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For Swiss customers, we've developed ESR payment by instalment.

Initial parametrisation

Unless it already exists, you need to specify a method of payment by instalment to a suspense account and also specify that the default payment method for instalments is ESR.

To make life easier for operators we'd advise you to add the 'Summary with ESR' document to the list of documents to send to the box office sales channel. This prints ESRs automatically after each order. If you want to send ESRs for a file that contains multiple sales orders, you can choose not to use this automatic printing feature. Operators can print ESRs when they judge the file to be complete.

Generating ESRs

SecuTix generates an ESR for every instalment and automatically takes account of amounts that may have been paid by other methods. If operators produce statements for a whole file, they are generated for all the instalments (from different orders) paid on a particular date.

Taking into account ESR payments

Payments are automatically taken into account when the file of bank or Post Finance payments is imported.

Ultimate flexibility

The whole process is designed to be as flexible as possible. For example:

  • Lost ESRs can simply be reprinted. Reprints include all the payments made in the meantime, whatever the method.
  • ESR printing doesn't preclude customers from using another method of payment later on should they wish to do so.
  • Customers can use ESRs for any order. They can use original or reprinted ESRs alike. SecuTix automatically allocates the payment to the oldest unpaid instalment.
  • Overpayments are automatically allocated to the credit account. If the customer has underpaid, the instalment shows the outstanding balance.