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FRENESPlease check
Produit désactivéProduct disabledProducto desactivadoCheck that the option ENABLE of the product access control configuration is activated.
Mauvais produitWrong productProducto incorrect
  • Check that the ticketing season is synchronised with the access control.
  • Check that the PDA is well synchronized with the access control server.

We have been checking this with our specialist in access control and the issue comes from the fact that the id of the product was 1 and should be 0.

Code-barre invalideInvalid barcodeCódigo de barras no válidoThe barcode does not exist in the access control server. If it's coming from a third party, check if you imported the white list correctly or if there is any issue with the third party's interface.
Dans la liste noireFound in blacklistEncontrado en la lista negra

Check that the ticket is still valid. It may have been: cancelled, reprinted or manually added to the black list.

Mauvaise dateWrong dateFecha incorrectaCheck the calendar linked to the product. You are probably trying to scan a ticket outside the calendar dates.
Pas effectuer le contrôleDevice cannot perform checkflowEl terminal no puede controlar el flujo
Zone incorrecteWrong zoneZona incorrecta
  • Check that you are scanning the ticket with a PDA that is linked to a GATE that is linked to the SECTOR configured on the product.
  • Check if the product is configured at all in the access control.

Controle en sortie manquantWrong checkflowControl de flujo incorrecto
  • If you have this error message when scanning a ticket OUT, verify that the PDA checkflow is set to OUT.

  • If you have this error message when scanning a ticket IN, verify that the PDA checkflow is set to IN.

Terminal inconnuUnknown deviceTerminal desconocido
Déjà rentré un autre jourNo more entry allowedNo quedan entradas autorizadas

On the product access control configuration, check the field DAYS OF VALIDITY.

The ticket has been already scanned the number of times than set on that field.

Plus d'entrée aujourd'huiNo more Entry allowed todayNo quedan entradas autorizadas hoyCheck the configuration of the field NUMBER OF ACCESS. The ticket has already been scanned the number of times set on that field.
Dernière entrée trop récenteLast entry too recentÚltima entrada demasiado recienteCheck the field DELAY OF INVALIDITY on the product access control configuration. The ticket has probably been scanned recently and you still need to wait some time to scan it again.
Configuration pas à jourConfig not up to dateConfiguración no actualizada
Terminal pas enregistréDevice not registeredTerminal no registrado
Sorti trop longtempsCheckout too oldSalida demasiado largaCheck the field CHECKOUT PERIOD. You are trying to scan a ticket IN after the checkout period is passed.
Billet sortie définitiveCheckout not allowedSalida no autorizada

You are trying to scan a ticket OUT while the CHECKOUT ALLOWED? option in the product access control configuration is set to NO.

Hors de la période de validitéOut of validity periodFecha de validez incorrecta
Attention sortie définitiveWarning no more accessAviso : no quedan accesosCheck the field NUMBER OF ACCESS
Tag invalideInvalid tagTag no válido
ErreurNot setNo fijado
Décrypteur invalideInvalid decryptorDecriptor no válido
Jours non consécutifsNot Consecutive DayDía no consecutivoCheck the setting of ONLY CONSECUTIVE DAYS. It is probably set to Only Consecutive Days.
Jours consécutifsConsecutive DayDía consecutivoCheck the setting of ONLY CONSECUTIVE DAYS. It is probably set to Only Non Consecutive Days.
Date non valide depuis la première entréeOut of validity date from the first entryFecha de validez incorrecta desde la primera entradaCheck the settings of DELAY OF EXPIRATION FROM FIRST ENTRY.
Secteur pleinSector fullSector lleno
La valeur Max (par heure) est atteinteMax value (entries per hour) is reachedAlcanzando el valor máximo (por hora)
Secteur plein (force disponible)Sector full (force available)Sector lleno (disponible forzar) 

In the access control settings > Sector, check the value defined for AVAILABILITY - MAX. 

La valeur Max (par heure) est atteinte (force disponible)Max value (entries per hour) is reached (force available)Alcanzando el valor máximo (por hora) (disponible forzar)
Force d'entrée (Secteur plein)Force entry (Sector full)Forzar entrada (Sector lleno)
Force d'entrée (PDA)Force entry (PDA)Forzar entrada (PDA)
Force d'entrée (La valeur Max (entrées par heure) est atteinte)Force entry (Max entries per hour is reached)Forzar entrada (Alcanzando el valor máximo (entradas por hora))
Alerte. Le secteur est presque pleinWarning, the sector is almost fullPeligro. El sector está casi lleno.

In the access control settings > Sector, check the value defined for AVAILABILITY - WARNING. 

Alerte. Trop des entrées par heures.Warning, too many entries per hourPeligro. Demasiadas entradas por hora
Opérateur inconnuUnknown operatorOperador Desconocido
Erreur techniqueTechnical errorError TécnicoPlease check with Secutix Support team.
La date de la représentation n'est pas correcteWrong performance datetimeFecha de la sesión incorrectaCheck the configuration of the fields ACCES TIME BEFORE EVENT and DURATION in the access control product configuration. You are probably scanning the ticket outside the authorised period.
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