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The concept of sliding scale discounts introduced in Piz Bernina V1 is being extended to bring this feature of volume pricing for an open season ticket online. This means you can reduce the configuration workload required for your next season's parametrization if you are offering the following kind of products:

  • A season ticket for 3-6 seats
  • A season ticket for 6-10 seats
  • A season ticket for 11 seats and above

With this feature, all you have to do is create one season ticket formula, then configure the prices based on the number of seats required.

The restrictions detailed in the release notes for Piz Bernina V1 still apply.

Setting up a sliding scale of season ticket pricing

As before with Piz Bernina V1, you create different tariffs and then link them with the corresponding 'minimum' and 'maximum' quantities. You can see more information on setting up sliding scale pricing in the release notes for  Piz Bernina V1 here

Sales of sliding scale season ticket prices

The online purchase process has been updated as follows:

1/ Customers select the type of open season ticket online

2/ Then they choose the events and performance times required

3/ If they buy seats for an event or performance that attracts a special rate, the system will inform them of an overall price reduction if they buy a ticket for one more event.


4/ The online purchase process continues as normal.