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Bishorn V1.14

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 07.04.2021 

Bug fixes

  • [STX-108155] The invalidation reason is not displayed for some matches
  • [STX-107806] Integrator receives an incorrect error when freezing and unfreezing seats
  • [STX-108813] The entrance data is not showing correctly a change in the seat map is done

Bishorn V1.13

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 31.03.2021 

Bug fixes

  • [STX-108304] Product that are not on sales are not correctly displayed in the ticket shop landing page when explicitly configured to appear
  • [STX-108203] New sales period in activity profile is not working as expected when the option "all events" is chosen

Bishorn V1.12

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 24.03.2021  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-107617] It is not possible to display in the ticket shop tickets of season tickets bought from contact advantages
  • [STX-108003] The ticket owner data is not correctly retrieved from the TIXnGO interface
  • [STX-108193] It is not possible to make sales for complementary tickets if there is no enough purchase quota

Bishorn V1.11

Feature patch - Released in production the 22.03.2021 

New features

Online sales

  • Friends and family feature set is being extended to support transferring tickets after a purchase has been done. Your customer will have the possibility to assign/transfer tickets to their friends and family. Read more
  • Mobile ticket owner and assignee of TIXnGO tickets are now displayed on the ticket shop (requires activation of the TIXnGO feedback interface)
  • When purchasing tickets with Friends & Family for an advantage, contacts not eligible or having used the advantage already are now greyed out if the contact is not eligible or has used already the advantage.

Onsite sales

  • A new calendar view of all the groups having booked or purchased a tour added on the mobile operator. Extending the use of the mobile operator to be able for guides to "digitally" welcome the groups coming and providing a great user experience for operators working on the tablet.
  • On the mobile operator, the ticket list screen's layout has been fully reviewed for improved usability and includes a new view by product.
  • On the mobile operator, it is now possible to control the inactivity timer appears when the order is getting closed to the expiry time via 3 theme values (config.activityTimer.fastMaxSeconds, config.activityTimer.endOrderMaxSeconds, config.activityTimer.alertThreshold - How to change those labels?)
  • On the classic box-office, you can modify the amount of an external price component when making a sale. Read more


  • Define which product, performance, seat category, tariff are one sale on a given sales channel, in a specific timeframe, in a more flexible and easier way. Read more
  • In addition to the default sorting by date for matches, you can now choose to sort matches by their match day (rank; particularly relevant in case of tournaments) on ticket shops, lottery portals, and for the Box office. Read more
  • A new batch allows operators to import, for existing contacts, reservations or sales for single entries based on a CSV file, bringing great operational when you need to book seats in bulk for a specific list of customers. Read more
  • Group external price components while displaying them on documents or Ticket Shop to control the presentation of fees to your customers. Read more
  • The ticket template editor now allows defining which language should be used to display multilingual variables. Read more

Bug fixes

  • [STX-107928] An error happens when saving ticket templates
  • [STX-107952] Ticket Template does not open or takes too long time to open (Bishorn Installer)
  • [STX-107645] An error happens when synchronizing lottery catalogue when size limit is exceeded

  • [STX-107764] The authorization code is not correctly extracted from TPE and stored in SecuTix

