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Allow structure contacts to access several sales channels from one organisation

It is now possible to associate the same contact with multiple B2B2C sales channels.

The relay contact in that structure will be able to login to these channels.


Upload profile pictures from an internet account

You can configure profile picture upload for online customer accounts and make upload mandatory or optional based on the form setup you specify.


With the mandatory configuration, contacts will be asked to upload a photo to their profile page when registering/modifying their online account. 


Conditional rate is now supported on the online sales seat map 

Conditional rate setup such as 'buy 2 full price tickets and get a 3rd ticket at a reduced rate' is now supported in the online sales process during seat map seat selection.

Contacts can only add the reduced rate ticket to their cart once the items in the cart meet the specified conditions.


Email confirmation for guest check-out

A new parameter displaying an email confirmation field has been added to the ticketshop in order to support more secure guest checkout. It prevents the contact from entering an invalid email address when checking out.


B2C ticketshop - restrict access of relays based on their community type

Where a B2C ticketshop is allowed to handle relays, you can now restrict its access based on its parent structures community type.


Improve bulk printing on B2C, B2B and B2B2C

A new parameter 'Mass printing' is now available for B2B/B2C/B2B2C shops that have the option to bulk print tickets by product or file.


Bulk printing by file is displayed on the B2C shop.