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We've not only created the new graphics theme and landing page system but also added several new online sales features.

Improved product profile and sales calendar management for online sales

We've reconfigured several product profiles, so SecuTix now lets you differentiate between sales periods, booking periods and quote periods. For a given group of products, you can authorise just booking and quotes in month T, then sales and booking in period T+1. 

Take the following configuration:

  • Create a product profile allowing booking and sales in May.
  • Create a second product profile for the same product (or group of products) allowing only sales in June. 

Visitors to the online sales site will be able to book in May but from June, they can only buy.

Scaled prices: reduce unit price based on quantity

SecuTix now gives you the option to vary product unit prices based on the quantity selected. This new feature is intended for large orders: the more you buy, the less you pay.

The online sales interface presents scales in a similar way to an advantage so as to encourage potential customers to buy more tickets. It then automatically adjusts based on the quantity selected by the user, and always via a number entry field (no dropdown quantity list). 

Parametrising scaled prices is easy. For each quantity tier, you create a tariff variant that you link to a parent tariff (corresponding to the next tier). For each variant you need to define a minimal and a maximal quantity (the initial tariff must start with an minimal quantity equal to 0). Then you simply add the tariff to the price grid it applies to and enter the various unit prices. To complete the process, remember to check that the tariff is authorised in the activity profile.

Online sales has two "intelligent" processes. 

  • If two tariff variants are set for the same quantity, the cheaper of the two is displayed first. However, the user can always select the more expensive option.
  • If the entered quantity matches a variant and a parent tariff (ex: max quantity of the first tariff in bigger than the min quantity of the next tariff), the ticket shop operates on the principle that the variant tarif is more appealing. So the system "hides" the parent tariff. Note that if a price grid contains no prices for a variant, the system automatically ignores it.

As scaled prices are modelled like a price, they're also available at the box office. However, in this case there's no automatic process or specific display.


This new feature does not apply to packages, season tickets or transport products. It's not available on the ticket shop seating plan.

A price variant can't be parametrised like a parent price extension if the parent price is already in use as a conditional price. Similarly, prices with external validation are not compatible with scaled prices.

Price variants are not available in the context of "Quick buy" cross-selling.

Scaled prices don't work when conveyed via an advantage.

Online quotes

Your customers aren't always in a position to buy straight away. They sometimes need to print out an estimate and have it checked internally before making an actual purchase.To accommodate this, SecuTix now features a quote printout function in the ticket shop cart. The quote doesn't create an operation in the system or reserve seats. This feature is especially useful in a B2B context. The feature is activated when configuring the point of sale.

Link your passes over two seasons

Although the idea of a season is useful from an accounting and administrative point of view, it can be confusing for your users, particularly in the museum sector. To mitigate this, the system allows you to link two time-stamped passes or visit passes where the dates correspond to two different seasons. This link allows the ticket shop to change the calendar display. So when visitors get to the last day of the current season, a button appears pointing straight to the same product in season two (and vice-versa).

The settings for this are made in the product "Characteristics" tab.DON'T UNDERSTAND: It's possible to link the first season from the second.

More robust payment by instalments

Credit card registration is mandatory when selecting payment by instalments. To guarantee automatic payment on the rest of the due dates, the credit card is automatically registered when visitors select this option. Visitors are shown a message when their card is registered.