  • [STX-107280] The batch end date is not correctly displayed on lottery screens
  • [STX-107348] Some document templates are not translated into German
  • [STX-107391] Ticket shop: contact title label not translated with mode 'No edit'
  • [STX-107658] Seat map creator is not displayed correctly after dragging out of the editor area
  • [STX-107752] An English message is displayed in French ticket shop after reattributing seats
  • [STX-106445] An error happens when ordering ticket and goods, and deliver goods to another contact
  • [STX-106674] Report in sales channel B2P shows all performances even if we select a specific date
  • [STX-106896] The payment notification batch does not work as expected
  • [STX-106897] Mobile tickets injection is slow for shipments with significant number of tickets
  • [STX-106954] It is not possible to save BIC numbers if the operator doesn't have access to the sales context
  • [STX-106989] Datamart: a wrong value is returned for order numbers
  • [STX-107154] Conditional tariff is not working as expected for lottery application
  • [STX-107202] It is not possible to create a relay in the ticket shop with the same email as an individual
  • [STX-107227] The ticket shop exchange message about charges is not clear enough for end-users
  • [STX-107243] Online exchanged orders are stuck in progress when there are delivery overheads in order orders of the file
  • [STX-107263] An error happens when generating the list of payments report
  • [STX-107264] The standard documents change format unexpectedly
  • [STX-107293] Changing the preferred language of a contact in the ticket shop does not trigger the change of the letter salutation
  • [STX-107316] A technical error happens when executing the season duplication batch
  • [STX-107373] The entrance data is not displayed correctly when a change to the seat map is done
  • [STX-107380] TIXnGO synchronization batch ending in error without related explanation message
  • [STX-107408] Shipments containing tickets and without linked contact address should be correctly processed by web-hook
  • [STX-107422] The ticket shop should display the 'complete you account page' in case of a contact with a missing mandatory contact criterion
  • [STX-107431] Translation of the word "season" to Spanish is not accurate in error messages
  • [STX-107436] An error sporadically happens when trying to pay for reservations in the ticket shop
  • [STX-107439] The seat map editor shows wrong seat information after switching the seat map
  • [STX-107441] Log files are not shown for the Rewards4 interface
  • [STX-107499] Some tickets are not correctly retrieved by the dedicated interface
  • [STX-107519] The filling rate is wrongly calculated in sales report - product revenue
  • [STX-107544] Wrong instalment amounts are computed after multiple payment attempts in box office
  • [STX-107553] The image of the small public screen is displayed in the wrong window, with the wrong size
  • [STX-107566] It is not possible to refund orders sold through Datasport interface
  • [STX-107567] User email and payment method are no longer available in the checkout data layer
  • [STX-107569] a wrong status of cash desks is shown in SecuTix
  • [STX-107571] In some specific cases, it is not possible to correctly distribute tickets
  • [STX-107638] View DWH_ONP_3_2_SALE_ASSISTED_WREF is not correctly calculating quantitites
  • [STX-107664] An error happens when accessing lottery from some particular SSO
  • [STX-107717] The execution of handshake export failed due to duplicate product codes

Bishorn V1.10

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 10.03.2021  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-107657] An error prevents accessing the ticket shop when using restricted domains configuration
  • [STX-107671] The tracking links generated in SAM are not accessible
  • [STX-107498] It is not possible to finish sales due to an error happening when checking contact limits

  • [STX-107670] The refund batch sporadically deletes some correct refund payments

Bishorn V1.9

Feature patch - Released in production the 03.03.2021 

New features

Online sales

  • When you are selling streaming or digital content through SecuTix, you set a custom variable where you set the tariff that will provide the access to the digital content. You can now set a list of tariffs that will providing access to the contact by displaying the Watch now button in the ticket list. Read more
  • Enhanced security for access to the online account: a new strategy to avoid brute force attack on account password is now automatically applied: after 5 successive failed login attempts for an account, a temporary block of 1 minute will be done, with further escalations every 5 new successive failed login attempts (5 minutes and 30 minutes) - a successful login resets the counter.


  • You can now setup a new document template that can be printed/sent automatically when printing (from file details, ticket list or onsite screens) or collecting tickets (from the onsite screen).
  • The seat map gets a new set of coloring options based on contact criteria values.

