [STX-96520] Test tickets cannot be generated

  • [STX-96652] The date of performances displayed in the ticket shop landing page is in some cases wrong

Allalin V1.2-2

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 23.01.2020 


Bug fixes

  • [STX-96567] The NOVA wrapper is unreachable

  • [STX-96624] RFID cards are printed without the protective coat, making the ink fade out very quickly

Allalin V1.2-1

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 22.01.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-96545] The id of the contact is not transmitted to B2P exclusive reports anymore

Allalin V1.2

Feature patch - Released in production the 22.01.2020  

New features

  • More fine grained control of GDPR cookie settings are now available in SecuTix for our ticketshop, via our service team: finer-grain cookie consent can be collected and used in order to block the setting of different categories of cookies, including an optional integration with OneTrust, a market leader in Privacy & Compliance.
  • It is now possible to configure the Team Axess interface mapping at price level. Read more

Bug fixes

  • [STX-95207] The payment authorisation is not cancelled when the bank does not accept the credit 

  • [STX-95955] Inconsistent amount in pending account screen during refund

  • [STX-96372] Wrong amount for some files in displayed in the file summary and a wrong total amount is displayed when removing a package

  • [STX-95994] SAM campaign analysis data summary is not clear
  • [STX-95802] Planned interface execution does not run in some specific cases
  • [STX-95916] The color ticket fulfilment batch is not working correctly
  • [STX-95989] In the ticket shop landing page, the possible dates for an event do not contain all possible dates
  • [STX-96026] It is not possible to buy a package in the ticket shop, as customers are unable to select more than a seat category for each line
  • [STX-96103] It is not possible to buy products via advantages that are linked to an advantage contingent, when the "without contingent" contingent does not have availability
  • [STX-96211] Campaign showing error "codes not sufficient" while there is over 99% of codes available on quota
  • [STX-96250] In the "list operator actions" screen, actions from some operators are not shown
  • [STX-96271] The exchange rate may be missing in invoices for hospitality bundles
  • [STX-96293] Report for questionnaire questions and answers generates a column "#Error"
  • [STX-96364] Availability calendar widget does not show all the available days

Allalin V1.1-4

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 17.01.2019 

Bug fixes

  • [STX-96467] Performances are missing in the ticket shop landing page

  • [STX-96478] Guest contact is not able to print / download tickets

Allalin V1.1-3

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 17.01.2019 

Bug fixes

  • [STX-96471] Document address generation macro injects HTML entities instead of Unicode

Allalin V1.1-2

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 16.01.2020 

Bug fixes

  • [STX-96468] Single use codes are no longer working

Allalin V1.1-1

Feature patch - Released in production the 16.01.2020 

New features

  • Producers can manage the real time sales and availability of their visit passes and time-slot products on producer space by using a dedicated dashboard.

Bug fixes

  • [STX-96347] Data is not shown to co-producers in producers dashboard

  • [STX-96450] In the ticket shop, the maximum quantity per match configured in a 'Single Use Code' advantage is not respected

Allalin V1.1

Feature patch - Released in production the 15.01.2020  

New features

  • Co-Season ticket holder management has been improved to create only beneficiaries instead of a contact file when your customers are only providing a last name/first name. Thanks to this feature you can increase the data quality of your contact database. Read more
  • We are adding a new configurable pop-up in the ticket shop with terms and conditions in order details page, to get the users to accept legal agreements with an active method Read more
  • A guest registering to a newsletter during the checkout process will systematically receive this newsletter, because he's considered to have given his explicit consent for communication from the organisation.
  • New questions (gender and year of birth) are asked together with contact origin at box office or touch cart
  • It is now possible to copy from one visit space to another all the existing time slots, thus simplifying the setup when all visit spaces have a similar time slot configuration. Read more

Bug fixes

  • [STX-95978] A technical error happens when using the group feature in the seat map editor

  • [STX-96287] Prices change when changing/adding a price table in bottom-up price decomposition configurations

