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Bishorn V3.18

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 08.12.2021 

Bug fixes

  • [STX-117253] Openfield interface: contact with public id is not correctly saved in SecuTix

  • [STX-117288] Orders created in Openfield for memberships are not created in the state printed

  • [STX-117268] Price of packages is displayed incorrectly in ticket shop when a user has access to membership rates
  • [STX-116751] Prices are not visible in old iPhone / Samsung devices

  • [STX-117306] Civility update is not correctly performed via Openfield interface

Bishorn V3.17

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 01.12.2021  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-116569] Receipts are in some cases cut before printing all information
  • [STX-116712] QR codes are not correctly shown in order summary page

  • [STX-116814] Information and authorizations are missing in the Openfield interface fields

  • [STX-117085] TeamAxess ticket barcodes are sometimes sent first as valid and then as invalid

  • [STX-116738] In some cases, interfaces executions result in an unexpected error

Bishorn V3.16

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 24.11.2021 

Bug fixes

  • [STX-116776] Wrong language code is exported by Openfield contact synchronisation interface

  • [STX-116713] An error happens when accessing the sales screen

  • [STX-116826] CreateReprintShipment API method is not generating barcode and tax number for pick-up at control shipment mode

  • [STX-116777] Ticket Contingent transfer batch wrongly processes files that are still in progress
  • [STX-116913] The ticket shop file details screen is in some cases not showing properly due to an error
  • [STX-116682] In some cases reports require more than 30 minutes to refresh

  • [STX-116850] Open pass are no longer sorted by product code

  • [STX-116881] The modification notification webhook is not triggered correctly

Bishorn V3.15

Feature patch - Released in production the 18.11.2021  

New features

Online Sales

  • Define periods during which posting tickets on the resale is allowed independently from the actual sales periods of the resale platform.
  • SecuTix will let your users easily convert into contact when going through the guest checkout process online. 
  • The seat map selection widget is added to the SecuTix widget library. This widget lets you put a seat map selection process on your institutional website or any authorized website (Detailed Release notes to be published with updates on the week of 21.2.2022 - Release Weisshorn 1.6).


  • Use contact criteria values as dynamic fields in SAM's email templates


  • In the touch cart, your operator selling merchandising can see at a glance the current stock level of items (either for the stock locations of the PoS if defined or the overall stock). An out-of-stock icon is shown when the stock is lower than the quota alert threshold.
  • More contact titles are now available for customers in DACH and UK: you can activate the new values for the title from Organization > Screen configuration at the level of the organization or for individual sales channels.
  • Define the time frame during which contacts can update ticket holder details.
  • Changes in the prices of a price table used in an interface will pop up a warning message to ensure that this will not be breaking changes for the corresponding interface.
  • When merging duplicates, the process will keep the most recently changed address even if the change was done on the "looser" contact ensuring that the most up-to-date address is kept.
  • Thanks to a new batch you will be able to manage the cancellations in bulk with a dedicated batch in the context of the skidata-interface.
  • Gift Aid: a new screen is available to submit the gift-aided transactions to HRMC. Read more
  • When using the existing copy tariff feature, your operators will be able to include or not the custom variables linked to the copied tariff. 
  • Create a goods purchase order more easily by adding multiple goods items in one click.
  • SecuTix is now compliant with the TicketBAI regulation that will require each order to be digitally signed as of 01.01.2022. TicketBAI applies only in the Basque Country in Spain. Read more
  • TED and the product revenue reporting domain display the exact number of participants and revenue for each tariff used in a group visit with group tickets Read more
  • The price breakdown feature is now available for services (excl. donations and vouchers). Read more
  • The full address of purchase contacts and cultural contacts can now be printed on tickets. Read more
  • The ability for your customers to pay a part of a file or a part of their season ticket from their online personal space, an interesting feature that opens a new degree of flexibility. Read more
  • A new type of contact limit allows you to restrict quantities per product family or down to the activity level for events and competitions.

Bug fixes

  • [STX-116125] Orders are sometime abandoned in SecuTix vending machines but result paid in Ingenico

  • [STX-116209] BLOCKED_STATUS and CRITERIA (lift) are not sent to Access Control API

  • [STX-116333] It is difficult to view some ticket template parameter.

