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Audience measurement cookies

We use audience Audience measurement cookies help us improve our website by collecting and reporting information on how you use it. We use Google Analytics and SecuTix. More precisely, they these cookies allow us to:

  • Evaluate site performance in terms of number of visits, unique visitors, drop-off rate for transactions etc. We measure numbers and volumes of visitors to different parts of our site and this helps us ensure our services are fast and available when you want them. It also helps us ensure that different pages on our site are useful and easy to find.
  • Evaluate performance or efficiency of marketing campaigns (if you have reached our website by clicking on a link displayed in a marketing email).


Name of cookiePurpose & TypeThird-party provider (if any)Expires



These Google Analytics cookies are implemented based on information collected while you are browsing, in particular, your IP address, internet service provider, browser type, configuration and settings, etc. These cookies are used to distinguish individual site visitors to a site by assigning a randomly generated number as a user identifier. The identifier is updated with every page view and allows user interactions with the site to be measured.

Google analytics cookie information:

Google up to 2 years
userIdContains your contact number, when pushed to Google Analytics. This number is then displayed in Google Analytics reports. Note that Google cannot identify you through that number and doesn't have any way to find additional personal information (first name, last name, age, etc.) about you.GoogleWhen you close your browser

Allows marketing campaigns to be built and resulting sales to be determined.

  • stx_samp_XXXXX : contains a random identifier specific to the marketing campaign. Note that this information doesn't allow to identify you.
  • stx_samp_url_XXXXX : contains the target website URL (typically a page of the webshop), contained in a marketing email. Note that this information doesn't allow to identify you.

in 14 days

Customisation cookies

Customisation cookies help us allow to improve your user experience, for instance by displaying some personal information allowing to display your name or the number of selected tickets in the header of each page or by logging you in automatically when you come back later on our website.after login. We use SecuTix cookies.

The customisation cookies are listed in the table below.