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Added value for your customers

Thanks to the new cancellation insurance, you offer a reassuring experience to your customers. Allow them to make their purchases in peace: their tickets are covered and will be refunded should the unexpected occur. In addition, earn a commission on each insured purchase.

Security. Peace of mind.

For just a few francs more

At a time when high-demand performances are sold many months before the show, it may be stressful to commit an amount of money even though you do not know your agenda and future situation.

By contracting an insurer, it is an opportunity for you to offer a new service to your customers in a flourishing area. For just a few francs more, you reduce the risk of cancellation and have peace of mind! Who could refuse? Several studies have shown that consumers are favourably disposed to paying a little more to gain flexibility when purchasing, and that the conversion rate may often exceed 30%.

Simplicity. Efficiency.

The new insurance system is the result of several tests and discussions. Based on the experience gained with the first insurance mechanism, we sought to develop an apparatus as simple as possible, while still maintaining high efficiency. Thus the new SecuTix solution is geared around a few key points:

Insurance by season
Insurance is defined once, for all a season's products.


Activation by product family
Choose yourself which of your product families can be insured.


Premium based on order total
Set insurance premium levels based on the total insurable products of an order.

Exemple de primes par palier

Visibility at the ticket window
Even at the ticket window, the insurance is always visible in the cart and encourages your operators to offer it.

Please, note thatit is not possible to make a reservation with an insurance cancellation. An error alert will be display.

Two options to choose
Decide if your orders are insured by default, and maximise conversion rates by using two different interactions in online ticketing.


Quick configuration

Configuring the insurance was grouped into a single screen, with four condensed stages. It is presented in the "How to configure a cancellation insurance" guide.