  • [STX-116593] In some cases it is not possible to print A4 documents due to wrong operator permissions

  • [STX-116684] It is not possible to enter ticket holder data from "My Tickets" ticket shop page

  • [STX-116672] Under certain configurations, it is not possible to buy several seat categories at the same time via the ticket shop

  • [STX-115503] Cosmetics change position after modification in physical configuration
  • [STX-115647] There are some error messages about the batch execution but the display state is OK
  • [STX-115679] Mass printing: performance filter also select files with cancelled performances
  • [STX-115753] Address of new contact is wrongly loaded
  • [STX-116062] Layout when printing quotes is different with respect to the web page
  • [STX-116105] It is not possible to setup email notifications for external printing interface
  • [STX-115442] One click Purchase widget still requires payment for free ticket
  • [STX-115589] Name of events in the ticket shops are badly displayed when the event has streaming option
  • [STX-115644] List of guides takes a long time to appear in "File Details" screen
  • [STX-115648] Sometimes the sales are blocked when there is an audience sub category that depends from another one
  • [STX-115720] Row label disappears from the seat map after saving
  • [STX-115823] It is not possible to format amounts with dots as thousand separator in invoices
  • [STX-115844] Some pop-up messages do not display centered on ticket shop mobile view
  • [STX-115939] Incorrect behavior when adding a main applicant as the beneficiary
  • [STX-115944] Social distancing freezing reason is shown in the report but not in seat parameters of the map
  • [STX-115963] SEPA direct debit: wrong requested date is present in generated bank file
  • [STX-116051] "Allow report viewing" parameter is not working as expected
  • [STX-116087] Grouping by stage is not working in the ticket shop
  • [STX-116129] In some cases, an inconsistent advantage status is displayed in the ticket shop
  • [STX-116152] Validated seats are still colored when switching to "invalidation reason" view mode in the seat map
  • [STX-116182] File remarks are not shown in other box offices of the organization
  • [STX-116220] Letters and numbers indicating amounts are displayed incorrectly in the ticket shop
  • [STX-116232] Ticket distribution section is not working as expected
  • [STX-116263] Some French translations are missing in the box office screen dedicated to resale
  • [STX-116268] Main applicant flag is incorrectly send to TIXnGO
  • [STX-116314] Access to beneficiary data in reseller interfaces is not possible anymore
  • [STX-116319] Message is not clear enough when there is an error in a mapping for the TeamAxess interface
  • [STX-116324] Cultural contact is not reassigned correctly when renewing membership by batch
  • [STX-116381] An error happens when moving from seat map editor to physical configuration map
  • [STX-116441] From Resale platform, users can put owner tickets on resale without guest tickets being put on resale
  • [STX-116448] Seat map snake tool usage generates an error
  • [STX-116732] createReprintShipment API method is not generating barcodes and tax numbers for pick-up at control shipment mode

Bishorn V3.14

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 10.11.2021 

Bug fixes

  • [STX-116231] After invalidating tickets, new tickets cannot be injected to TIXnGO

  • [STX-116276] A time zone issue is preventing the correct behavior of the TIXnGO ticket injection interface

  • [STX-116374] Some incorrect values are sent to TIXnGO

  • [STX-116463] Retrieve ticket status from TIXnGO: Incompatibility between TIXnGO and external-printing libraries
  • [STX-114948] RFID printing with Stimare: it is not possible to read the tag sometimes when introducing new paper
  • [STX-114950] RFID bulk printing with Stimare: end of paper is not correctly detected
  • [STX-116193] Data layer is not working as expected when using the tracking event = purchase
  • [STX-116275] SAM campaigns sporadically fail due to the high number of returned rows in the related SQL query
  • [STX-116375] Order synchronization with Openfield is not working as expected
  • [STX-116401] Contact synchronization with Openfield is not working correctly for fields "nationality id" and "opt-ins"

Bishorn V3.13

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 04.11.2021  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-115741] A blocking message is displayed when loading the seat map

  • [STX-115815] Order summary document is not correctly created/sent with the ticket shipment

  • [STX-116046] Openfield Interface: nationality is not correctly synchronized

  • [STX-116048] Openfield Interface: opt-in note is not synchronized

  • [STX-116049] Openfield Interface: civility missing

  • [STX-116100] Openfield Interface: logout is not working

  • [STX-116145] Openfield Interface: mapping keys for authorizations need to be changed