  • [STX-95452] Group time of visit pass is not updated in file details screen
  • [STX-94381] The file summary does not show correct values for payments when they are multiple payment on multiple files
  • [STX-94394] The reservation reminder email does not display the closest deadline to pay when there are several dates
  • [STX-94412] It is not possible to duplicate invoice if the shipment address of the original invoice is not the main address
  • [STX-95382] An unexpected behaviour happens when double clicking on a seat on 3D seat map
  • [STX-95395] In the ticket shop, the file is in "progress (purchase request pending approval)" while the state in the back office is "in progress"
  • [STX-95409] Questionnaire in ticket shop is not shown correctly in some particular configurations
  • [STX-95415] Export Immediately button does not work in external printing screen
  • [STX-95416] Changes are not correctly synchronised in the point of sales under some specific configurations
  • [STX-95418] Seating screen does not sporadically work correctly
  • [STX-95450] Option laying is no longer working in some specific season ticket configurations
  • [STX-95453] Sold and reserved seats are displayed as free after changing view mode from "File" to "Category + Contingent"
  • [STX-95476] In the order invoice, the amount of commissions is set to 0 instead of the right value
  • [STX-95496] It is not possible to cancel a reservation sold with cross-sell products
  • [STX-95522] In the ticket shop, some tickets cannot be downloaded in mobile device
  • [STX-95549] In the cash desk closure screen, the quantity of cancelled tickets found is wrong
  • [STX-95580] Overheads are not applied correctly in the online resale process
  • [STX-95674] Touch cart does not update the quantity of products correctly when making fast selections
  • [STX-95683] Ticket shop should check for allowed characters in ticket holder data
  • [STX-95692] Inconsistent amount is displayed in "Cash desk detail" report
  • [STX-95697] Seat category mapping table can be deleted even if it is used
  • [STX-95712] Some inconsistencies are observed in the SAM campaign information
  • [STX-95718] In the order summary document, the instalments are missing in payment details section
  • [STX-95726] It is not possible to generate a file summary with HTML format if the contact address contains ampersand sign
  • [STX-95751] Missing warning message when trying to close again an already closed cash desk
  • [STX-95773] Sporadically, is not possible to add a performance on a season ticket in the ticket shop despite it works on the box office
  • [STX-95780] Logical configuration summary displays inconsistent results
  • [STX-95786] Thumbnail image of goods in the ticket shop is of low quality
  • [STX-95821] Fidelity points are not transferred correctly to credit note
  • [STX-95826] A delay is observed in tariff price changes for some operators
  • [STX-95827] In the classic seat map, the text annotations may display in the wrong direction
  • [STX-95867] Wrong email subject when sending letter document by email
  • [STX-95899] A timeout message is observed when generating invoices
  • [STX-95921] Batch to track SAM emails is not working correctly
  • [STX-95922] The state of the file is not changed after cancelling the whole file
  • [STX-95947] Duplicate contacts are not correctly detected when they contain uppercase accents
  • [STX-95996] Logs do not show for which contacts/emails the email format is wrong
  • [STX-95998] It is not possible to validate organisations even when administrative numbers exist
  • [STX-96151] Refund batch for a performance : missing translation
  • [STX-96213] Access Control product configuration is not displaying all the parameters for a visit pass

Allalin V1.0-1

Feature patch - Released in production the 09.01.2020

New features

  • Single usage codes can now be imported from an external system instead of generating them from SecuTix.

Allalin V1.0

Feature patch - Released in production the 08.01.2020

New features

  • A new batch is available to update the price for renewal reservation orders and send reminders / release expired reservations. Read more
  • A new batch is available to send reminders of release expired reservations
  • The producer portal allows to see more detailed information about events, including the possibility to drill-down to seat category, rate and contingent level.

Bug fixes

  • [STX-95781] Reverse charge VAT is not correctly applied

  • [STX-96012] Payment method Klarna is missing required information

  • [STX-96166] Change price batch does not work correctly with charges

  • [STX-96210] Access control parameters for "duration" and "period before starting" are not displayed and cannot be activated.

  • [STX-95456] Seats are not shown in the preview window in back office
  • [STX-95663] Wrong french translation in the avantages menu
  • [STX-95753] In file details, the number of seats in a championship season ticket is wrongly displayed as zero
  • [STX-95407] The alphabetical sorting of tariffs is not respected in the selection window for tariffs and advantages
  • [STX-95650] The ticket shop footer is not displayed in the right place when viewing the ticket shop via mobile phone
  • [STX-95665] The reset button for access control does not restart correctly the synchronisation
  • [STX-95724] It is not possible to re-validate seats in sales reservation screen
  • [STX-95752] It is not possible to copy contracts from another seasons
  • [STX-95774] The date selection is not respected when displaying the history of the pending account
  • [STX-95777] In the file summary, participants number of a group visit with individual tickets is miscalculated
  • [STX-95794] It is not possible to sort by date the "Message templates" from the audience management menu
  • [STX-95839] Unclear error messages are displayed in the instalment management batch
  • [STX-95958] Seat map cannot be loaded in the ticket shop when activating a sold out public advantage linked to a performance
  • [STX-96249] Silent deployment of firefox kit is failing

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