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Encourage your contacts to boost their indicators with this new feature which lets you display indicators and their values in the personal area of online sales.

How do I configure it?

1/ Go to the online sales channel of your choice and then to the point of sale.

2/ In the menu on the left, 'Contact characteristics', you can select the indicators you want to display in the personal area of your chosen point of sale.

Output in personal area

The indicators are now shown in the welcome section of the contact's personal area. Indicators are displayed from right to left, then from top to bottom.

We advise that you avoid displaying too many indicators otherwise you may confuse your contacts. Indicators such as loyalty points, attendance or social media engagement seem to be the best candidates as they will encourage contacts to do more so as to obtain the rewards you offer based on your marketing strategy.



The indicators are also available in the standard SecuTix API. This means that you will still be able to utilise the data after advanced integration with SecuTix.