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You can now create a price which only applies if the customer is a season ticket holder or member of another institution that uses SecuTix.


  • To do this you need to create a "verification by SecuTix 360°" type price verification interface



  • Make the following settings:
    • Enter the URL of the web services of the remote SecuTix entity. For production, this is https://<institCode>
    • Link the login and password with the internet sales channel of the remote institution
    • Call the first parameter "Email address of account at <name of remote institution>"
    • Call the second parameter "Date of birth" (although it's not really used)

  • Here are the two recommended values for the "Filter characteristics" parameter:
    • mainCategory=MEMBER to identify a member.
    • mainCategory=INSIDE_SEASONTICKET to identify a season ticket holder.

  • Finally, create a price associated with this interface.

Once the price is correctly parametrised, it appears in the ticket shop:



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