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Group ticket for a visit pass at the per person rate

Until now, SecuTix offered the following options for visit passes:

  • Per person pricing and individual ticket: Each visitor pays to get in and receives a ticket. This configuration can be used for individual visits and group visits. The price of a group visit pass depends on the size and make-up of the group.
  • Flat rate pricing and group ticket: This configuration can only be used for group visits. An individual ticket is issued to the group and a flat rate price is charged irrespective of the precise make-up of the group. It is now possible, however, to define several flat rates depending on the size the group (for example £200 for groups of fewer than 20 people and £250 for groups of 20 to 30 people).

With Piz Bernina V3, SecuTix has introduced a new configuration combining a group ticket with per person pricing. You therefore benefit from the flexibility of individual pricing but with the simplicity of a group ticket when it is being printed or controlled.

When you create a visit pass, simply choose the required configuration using the radio buttons as shown below.

The purchase process is the same as for a visit pass with an individual ticket and rate. An individual ticket can of course be sent out or handed over to the customer. The ticket will show the total price as well as the number of group members.

The precise make-up of the group cannot be shown on the tickets or documents. Nor is it included in any reports. For example, the reports will detail the sale of a ticket costing £200 for a group of 20 people but will not include the detailed breakdown of children and adults.

Mix flat rate and per person rate in packages 

Packages can now be configured to contain both flat rate visit passes along with other product families or per person rate visit passes.

If a package line depends on another line of a flat rate visit pass, the quantity is only specified when selling the products, rather than during configuration.


This new combination of packages can be sold at the box office and online.

The number of participants for the flat rate visit pass will be used as the quantity for the event or per person rate visit pass.

See the box office process below


Below you can see the process online.

On the fly timeslot management on the visit calendar

Timeslots that were created on the fly are displayed in red in the visit calendar so the operator can immediately distinguish them from other timeslots. Operators are not allowed to book/sell these on the fly timeslots to another group. Timeslots created on the fly are exclusive.


iCalendar export

You can now export the visit schedule in iCalendar format.

The exported iCalendar file can then be imported into Outlook or Google Calendar.

Product profiles setup at timeslot level

In the product profile configuration, operators can allow all or just a subset of timeslots of a visit pass/timeslot pass to be sold on a sales channel.