Bug fixes

  • [STX-107413] Campaigns with big number of contacts are not finalised correctly

  • [STX-105847] Tax number is not unique when season number ends with zero
  • [STX-106384] No order is created in Skidata DTA for some test files
  • [STX-106417] It takes a long time to modify the starting time of a match
  • [STX-106851] An error message is wrongly displayed on TeamAxess interfaces
  • [STX-106864] An error happens when applying changes by using pattern selection in seat map
  • [STX-106975] An inconsistent seat map line is displayed in the ticket shop
  • [STX-107045] In printed tickets, all last names are wrongly displayed uppercase starting from the second ticket
  • [STX-107146] Associated sale channel in product profile is displayed incorrectly when switching the language
  • [STX-107199] Seats on seat map are in some cases displayed black instead of colored
  • [STX-105720] In the ticket shop the "postal" shipment mode does not appear if the contact does not have a postal address already entered
  • [STX-105901] Some transport stops with a valid date in the future are not taken into account when importing transport stops
  • [STX-106154] A difference in dates is observed for refund confirmation emails when refunding split payment transactions
  • [STX-106238] Campaign status is blank in SecuTix for emails sent by email server servers using Filebeat 6.x
  • [STX-106360] Some French translations for resale platform screens are wrong
  • [STX-106404] File state is displayed incorrectly in reporting sales domains
  • [STX-106432] Sometimes it is necessary more than one minute to add a package to the cart
  • [STX-106502] A timeout error prevents the export of stock status for goods
  • [STX-106532] Resold tickets are in some cases still visible in resale platform
  • [STX-106546] Total number of matches/performances after match creation is incorrect
  • [STX-106561] Access is forbidden when editing multiple matches
  • [STX-106577] When using automated mode with view in the ticket shop, seats can still be selected in the seat map
  • [STX-106581] The default text is not deleted automatically when clicking into the rate table drop down
  • [STX-106590] Seat numbering fails with an error after adjusting the seat block.
  • [STX-106663] An operator should not be able to choose several seat categories for package in the temporary cart
  • [STX-106715] The VAT reverse charge message is not displayed for group country cases
  • [STX-106745] The invalidation reason is sporadically not displayed correctly for a match
  • [STX-106749] Large order handling batch is too slow and often fails with errors
  • [STX-106750] The theme / language information should always be displayed for timeslots even if there is only one option
  • [STX-106757] An English message is wrongly displayed in French ticket shop after reattributing seats
  • [STX-106764] Slowness is observed in cash desk management
  • [STX-106792] Slowness is observed when accessing sales reports
  • [STX-106866] An error happens when allocating seats automatically for more than 10,000 seats
  • [STX-106892] "Max charges" function is not working as expected
  • [STX-106893] An incorrect error message is displayed when cancelling the performance
  • [STX-106894] When dispatching refunded payment by batch, payments cannot be found if cancellation date from is equal to cancellation date to
  • [STX-106922] The device code from Skidata Handshake is not correctly stored
  • [STX-107327] An incorrect message is displayed when an event does not exist in Ticketnet
  • [STX-107491] An error happens in TIXnGO interface when pushing cancelled tickets

Bishorn V1.8

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 24.02.2021  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-107424] It is not possible to select dates on ticket shop for packages containing timeslot and transport products
  • [STX-105730] It is not possible to change logical configuration for performances to a new one

Bishorn V1.7

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 03.02.2021 

Bug fixes

  • [STX-106850] Skidata DTA Plugin creates negative reservations on cancellations
  • [STX-106676] An error happens when trying to get tickets from TIXnGO

  • [STX-106748] Wrong VAT rate columns are displayed in the resulting file when using the export to csv function

Bishorn V1.6

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 27.01.2021  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-105972] A discrepancy is observed between Anderson & Zaks Red Card Settlement Report and SecuTix List of Payments report
  • [STX-106312] In some cases invoices cannot be cancelled
  • [STX-106359] Timeslot availability in package lines is not correctly displayed for advantages
  • [STX-106461] Slimpay payments are still charged on files that have been excluded from the batch
  • [STX-106575] First e-ticket is not cancelled in Skidata when loading tickets on the Swisspass
  • [STX-106339] Prices are wrongly rounded when exporting to Skidata

  • [STX-106552] It is not possible to import purchase orders for goods when having a decimal VAT rate

Bishorn V1.5

Feature patch - Released in production the 20.01.2021 

New features

Online sales

  • Improve your refund operations by letting your customers ask for the refund of their credit note through a bank transfer from their online profile. Read more
  • We are developing a new type of sales limitation: operators can now configure which matches cannot be sold together to the same customer, allowing in particular tournament customer to implement same-day or same-round restrictions for the general public.