  • [STX-116174] It is not possible to update an accessibility ticket application in the lottery

  • [STX-115834] Phone number field in ticket shop account profile displays incorrectly

Bishorn V3.12

Feature patch - Released in production the 27.10.2021  

New features

Online sales

  • The resale platform can now be used by customers using external managers (e.g. FortressGB)
  • Your season ticket holders can change the seat for all performances of their calculated season ticket in one step when buying online (if all performances in the season ticket share the same logical configuration and have the same seat category).
  • Injected TIXnGO tickets can be put on resale on the SecuTix resale platform in a secured way. Read more
  • (Tournament platform) In the lottery module, tickets sold within packages are now taken into account when computing global contact and match limits.
  • (Tournament platform) In the lottery module, category breakdown is now shown in the application summary for accessible ticket requests
  • (Tournament platform) When creating or managing group sales request online, your key clients can propagate the same quantities across all matches.


  • The membership renewal batch is now able to renew automatically memberships valid for a fixed duration after purchase, no matter the duration of validity and season length. Read more
  • Reprinted TIXnGO tickets will be injected to the latest owner by default but can be sent to the original owner based on the invalidation cause.
  • New search fields in the SecuTix back-office will let operators search for transactions by the last 4 digits of the credit card used for the transaction. Read more
  • SecuTix is now compliant with the TicketBAI regulation that will require each order to be digitally signed as of 01.01.2022. TicketBAI applies only in the Basque Country in Spain.
  • Operators can revalidate a contact that was inactivated, e.g. due to contact merging. Note that this does not fully revert the invalidation/merging process: merged transactions or deleted names will not be restored.


  • DAN: Cultural contact dimensions are now available as filters and can be toggled in contact reports

Open Platform

  • New operator rights in virtual operator profiles can be used to control calls to some sensitive APIs (by default those actions will be allowed for virtual operators that are able to create orders already):
    • Sales interface>Refund order creation is required to create refund orders (ExternalOrderFacade.refundTicketOrder, ExternalOrderService.createRefundOperations)
    • Sales interface>Cancel reservations/options is required to create cancellation orders (ExternalOrderService.cancelOperations)
  • The reconciliation of sales between SecuTix and Skidata DTA can be performed using a dedicated batch

Bug fixes

  • [STX-114819] Item of the product service is not displayed in the personal ticket shop space
  • [STX-115778] It is not possible to return to the ticket shop beneficiaries input step and then continue the checkout
  • [STX-115838] It is not possible to modify ticket holders in the ticket shop after reset
  • [STX-115905] In some particular cases it is not possible to create/save any new entity in box office
  • [STX-116103] The total ticket number is incorrect in the lottery application emails
  • [STX-115708] Duplicate charges are applied for proximity payments

  • [STX-115401] Resume request submission in the lottery leads to an error

  • [STX-115718] In the ticket shop, the display is broken for the sessions of a season ticket

  • [STX-115777] Balance retrieved from Sports Alliance is not reintegrated correctly in SecuTix

  • [STX-115837] The "copy ticket holder data" checkbox in the ticket shop does not work correctly

  • [STX-115888] The advantages for parent contacts are not correctly assigned after merging with a child contact

  • [STX-115942] Companion seats are not selected properly

  • [STX-116201] Filtering of fields for access control API is not working

  • [STX-114591] Warnings on TIXAct comfort variable should not be displayed
  • [STX-115508] Incorrect order of packages is displayed in the ticket shop
  • [STX-115818] Contact webhook v3 displays a "+" in phone number when the field is empty
  • [STX-114186] Season card sale doesn't add all seats to the shopping cart
  • [STX-114658] Partial refund batch is resulting in error for tickets within packages
  • [STX-114696] An error happens in some screens when the operator has limited access rights
  • [STX-114874] Ticket holder data is editable when it should not
  • [STX-114967] Abandon file feature is not working correctly on exchange orders
  • [STX-115076] Customers should not be able to purchase two different categories within a package with category
  • [STX-115121] Goods item: weighted average without vat amount in CHF is sometimes rounded, sometimes not
  • [STX-115282] Shipments are marked as sent when there is an external error in the blockchain interface
  • [STX-115326] Ctrl-Click does not work from the installment screen to copy Slimpay reference
  • [STX-115335] 'Seat will be assigned later' text is not displayed for post seating
  • [STX-115436] It is not possible to modify row names when double clicking on a seat to edit
  • [STX-115465] Resale advantages are not visible in the dedicated screen when product family is automatically selected during creation
  • [STX-115467] It is not possible to logout properly when the customers ends up on an unauthorised lottery
  • [STX-115531] A technical error happens when trying to access the operator's cash desk
  • [STX-115539] The mobile account menu in the landing page does not correctly work when using a custom header
  • [STX-115575] Duplicate the cart pop-up is empty when logging in for the first time

