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Improved capability for advantage sales

All available advantages are accessed in the same way from the product selection screen.

Faster services sales (last selection memorised)

From sale to sale, SecuTix memorises the last service sold. The system shows you the "expanded" tree, speeding up the sales process by dispensing with several clicks.

Membership validity start date choice

For greater flexibility when selling your memberships at the box office, you can now amend the validity of a membership start date in the final cart.

To do this, operators must have the appropriate rights. If they do, it's simply a case of:

  1. Clicking the "Actions" button"
  2. Selecting "Change the start validity of membership(s)"
  3. Defining and saving the required date.
  4. The membership will only be valid from the date entered.

This feature is highly practical for membership renewal.

Indication of the amount received from the purchaser and change given on the ticket receipt

Whether at the box office or via touchscreen sale, the box office ticket now indicates the amount received from the purchaser as well as the change they are given.

Seat owner's name indicated when browsing seats

A simple hover on a seat displays the beneficiary contact if SecuTix knows it. if not, the cultrual contact will be displayed instead.

If both the beneficiary and the cultural contact are known, the tooltip indicates the beneficiary contact.

B2B account validation step now optional

At the point of sale you can choose whether the B2B contact registered on the internet can be validated  automatically by the system.

Navigation between season ticket event sessions on the seating plan

A new option in the mapped season ticket sales process lets you amend the session for an event (for sessions which are part of a season ticket) straight from the seating plan.

This feature means it's far more efficient when no seat is available for one of the event sessions but the audience member's favourite seat may be available at another session.