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Feature description

Until now, refunding an order paid for by credit card was a two stage process:

  1. A refund order is created. This order can be created by a box office operator or via batch process (for example, event cancellation or partial refund)
  2. Execution of a batch process refunding the amounts to the cards used during the sale

Two stage refunds are still available via batch process bulk refunds. However, we've simplified the box office refund process:

  • If the original credit card payment was made via our provider Ogone, the card refund is instantaneous.
  • If the payment was made via another payment provider or the credit card refund failed, the amount is refunded direct to the credit account.

How do I use this new feature?

  • Set-up the MOTO payment service provider in the sales channel that will process the refund (in the institution context) as illustrated below:

  • Create the refund order and select the payment method 'Refund requested' (new name for 'Refund in progress').
  • The sales channel that will process the refund must have access to the 'Refund on credit account' payment method so that it can handle cases where the refund cannot be made to a credit card.


  • This new feature is only available for refund orders, not for exchange orders where the total amount would be negative (amount for refund to the purchaser).
  • This new feature does not affect ticket resales on the exchange market (reseller refund).
  • An immediate refund is only possible if the sales order was created on the internet or on a phone platform. As a result, contacts who bought tickets at the box office and paid for their order with a credit card on a payment terminal will receive a refund to their credit account (and not their credit card).
  • If a payment on waiting account with several installments is used, a refund by Ogone is never possible, even if all installments have been paid by Ogone