  • Pagination is added in the credit note screen of the back-office improving performance for contacts with many credit note payments.
  • Improved resiliency of large SAM campaign executions Read more


  • More consistency (and configurability) on components and colors used for TED. Read more

Bug fixes

  • [STX-106337] It is possible to update option operation quantities only once

  • [STX-106346] Some exclusive reports of type visits are not working anymore as expected

  • [STX-105567] Receipts are not printed correctly: there is a remaining '?' in the document header
  • [STX-105797] Some translations are missing for the seat map filters
  • [STX-105897] Event filter drop-down: the sorting of events with an accented first letter is not respected
  • [STX-105904] A wrong message is displayed for the price range in the resale platform
  • [STX-106179] The layout of cross-selling products displayed in the ticket shop is inconsistent
  • [STX-104466] Comparison between ticket holders should be case insensitive
  • [STX-104928] Reports are not taking the resale sales channel into account
  • [STX-105286] An error happens when accessing the subscriptions page in the B2C ticket shop, if the logged-in contact cannot view the order details
  • [STX-105381] TIXnGO injection batch does not take into account the filter on category
  • [STX-105435] The system takes between 2-8 minutes to open/load the tickets (almost 1000 tickets) on the agency portal
  • [STX-105473] In the box office, products do not display when applying and searching through advantages
  • [STX-105612] Drop down list (seat category / contingent) is not responding after setting a value via keyboard
  • [STX-105655] Options mixing operations with and without movements are not well handled
  • [STX-105860] Phone number is not saved after setting a value via sales screen
  • [STX-105861] It is not possible to save modifications after changing contingent
  • [STX-105902] An error happens when accessing the cancelation menu in cash desk closure screen
  • [STX-105906] In the ticket shop, the "Auto with view" search mode always assigns the same seat selection
  • [STX-105922] It is not possible to change logical configurations for performances to a new one with the same logical configuration name
  • [STX-105938] Ticket summary is not visible after updating external references
  • [STX-105945] When printing the seat plan, row labels are cut or disappear if they are not close enough to the seats
  • [STX-106004] It is not possible to deactivate operators
  • [STX-106052] In the resale platform, rates are sorted wrongly from the seat map
  • [STX-106263] The URLs in the ticket shop footer are not correctly displayed in some pages
  • [STX-106299] Pattern selection in seat map: row pattern does not work with "follow vicinity" and "not checkered" options
  • [STX-106303] A technical error sporadically happens in box office after loading products
  • [STX-106319] FNAC interface shows a wrong message concerning missing performances
  • [STX-106362] The execution of "export file treasury" batch fails due to technical error
  • [STX-106385] Wrong translation in French for the text "Confirmed (with refund)"
  • [STX-106392] It is not possible to validate document templates due to a technical error

Bishorn V1.4

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 13.01.2021  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-106232] Ticket distribution full seat export displays inconsistent data

Bishorn V1.3

Feature patch - Released in production the 07.01.2021 

New features

Online sales

  • Configurable skip links on the ticket shop help the visually impaired to easily access the relevant sections and pages with keyboard. Read more
  • The seat map on the ticket shop now adds text and more visual representations to communicate more clearly selected and selectable seats as well as seat categories. Read more
  • At the Beneficiaries step during the checkout process, you can now force the order contact (main applicant/purchaser) to be the ticket holder for exactly one ticket per match (and not only the first ticket), taking into account the order history (including packages and advantages)


  • In the seatmap configuration tool, improved seat map pattern selection allows to select seats in an array of different checkered patterns, e.g., for social distancing pre-configuration. Read more

Bug fixes

  • [STX-105499] It is possible to update reservation operation quantities only once

  • [STX-105794] It is not possible to finish a purchase using Internet Explorer, as users are blocked on the payment form