Bishorn V3.11

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 20.10.2021  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-115587] The platform function "saveStructureMember" is erasing IBAN and BIC number

  • [STX-115588] Error processing needs to be improved when generating SEPA direct debit file
  • [STX-114974] It is not possible to remove the attribute "external entrance" from a seat property

  • [STX-115483] Webhook V3 sends country address instead of the nationality

Bishorn V3.10

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 13.10.2021

Bug fixes

  • [STX-115390] SEPA file cannot be generated through Installment management batch

  • [STX-114752] An expired certificate prevents the login trough SSO in the ticket shop

  • [STX-115300] Questionnaires are not correctly shown in back office

  • [STX-115325] Some specific email sending domains are wrongly unauthorized by SAM

  • [STX-115107] In the resale platform, printed thermal tickets can no longer be put in resale

Bishorn V3.9

Feature patch - Released in production the 06.10.2021

New features

Online sales

  • Your customers can now have the option to allow reselling tickets that were bought on the resale platform itself (multi-currency mode only) Read more
  • A new type of advantage allows you to define which contacts are eligible to purchase certain tickets on the resale platform. You can also enforce contact limits across primary and secondary market sales channels. Read more
  • A new point-of-sales parameter is introduced so you decide if reservations can be paid only online or just like now if it can be paid or cancelled. Read more
  • Faster checkout using the guest login can now be made available to your customers in case you use an exclusive SSO provider 
  • (Tournament platform) Your customers can resale their conditional match tickets after they have been converted to real match tickets on the resale platform.
  • (Tournament platform) Sorting order for matches can now consistently be set to be based on match days

    Currently, in SecuTix, the default sorting order for matches on Internet Portals has always been by date and time, but in the context of the tournament, it is often the case when the logical sorting order is different from the chronological order for matches. In the previous release, we have adapted the sorting/listing on matches by match number (i.e. match day rank) in all the customer/operator-facing match selection pages of online portals, lottery, back-office & box-offices. In this release, we continued this evolution so that matches can be sorted by their logical order instead of the default chronological order on the remaining pages of FCFS and Resales Platform, specifically including, Shopping cart, Checkout, Order Summary, My Ticket list, Resell tickets, File Summary pages.
  • (Tournament platform) Contact number is now visible in the lottery portals


  • Use dynamic fields, like the name of the contact, in your SAM email subject.
  • The preferred language of contacts is now available in SAM exports.
  • New API function to retrieve the list of SAM targets
  • Extension to the existing function to get details of a target to support dynamic targets

Onsite sales

  • Easily duplicate in bulk a temporary cart item for other matches/performances of the same competition/event.


  • Your customers may now easily renew their memberships and season tickets with the new direct debit payment method provided in Bishorn V2. Read all about direct debit
  • The automatic refund batch was refunding instalments having failed to be paid. From this release, operations having a due date agreement linked that have not been paid or where the payment has failed will be excluded from the automatic refund process.
  • Search for tickets by card number by scanning an RFID tag, from on-site support screen.
  • Take history into account when limiting the quantity per order or performance in advantages
  • Automatically push the access control checks to TIXnGO.
  • Prevent injection of tickets to TIXnGO for which ticket holder data is missing.
  • (Tournament platform) It is now possible to use the sub-target group's code and name (linked to a B2B relay contact) as a dynamic field/macro so that you can further customize the Invoice and File Summary documents and provide personalized content based on the File Contact's sub-target group.

