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Brand, Model


PC, keyboard, mouse

Recent PC with Windows 8 64  bits (or newer)

  • Keyboard, mouse
  • 4GB RAM, CPU>3 GHz
  • 128GB SSD hard drive
  • Available USB ports for peripheral devices
  • Screen : 1280 x 900 ou 1280x1024 ou 1600 x 900 ou 1920 x 1080
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • Firefox ESR, version specified in the latest release note
    • Java, version specified in the latest release note
    • Antivirus
  • Success at our performance test at

Touch screen

Elo Touch 1717L 17"

  • 1280x1024
  • Acoustic wave
  • VGA (screen) + USB (touch)

For usage of Touchscreen module a size of 19" or more is highly recommended! (the bigger the better)

Dimensions for the 17'' (W x H x P): 392 x 362 x 216mm


Client screen for displaying the basket

Elo 0700L 7"

Ref ELO E807955

800 x 480

Without stand


Client screen for displaying the basket

Glancetron 70-SMU01-01

800 x 480

With stand

Dimensions (W x H x P): 190 x 200 x 115mm


Client screen for displaying the basket and seating plan

Valid screen resolutions are 1280 x 960 or 1280x1024 or 1600 x 900 or higher


Cash drawer

SecuTix supports the DT105U USB adapter / trigger. Any drawer that supports this trigger can be used.

SecuTix only provides only the following models:

  •   SL 3000 CostPlus cashbases with horizontal opening
  •   Cashbases 460 MOD Flip-Top with vertical opening


Thermal ticket printer

Boca DT275 or Boca 'Lemur' FGL46

  • USB port
  • Powered USB 2.0 hub
  • Ticket cutter
  • 300 dpi

Dimensions (W x H x P): 186 x 196 x 216mm (+ space behind for paper entry + space for paper stock (below, on top, or behind)

Thermal ticket printer -  for US market only


  • LAN connection
  • Ticket cutter
  • 203 dpi

Receipt printer


  • RS232
  • With serial cable EPSON suitable for the printer
  • Cable serial 9Pin f/25 Pin m, 1.5m, black, crossed type, curled thumb screw
  • Convertor BELKIN F5U103V or Aten Convertor USB to RS-232 with port DB9

Dimensions (W x H x P): 145 x 148 x 195mm

Receipt printer for Italy (fiscal printer)


Electronic payment terminal (TPE):

Designed for the French market

  1. 1.    Payment solution provided by SecuTix

SecuTix and its payment service provider Contactis carry out the delivery of the equipment, of the payment system, and the support

Ingenico 'Desk5000' and Ingenico Axis K4 solution (replaced the Ingencio ICT25x solution)

  • Pin pad 'DESK1500'
  • Contactless payment on the Pin pad
  • RS232 or USB connection with Aten converter USB to RS-232 serial converter on DB9 port 
  • Network plug for the TPE
  • Licences EMV. Optional: American Express, JCB, CUP
  • Ingenico e-portal
  • Onboard mode
  1. 2.   Payment solution external to SecuTix

In the case of a payment system not provided by SecuTix, your payment provider can connect the TPE to SecuTix if the TPE’s meet the SecuTix compatibility criteria below. Others payment solutions than Axis (Capsys, JDC, ...) can be used in conjunction with SecuTix. In this case, your payment provider will provide commissioning and support.

Ingenico  'DESK5000'

  • Option : Pin pad 'DESK1500'
  • Option : contactless payment on the Pin pad
  • Operating system Telium 2 running on ICT   
  • Protocol "Concert"
  • USB connection
  • Serial communication, 1200 baud
  • Network plug for the TPE

Option: If the solution has been installed by Contactis and uses Axis K4, SecuTix can offer a paid service to connect the TPE to the cashier. (Without support or warranty beyond the installation service).


Electronic payment terminal (TPE)

Designed for the Swiss market

SIX Yomani Pinpad

SecuTix does not deliver this equipment. The customer buys the device, its installation and maintenance by SIX.

Note that the ports 8137 and 8138 must be opened on the PCs hosting the MPD.

Dimensions (W x H x P): 116 x 105 x 170mm


Lecteur encodeur de chèques

Pour marché français

Ingenico Moneyline  I2200

  •        Nécessite un TPE.  Il faut également prévoir le câble qui permet de connecter le lecteur de chèque et le TPE.
  •        Nécessaire d’inclure une licence pour l’application Chèque sur un ou plusieurs TPE.

Terminal de punto de venta (TPV)

Spanish market

  • Pin pad IPP320 (con lector de tarjetas)

2D Barcode scanner

Honeywell Voyager 1400g


A4 document printerAny Windows supported printer should work. We must anyway strongly advise against the following printer, with which there is a big speed issue:
  • HP Laserjet M601, M601, M602, M603, M605

Lecteur RFID

ACR122 with Read-a-card software. To be aquired directly by the client. This is not provided by SecuTix, as you need a licence at your name.


Read-a-card software: