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The setup set-up of the resale platform follows the standard process for setting up configuring a sale sales channel. For the resale platform, you need to select the type "Inter resale platform" 


The activation, i.e. the permission to allow tickets for resale, takes place in the same way as the regular sales activation via the activity profile and the sales calendar. 

Please do not forget to link also the contingents to the sale sales channel.   

Print at home Tickets

Tickets that you can print yourself or mobile tickets can be resold in with both the printed and unprinted statestates.

Postal Mail

Tickets that need to be physically printed can only be resold by the ticket holder until unless the status changes to "printed". After that, reselling is no longer possible for security reasons.

However, tickets that have already been printed can still be resold via the back office, e.g. if they are physically available for the organizer. (Inside the file → other functions → add seats in the resale platform)



within a season ticket

Individual tickets from a subscription or a season ticket can be removed and resold.


In the sales context (orange), you can use the "Tickets in resale" screen to monitor all the tickets that are currently being resold, or also track resales that have been carried out.