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SAM now includes some new operators.

For the "Shipment" entity you can now create the following target types:

  • Contacts who've received more than 3 emails
  • Contacts who've received more than 4 emails in the last 30 days

When you select the Shipment entity in the query engine you'll find a new option allowing you to use counter operators.

The following counter operators are available:

  • Equal
  • Between
  • Less Than
  • LessOrEqual
  • GreaterThan
  • GreatOrEqual

Using the counting operators

  • The counter operators cannot be used in groups or subqueries. This means that for complex queries requiring group or subquery creation, you need to use the functions that allow target cross-combination, for example, "Delete contacts on the list" or "Keep the contact group teamed with the target"
  • SAM will warn you if the counter operation you're trying to set up is not supported.