  • [STX-104952] Some translations are missing in back office menus
  • [STX-105201] An error happens when changing the logical configuration
  • [STX-105595] SalesForce connector: missing data for sales mapping table
  • [STX-102149] T020 report cannot be successfully generated
  • [STX-104027] Row label drops out of the seat block when the customer modifies values in Dimension>Seatblock creator
  • [STX-104308] Terms and Condition pop-up of the ticket shop does not enable buttons when scrolling down
  • [STX-104937] A technical error happens when removing an alias from the ticket shop
  • [STX-104991] The rotation of an arc is incorrect in the new seat map editor
  • [STX-105096] Availability is not correctly displayed for an advantage
  • [STX-105149] A slowness is observed when opening contact profiles
  • [STX-105176] SAM campaigns are creating too many interface logs
  • [STX-105177] A NULL item created in the seat map generates an error in physical configuration
  • [STX-105183] Events that were purchased in the past can still be exchanged
  • [STX-105193] SSO results in an error when users land on an error page at the beginning of the process
  • [STX-105229] Files are stuck in progress when refunding by batch
  • [STX-105261] It is not possible to add remarks for guides due to an error
  • [STX-105273] Standard document sometime changes format unexpectedly
  • [STX-105351] Standard document is in some cases not displayed correctly
  • [STX-105352] It should not be possible to save contact zip codes that contain special characters
  • [STX-105369] IBAN is not shown on credit balance screen
  • [STX-105379] an error happens when generating reports on operator cash desk screen
  • [STX-105532] Ticket Support field is missing in movement web hook
  • [STX-105579] The rebuilt of the reports is sometimes failing
  • [STX-105583] Cultural history report is showing the wrong number of season tickets of the cultural contact
  • [STX-105604] Widgets do not recognize the wildcard "*" to authorize all domains
  • [STX-105729] Membership renewal batch: files with zero amounts are kept in reservation state after renewing by batch
  • [STX-105809] The execution of "Export file treasury" batch fails due to technical error
  • [STX-105850] The title of the resale platform "list of events" page is confusing
  • [STX-105869] Management of orders without movements is not correct for not numbered categories
  • [STX-105947] Reporting domain is not updated with external file status

Bishorn V1.2

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 16.12.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-105703] Hard bounced emails must be automatically filtered out from SAM campaigns
  • [STX-105710] SAM email tracking: delivery status report is incorrect due to missing environment name in the X-shipment header
  • [STX-105535] Settled files are missing on sales report
  • [STX-105673] Orders are blocked as suspended when buying season ticket options with global limits

Bishorn V1.1

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 09.12.2020  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-105378] Variable "contact birthday" is not available in PDF templates
  • [STX-105500] Report data is not updated when having some question/answers with invalid data type
  • [STX-105574] Report data is not updated due to inconsistent time zone definition

Bishorn V1.0

Feature patch - Released in production the 02.12.2020 

New features

Online sales

  • Google Analytics data layer implementation extended to push the data related to the checkout process resulting in reaching a better understanding of your customers behavior on the ticketshop. Read more
  • Our Ticket Shop now uses text and icons to communicate the availability of the tickets.
  • On the B2B distribution portal, the ticket holder fields Place of birth and Region of birth are now available like on the B2C portals.


  • TED provides a global view for all the available product families, including an improvement to display for tour promoters.


  • Seats can be paired together in the configuration map in order to allow automatic seating of for example wheelchairs and their companion seats. For now, this feature is only working when using post-sales seating.
  • Several UX improvements on the refund batch, mostly grouping together advanced filtering options and adding an option to include all the products inside a composed product. Please make sure to read the detailed, updated feature release note: Bulk refund process improved with new filters and selections criterias

Keep your operators' tools up-to-date

With the start of the Bishorn V1 cycle, a new version of the SecuTix kit for your operators is now available. Please refer to How to install the SecuTix kit (Firefox and Device Manager) for instructions on how to install/upgrade your kit to make sure that you keep up with security and performance fixes.

The previous version (Gabelhorn V1, Q4 2019) will continue to work for now but we highly recommend that you plan upgrading to the new kit version in the coming months.

Deprecated version: Kit versions prior to Gabelhorn V1 (Q4 2019) are deprecated and not supported anymore. If you still use them, upgrade now.