Bug fixes

  • [STX-114415] Invoice is not correctly generated when invoicing method is systematic
  • [STX-114863] Wrong seating location is assigned to season tickets when "same seat" option is configured

  • [STX-112910] The order of displayed rates for package lines is incorrect in the ticket shp
  • [STX-112958] The order of displayed clusters in section layout is not correct in the ticket shop landing page
  • [STX-114233] The price of the selected item is not displayed in a package
  • [STX-114610] Single usage codes are not working in the quick sale screens
  • [STX-114740] Some warning message are misspelled
  • [STX-109828] Lottery dashboard excel export results in an error
  • [STX-112215] The planned quota can be set to zero even when sales have already been performed
  • [STX-112950] An error appears when clicking on "edit your request"
  • [STX-113469] Some redundant space is present when open ticket shop in arabic
  • [STX-113737] Ogone payments that are not correctly debited are marked with delay in EPC
  • [STX-113906] Mobile cards for season tickets are not synchronized to the access control
  • [STX-113934] An error occurs when importing contact criteria
  • [STX-113939] "Retrieve tickets status" interface is failing with an error
  • [STX-114053] "Allow payment or cancellation of pending files" parameter is not working as expected
  • [STX-114054] SEPA direct debit: wrong requested date is present in the generated bank files
  • [STX-114066] Contact data is not correctly synchronized to the lottery
  • [STX-114102] Injection of visit pass fails with "no catalog entry" error
  • [STX-114115] An error happens when executing the season ticket holder transfer batch
  • [STX-114229] An error happens when sending cancelled tickets to TIXnGO
  • [STX-114254] The ticket for one seat is not correctly created in some cases during exchanges
  • [STX-114612] The quick sales screen keeps in some cases loading when paying and the process does not end
  • [STX-114306] Missing guest data prevents lottery sales reintegration
  • [STX-114309] Some conditional tariffs are in some cases missing in the ticket shop
  • [STX-114326] Delivery to phone contact is incorrect when displayed in the order summary page of the ticket shop
  • [STX-114408] Classifications and reason for freezing are not copied from logical configuration to match configuration.
  • [STX-114413] Some campaign conversion rate computations are wrong
  • [STX-114609] Some membership rates are not displayed correctly in the ticket shop
  • [STX-114542] The Ticketnet interface fails when the performance id sent is too big
  • [STX-114544] The confidentiality guarantee text is not correctly translated in French in the newsletter widget
  • [STX-114583] In some cases an error caused by global limits prevents an order to be closed successfully
  • [STX-114587] A price cannot be enter with a comma in the resale screen of the ticket shop
  • [STX-114703] Some timeslots are shown duplicated in the visit space screen
  • [STX-114739] Filters are not working if no zoom is done in the resale platform
  • [STX-114745] Sales channel list displays incorrectly in contact limit screen
  • [STX-114821] Cancelled bank agreement still appears on the list of payments as "Pending"
  • [STX-114857] An error happens when accessing to the merchandising catalog in the ticket shop, when products belong to different seasons but have the same topic
  • [STX-115168] The print function on template editor does not work as expected

Bishorn V3.8

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 30.09.2021 

Bug fixes

  • [STX-114633] Ticket printing with Epson is failing if more than one ticket is added to the basket

  • [STX-114700] In some cases, rates are not displayed correctly in the ticket shop

  • [STX-114801] RFID ticket printing with Stimare printer is not working as expected

  • [STX-114852] Freezing reason is lost after saving propagation changes

  • [STX-114854] Arabic language does not display correctly in the ticket shop landing page

  • [STX-113910] A wrong translation for some error messages is shown in SecuTix

  • [STX-112659] Split payment transaction correctly works with Ingenico, but the file gets discarded in SecuTix

  • [STX-113828] Seats are renumbered incorrectly

  • [STX-113859] The civilities/titles do not translate in the ticket shop landing page

  • [STX-113905] Unsuitable Ticketnet interface catalog export warning message

  • [STX-114101] Child tariff are not selected automatically on packages

Bishorn V3.7

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 23.09.2021

Bug fixes

  • [STX-114373] It is not possible to pay when the payment request contains special characters like Arabic
  • [STX-114429] An error happens in some cases when displaying the guides screen

  • [STX-114550] Fixed price season tickets with amount breakdown display wrong operation amount without VAT and wrong breakdown when changing rates

