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General Data Protection Regulation defines precisely what is a personal data and the various roles every entity handling or porcessing them has.

As every other European company, SecuTix is "Data Controller" and has defined internal processus to follow this regulation. SecuTix has also nominated a Data protection Officer according to related good practise.

With regards to you, SecuTix holds the role of "Data Processor" and in order to allow you to comply with GDPR as "Data Controller", we have prepared a document explaining how to use SecuTix 360 solution to handle your contact's and company employee's personal data.


(warning) important precisions :

  • Your process to become GDPR compliant is NOT SecuTix' responsibility and we advise you take contact with a legal advisor / lawyer / attorney specialised in GDPR matters to accompany you to setup needed processes/documents/etc.
  • This data protection manual is purely intended to make you aware of the relevant SecuTix 360° features and the precautions we have taken to help you comply with certain legal or regulatory requirements that may apply to you as a controller.
  • This document is not a set of instructions for you to follow, nor does it constitute legal advice.
  • The purposes for which you process data and the means you use to do so are your sole decision and sole responsibility. Consequently you must send us your instructions using the check list in Appendix 1.

Questions and answers:

also have a look at New features in respect of the General Data Protection Regulation for implementation details

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