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Displaying the items in a list makes it easier to sort according to several criteria. This function is useful in many cases. For example, recurrent individual visit that you wish to sort by availability.

A list view is now available in your tour pass calendar for the items in the catalog.

This view displays the following columns:

  • Product
  • Time slotTimeslot
  • Space
  • Availability (toursvisits)
  • Quota (toursvisits)
  • Availability (people)
  • Quota (people)

This view also comes with its own specific filters:

  • Days of the week
  • Time

It should be noted that the “view” filter has been moved to the title bar (in the top right) to allow users to switch between the “planning” and “catalog” views without having to open the filters.

This new function also allows for the display to be simplified by removing the advanced search button and window, with all of that window’s functions being available in the new list view.