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Feature description

You can now give partial refunds on all the tickets for a match (or performance) which is called off after it has started, e.g. by bad weather. You can choose what percentage to refund on all the match tickets regardless of their price. The refunded tickets are actually exchanged for reduced-price tickets. After exchange the new ticket has the status of the original.

Example: the original ticket costs €100 and has been checked. The institution intends to refund 60% of the price on all  tickets. The original ticket is cancelled and exchanged for a new ticket that costs €40, set to checked status.

This process ensures that the match proceeds are correct. Using the example above, the proceeds will account for a ticket sold at €40.

How to activate the new function

Step 1: Launch the new partial refund feature

  • Program (or run) the new "Session/match partial refund" function in the "Session/match refund" batch.
  • Specify the refund rate, the match (or session) to be refunded, and the channel and point of sale to use for the refund.

Step 2: Pay the refund

Run the "Send refunded payment" function. This function is also part of the "Session/match refund" batch".



This feature lets you refund an amount to a credit card if the payment service provider is Ogone, or as a credit to the contact's account.

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