  • [STX-114700] In some cases rates are not displayed in the ticket shop

  • [STX-113528] A wrong message is displayed in SkiData handshake

  • [STX-113605] The wrong order of categories is displayed in the order summary screen

  • [STX-113808] Services are sorted incorrectly in distribution screen

  • [STX-112632] It is not possible to delete alias in back office

  • [STX-113406] It is not possible to add a place to the cart via advantage

  • [STX-113481] An error happens when resuming a file with waiting account

  • [STX-113639] It is not possible to overwrite custom texts of the one click purchase widget

  • [STX-113689] Transfer of season ticket holders batch is not successful if a ticket doesn't have an RFID card number

  • [STX-113745] Improve the error message if changing payment method is not possible

  • [STX-113747] It is not possible to upload documents if their file extension is in upper case

  • [STX-114377] An access denied error happens when opening ticket details from file detail screen, if operator only has sales access rights

Bishorn V3.6

Feature patch - Released in production the 17.09.2021  

New features

Online Sales

  • Easily control manually when tickets put on resale can actually be purchased.

Bug fixes

  • [STX-114421] Visa Click2Pay payments are accepted by SecuTix when they should not

  • [STX-114316] Wrong end validity date is present in Skidata exports of memberships

  • [STX-113158] Packages are displayed as sold out or not loading if an optional line has no more availability

  • [STX-113038] Footer is hiding general information tab on mobile version of the ticket shop

  • [STX-113057] Print a test ticket produces a ticket with some missing fields

  • [STX-113144] SecuTix is sending bad phone numbers to TIXnGO, and the ticket injection is failing for these tickets

Bishorn V3.5

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 09.09.2021 

Bug fixes

  • [STX-114130] It is not possible to reopen an order to pay in the ticket shop

  • [STX-114250] With some SSO implementation, linking accounts is not possible

  • [STX-114243] Address details are being given an incorrect label when creating a new contact via specific SSO implementations

  • [STX-111848] Season tickets cannot in some cases be renewed by batch

  • [STX-112339] In some cases a wrong display for season tickets is observed in the ticket shop

  • [STX-112657] Personalized desk identifier is changed after organization change or logging off

  • [STX-112816] Subscriber contact cannot open the subscription detail due an authorisation issue

  • [STX-112960] TIXnGO integration batch is skipping some valid tickets

  • [STX-113001] Some seasons are in some cases showing in the access control of another organisation

  • [STX-113009] Error appears when clicking on resume checkout button

  • [STX-114071] An error happens when assigning a big number of contingents to a performance

Bishorn V3.4

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 01.09.2021  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-113116] Lottery application summary email is displayed incorrectly in Gmail

  • [STX-113443] Additional amounts parametrisation screen is not loading for matches

  • [STX-113909] An error happens when loading seat maps with circular vicinity (round table)

  • [STX-112926] Mobile tickets injection: error messages need to be improved

  • [STX-112902] It is not possible in some cases to add performances to season tickets

  • [STX-113143] Some rates don't appear on sale when they are manually restricted

  • [STX-113297] An error happens when executing interest reintegration

  • [STX-113550] An error happens when trying to stop a single SAM Campaign

  • [STX-113717] Some rates do not have correct price components

  • [STX-113805] An error happens when executing the Sage interface

Bishorn V3.3

Feature patch - Released in production the 26.08.2021  

New features

Open Platform

  • Third-party distributor interface: visit passes availabilities can now be exported to FNAC
  • French public organizations can now use a new interface with Chorus Pro to manage the invoicing of school group visits

Bug fixes

  • [STX-111760] Shipment modes are displayed incorrectly when using Safari browser

  • [STX-111993] Technical cancellation of refunds fail

  • [STX-112479] In some specific configurations, a login issue is observed for contacts using SSO

  • [STX-112906] It is not possible to partially refund performances/matches

  • [STX-113061] In some cases, season tickets cannot be sold via the ticket shop

  • [STX-113566] The ticket shop timer suddenly changes when moving to the shopping cart

  • [STX-113759] Some variables are not available in PDF templates

Bishorn V3.2

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 18.08.2021  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-113465] Timeslots are not available in the ticket shop if they don't have a duration