Bug fixes

  • [STX-105136] Payments are wrong when refunding a season ticket partially and then completely
  • [STX-105279] Calculated price season tickets do not appear on agency portal to be distributed

  • [STX-104252] Ticket list is not automatically collapsed in "distribute your ticket" section
  • [STX-104556] Warning for missing payment method is displayed multiple times, on the seat map
  • [STX-104558] Event filter dropdown: the sorting of events with an accented first letter is not respected
  • [STX-104658] Seat map: missing translation for freezing reason
  • [STX-104691] Firehose product interface gets blocked because of an error
  • [STX-104910] Logical configuration should not show "Propagate" option
  • [STX-104920] Target configuration > DateInTheNextNDays/DateInTheLastNDays operation doesn't work correctly with date type (without time)
  • [STX-105054] Labels for new seating proposal in ticket shop are not fully translated in Spanish
  • [STX-105145] Wrong translation in French for the price in the resale platform
  • [STX-103126] It is not possible to add events to a fixed price season ticket already purchased
  • [STX-103839] Images for merchandising are sometimes blurry
  • [STX-103841] Firehose interface for lottery does not work as expected
  • [STX-103881] An incorrect redirection for lottery login is observed with some specific SSO
  • [STX-104170] Large order ticket creation is slow
  • [STX-104224] Resold tickets are  in some cases still visible in resale platform
  • [STX-104307] Contact is not a season ticket holder after purchasing a season ticket
  • [STX-104374] Some already settled files have their status displayed as "Cancelled"
  • [STX-104427] On refund/exchange screens, when general overheads are modified, we cannot complete the operation
  • [STX-104438] Logical configuration seat map: hidden contingents are displayed, sort is not respected
  • [STX-104444] A technical error happens when loading an RFID ticket to SwissPass
  • [STX-104468] An unclear message of social distancing is displayed for season tickets
  • [STX-104471] Email address is displayed wrongly in "partnershop" report
  • [STX-104472] Operator is unable to access the parameters of the ticket shop landing page due to role limit at Institution Level
  • [STX-104478] It is not possible to delete sub-relay in sub-relay management screen
  • [STX-104479] In sub-relay management search, it is not possible to search for more than 20 characters
  • [STX-104497] It is not possible to schedule a dispatch refunded payment function with cancellation date "is not NULL" in Spanish
  • [STX-104504] In some cases, documents cannot be generated due to an error
  • [STX-104506] Topics filter is not displayed in the ticket shop, the first time it is accessed in a session
  • [STX-104521] Contact advantage is still displayed as available although it has already been used
  • [STX-104528] It is possible to edit Slimpay payments while these are in progress
  • [STX-104531] Read only rights are not properly reflected in point of sales configuration screen options
  • [STX-104609] A technical error happens when viewing unsent shipments
  • [STX-104634] Additional images are displayed in the product description even though there is not alternative image set
  • [STX-104650] It is not possible to access the tickets list on mobile application
  • [STX-104660] Seat map : invalidated reason filter values must count invalidated seat only, not free seats
  • [STX-104690] Some box office screens require opening cash desk, even when they have no payment process
  • [STX-104711] It is not possible to load shipment list due to an error
  • [STX-104725] No logs are shown in the batch that computes metrics for emails campaigns
  • [STX-104726] The list of performances opened from the seat map, is different from the one in the select screen
  • [STX-104753] Slowness is observed in cash desk management
  • [STX-104759] Reports from the producer’s portal are generating with a 1 day difference from the date range being used
  • [STX-104787] Membership validity information is in some cases missing in file details
  • [STX-104897] Unclear error message when dispatching refunded payments by batch
  • [STX-104918] Buttons on the terms and conditions pop-up are always disabled on Safari browsers
  • [STX-104926] In some cases, an error happens when opening a seat map
  • [STX-104974] Text labels are incorrectly rotated after an undo action in the seat map
  • [STX-104987] In file details screen, the total amount is wrongly displayed
  • [STX-105016] Hardware dropdown list is empty when using Italian language
  • [STX-105023] Seat map: slowness when selecting seats with multiple clicks
  • [STX-105204] There are some sales missing in the voucher management report, which are shown in the product revenue report
  • [STX-105353] SAM SMS Campaigns fail to build the document due to an error

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