  • [STX-113533] Ignore payment language if not correctly sent by SecuTix, resulting in missing payment options for Datatrans

Bishorn V3.1

Bug fixing patch - Released in production the 11.08.2021  

Bug fixes

  • [STX-113075] Old timeslots are still exported in catalog
  • [STX-113092] Non-editable fields in lottery are still editable in the front-end

  • [STX-113147] It is not possible to use "/" or "-" for an advantage access code

  • [STX-113161] Lottery results notification batch is executed with errors

  • [STX-113237] Rates are not correctly displayed in the ticket shop

  • [STX-113239] Error appears on "Product revenue payment" report when grouping by product date

Bishorn V3.0

Feature patch - Released in production the 04.08.2021  

New features

Keep your operators' tools up-to-date - ACTION REQUIRED BEFORE 14 NOVEMBER 2021

To keep up with security updates and guarantee a smooth experience to your operator, we keep updating the Firefox kit. With the start of the Bishorn release cycle, a new version of the SecuTix kit (Bishorn V1) for your operators was made available. Please refer to How to install the SecuTix kit (Firefox and Device Manager) for instructions on how to install/upgrade your kit to make sure that you keep up with security and performance fixes.

Deprecated version: All versions older than the Bishorn V1 kit will stop working on 14 November 2021 due to the expiry of their security certificate (including Gabelhorn V1, Q4 2019 and all previous kits). If you have not yet upgraded to the Bishorn V1, please upgrade now before the November 2021 deadline is reached.

The previous version (Gabelhorn V1, Q4 2019) will continue to work until the 14 November deadline but we highly recommend that you plan to upgrade to the new kit version in the coming months.

Online sales

  • Ever concerned your online customer might forget to add tickets for conditional tariffs? It is now possible to configure the Online Sales portal to pre-select the max. quantity of the conditional seat category once the online customer has selected its linked “parent” seat category, while still keeping the possibility for the customer to actively de-select or to decrease the pre-selected quantity of the conditional seat category. You can activate this feature via Organization Context > Catalog > Tariff > Pre-select the max. conditional quantity.
  • The title field on the online account creation can be set as optional from the screen configuration setup.
  • The default sorting behaviour on the list of tickets page on the resale platform is now based on seat details instead of ticket numbers.
  • By default, the tariff pre-selected for your customers will be the advantages prices rather than the full price like right now. This will ensure that your customer gets always the best price for their tickets.
  • Manage my bookings features (online self-exchange) supports now exchanging against any products or adding any products of the catalog available for sales on the corresponding sales channel. Read more
  • Tickets purchased through packages will now be taken into consideration when calculating contact limits for events and competitions on B2C portals. You can activate this feature through Organization Context > Catalogue > Limits > Contact Limits > Include performances / matches purchased via packages.
  • We are adding a new Shipping package concept (i.e. shipment splitting) in the ticket distribution portal (B2B) so that logged-in relays can specify a different shipment mode while distributing tickets to another relay or individuals.

Onsite sales

  • Manage my bookings features (mobile operator) supports now exchanging against any products or adding any products of the catalog available for sales on the corresponding sales channel. Read more
  • Operators working with the mobile operator can now capture the origin of customers on anonymous sales in order to get demographics data.


  • Operators can now use Thermal Ticket Printing with RFID capabilities on the supported Stimare Printer. The RFID tag embedded on the Thermal Ticket will then be linked to the printed ticket, transferred to the access control system (through our API) and can be used as access control identification.
  • Fix the remaining issues with the US date format in SecuTix reports.
  • External Reference for Movements is now available on the ticket template editor, which can then be displayed on the thermal ticket or is sent to TIXnGO as extra ticket fields.

Open platform

  • Define which fields of the access control interface should be transmitted to the third-party system.

Bug fixes

  • [STX-112534] Import sales batch is showing an error when several contingents are configured in the same block

  • [STX-112826] Skidata interface: barcodes are not correctly printed

  • [STX-112121] It is possible to buy a season ticket with different seats from the ticket shop even if the same seat option is setup

  • [STX-112439] Wrong number of ticket is shown in the access control screens

  • [STX-112799] Lottery reports are in some cases synchronizing and retrying in a loop

  • [STX-112888] An error is displayed before credit card payment in the back office

  • [STX-113244] Capture is not working for customers using Anderson & Zaks

  • [STX-113240] Product description is shown in the landing page when it should not

  • [STX-111699] Wrong message is displayed in Skidata handshake
  • [STX-111705] Contact origin is not requested in touch cart when first loading the screen
  • [STX-111834] Operators are unable to view activity profile data even when having sufficient roles
  • [STX-111836] A wrong screen layout is displayed when modifying the report filter
  • [STX-112418] Some German translations are incorrect in sales channel screen
  • [STX-112549] It is necessary to reselect the sales channel to se the corresponding points of sales in the batch screens
  • [STX-109152] In some cases the order confirmation is sent to the wrong email
  • [STX-111128] The date is not correctly taken into account by the waiting account filter
  • [STX-111139] A wrong sorting of ticket is displayed in customer portal when entering ticket holder details
  • [STX-111242] Bad display of long rate description in one-click purchase widget
  • [STX-111380] Ranking of payment methods in ticket shop is not correct
  • [STX-111473] Resell Tickets button does not display In the ticket shop with mobile form
  • [STX-111513] In ticket shop flash mode contact advantages are displayed to contacts who do not have access to them
  • [STX-111605] Ticket vending machine calendar and opening hours are missing in some security templates
  • [STX-111617] In some cases an error happens when attempting to load a contact
  • [STX-111651] Seats are in some cases still in sold state after exchanging to other seats
  • [STX-111724] Access control issues report does not show the forced entry tickets
  • [STX-111730] The batch to synchronise contacts from back office to lottery is blocked due to invalid emails
  • [STX-111739] The wrong language is displayed for Datatrans payments
  • [STX-111747] Default Email tracking batch is sometime not properly processing
  • [STX-111753] Standing seats disappear from the basket for season tickets
  • [STX-111806] Search contacts characteristics in point of sales works incorrectly
  • [STX-111810] It is not possible to edit lottery applications via the back office
  • [STX-111833] An Inconsistent behaviour is observed with auto-exchange for season tickets
  • [STX-111846] Barcode for Skidata does not have the correct number of participants
  • [STX-111957] The wrong amounts are displayed in resell notification emails
  • [STX-111983] It is not possible to register the account due to invalid PESEL number
  • [STX-111991] IBAN/BIC numbers are still not present in resale screens
  • [STX-112042] It is not possible to change invoice contact
  • [STX-112094] Overlapping of buttons on Contact screen when using French language
  • [STX-112115] Skidata export of memberships has end date at 12.00 am
  • [STX-112195] Customers can print individual tickets when the configuration is set to "print only the season ticket badge" via upcoming tickets link
  • [STX-112211] It is not possible to print cash desk verification report
  • [STX-112216] In some cases operators are not able to see the amounts in rates table, even though they have the rights
  • [STX-112224] No language option is displayed in ticket shop account login page if "Before catalog" is set for the point of sales
  • [STX-112226] No error message is logged when renewal season ticket batch had an error
  • [STX-112230] Too many emails are sent when distributing tickets of several performances simultaneously on the B2B portal
  • [STX-112282] Summary of lottery application with mixed AT and non-AT incorrectly displays category
  • [STX-112345] It is not possible to refund cash to the customer in the back office
  • [STX-112385] Sub-target group disappears after contact creation from back office
  • [STX-112394] Buttons are disabled in the lottery after clicking deletion confirmation popup
  • [STX-112399] Campaign conversion rate is displayed with wrongly low values
  • [STX-112400] Transport stop import: namespace in XML file not accepted
  • [STX-112427] ORGANIZATION / T_ORGANIZATION_ID are empty in lottery domain for packages
  • [STX-112435] Hospitality shows wrong total session capacity
  • [STX-112469] The civility is missing in the ticket shop landing page
  • [STX-112472] Packages are not ordered properly in the lottery screens
  • [STX-112476] Masked structure type is still visible on SAM targets
  • [STX-112505] Logical area entrance is not updated after updating physical area entrance
  • [STX-112509] Matches within competitions are not ordered correctly
  • [STX-112519] Second screen is opening in the main screen of the back office
  • [STX-112535] File remarks are not shown in other organization box offices
  • [STX-112579] No contingents are displayed when creating contact limits
  • [STX-112631] Search by contact number is slow

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